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ZHUANGSHI, the title of which literally means “to decorate” or “decoration”, stands out prominent among China’s art publications as the first and foremost academic journal dedicated to arts & crafts and design. Ever since its debut as early as 1958, the journal has prided itself on its contributions to the development of modern design in China. It was once the academic journal of China Central Academy of Arts & Design, the most influential design college in China mainland; since the academy merged with the world-renowned Tsinghua University in 1999, it has gained a vision of far wider scope, especially in international cooperation and communication. 

The journal of ZHUANGSHI has been indexed by many standard subject bibliographies. It is listed by Beijing University Library, the nation’s most authoritative book appraisal center, in its widely acknowledged Core Journals of China. It is included in the National Library’s Top Ten Core Art Journals of China, and is highly recommended by the National News and Publishing Bureau as a member of China Journal Formation and the National Key Social Science Periodicals. It also singles itself out for being China’s only art journal awarded with the National Periodical Prize for three successive times, an eloquent manifestation of its surpassing qualities as a promising art journal, thus is selected by Chinese Ministry of Education into CSSCI (Chinese Social Science Citation Index) Source Periodicals. According to the 2008 Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Citation Annual Report, ZHUANGSHI’s impact factor, a measure of how many citations a journal generates in other works, was 0.224 in the year 2007 ranking the highest of all art journals of China.

Call for Papers 

The journal of ZHUANGSHI covers studies on graphic design, product design, exhibition design, information design, architectural design, environmental design, furniture design, textile design, fashion design, craft arts, public art and theoretical research. Now it has one bilingual column, International Scholars, which is available both for Chinese and English. The column welcomes submissions on all areas of design, design theory and historical research of art, design and architectural. Besides treatises and other theoretical texts, interviews and reports are also available. Contributions involved with new research and new trends are especially welcome, and those containing valuable information related to design are also desirable for our readers. The majority of Chinese readers at present are university staffs, students and designers in and outside campus.
The bilingual column International Scholars, once named Overseas Trend, see example pp.54-63 
Sample from the Issue of September 2009       PDF download
ISSN0412-3662 (domestic) / CN11-1392/J (international)
Monthly published, 144-pages, printed in large 12K paper

Guidelines and Conditions of Submission 

The size for the English contribution is limited in 5000 words. The contribution will be printed bilingually both in English and Chinese. For example, the layout for the 5000 English words with its Chinese translation could be 10 pages. If it is possible, 4-6 illustrations/plates are demanded, 150 resolutions would be proper for print.
No matter your contribution has been published or not, it is necessary that it has never appeared in any Chinese media. And we preserve the right to update it into this website after it appeared in our journal.
Please submit your contributions to
After publication, we will mail you several journals as soon as possible.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via above Email.



  • Cristina Jorge
  • 2014-10-30 21:46:02

Dear Sr.,

I’m really interested in all main branches of environmental design, landscape & architecture which are contained in the interdisciplinary academic journal of ZHUANGSHI. I send you an article in relation to environmental research about Dehesa Landscape Design: Park, Gardens and Cover of Financial City Caja Badajoz in Badajoz, Spain; whose research is connected with the design of landscape islands of energy resources though the fields of microbiology and meteorology.

I send you the article in PDF format, but if you need another format, please contact with me and I will send it again as soon as possible. The journal is an important aim for promoting research of design revelance in atmospheric science, environmental landscape and architectural projects, among other topics.

Best regards,

Cristina Jorge

Architect, PhD, Full Profesor, Architectural Project Department,
School of Architecture, Alcalá de Henares University, Madrid, Spain /

  • gogobird
  • 2009-12-04 23:15:35


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