"Weekly show :Tim color to your life" is coming

  • Update:2010-01-25
"weekly show: Tim color to your life" is coming
From now on, we will present seven latest world-renowned designers and their works each week for you. Just points on the connection, you will see the introduction of designer and his work which you are interested in.

Many of them are technically superiors; many has avant-garde ideas; many are sympathetic to the users; and many will give us the visual feast. In short, that are their designs that give us a surprise and make our world more colorful.

They will be Monday, Tuesday ...... Sunday design star, with their works to add interests to your life. Perhaps you just unconsciously open the page, but it may change your outlook on life. Pay attention to the new international design work showcase section(in exhibition section)
——Weekly show :Tim color to your life—— which we are creating in 2010, and share ideas with us, perhaps you will therefore find that you are the most creative designers of your life!

Thankl to all the overseas web-sites and newspapers, which help us to find so much the most cutting-edge design for you. Wait for your ideas.



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