Co-operation between Zhuangshi and Product

  • Update:2009-12-11
On October 29, 2009, Arthur O. Eger, the industrial design professor at University of Twente and the chief editor of Product, visited Zhuangshi journal agency and talked with Fang Xiaofeng, the chief editor of Zhuangshi, about the co-operation between them.
Product is a well-known design magazine in Dutch, with focus on product design, which shows academic pages as well. A consensus is reached on the co-operation between the two sides and they discussed the specific plans about exchanging views in the future. To begin with, they will publish each other’s articles and link with their websites. The article Anti-technological avant-garde design in the 19th and late 20th century, which was recommended by Arthur O. Eger, have been published in No.196/09-08 and No.197/09-09. In return, "the design for daily use changing our life" which was included in No.186/08.10 has also been published in Product in October.
In the future, articles published on Zhuangshi will also have an opportunity to appear in the European professional journals. The Sino-Dutch cooperation talk contributed to the development of both Zhuangshi and Product.


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