ON OCCASION OF HERBERT W. FRANKE′S 90TH BIRTHDAY—Even a futurologist loves to look back

  • Update:2017-06-22
  • Dr. Heike Piehler
  • Source: International Scholars
Coolness, Viennese charm, and a strikingly active mind are the prominent features of this Austrian by birth, who, together with his wife, is living in an idyllic farmhouse in the countryside south of Munich. An author frequently traveling abroad, an artist and a scientist, he has preserved his energy and curiosity up to this day. In May, 2017, he celebrates his 90th birthday, looking back on are markably rich life.

 The hero of the article Herbert W Franke, an international traveler, an artist and a scientist of international reputation just celebrated his 90th birthday in the idyllic farmhouse in the countryside south of Munich where he and his wife Susanne Paech were surrounded by friends coming from all Over the world.

Actually Herbert W Franke and Susanne Paech are old friends of Zhuangshi - they visited Zhuangshi's office together with their friend Peter Deuflhard, the founding director of the Beijing Institute for Scientific and Engineering Computing, as well as a well known mathematician and visualization expert during their trip to Beijing in the Spring of 2015. There we were first introduced to Herbert W Franke's pioneering works and his versatile practice in both art and science field.
1. group photo (from left to right: Fang Xiaofeng, Herbert W Franke, Lu Xiaobo, Susanne Paech, Peter Deuflhard, Zang Yingchun)
图1: 集体照 (从左至右:《装饰》杂志主编方晓风、赫伯特·W·弗兰克、清华大学美术学院院长鲁小波、苏珊娜·佩希、杜甫哈特、清华大学美术学院染织服装艺术设计系副教授并国际合作与交流办公室主任臧迎春)
2.Herbert W Franke receiving gratulation of table tennis friends handed over by Peter Schmidt, the head of the club,  in his birthday party - Herbert W Franke loves to play table tennis. He played very well. When he was a student in Vienna, he was member of a well known club practising together with Heinrich Bednar who was 3rd in the world Championship’s table tennis team  event together with his Austrian team players 1947 in Paris and 1948 in London  as well as 3rd in the double event 1948 together with Herbert Wunsch. (photographer: Christian Paech)
图 2: 在生日聚会上,赫伯特·W.弗兰克从俱乐部负责人彼得·施密特(Peter Schmidt)手中接过乒乓球友的祝福——赫伯特·W·弗兰克热爱乒乓球且技艺精湛。他的学生时代是在维也纳度过的。当时,他与海因里希·贝德纳尔(Heinrich Bednar)同为一家知名俱乐部的会员,一起切磋球技。海因里希·贝德纳尔曾随奥地利队出征1947年以及1948年分别在巴黎和伦敦举办的世界锦标赛乒乓球赛,在这两届比赛中奥地利队均排名第三。其中,在1948年的比赛中,他还与队友赫伯特·沃琪(Herbert Wunsch)荣获了双打季军。(摄影:克里斯蒂安·佩希)
3.Herbert W Franke sends greetings to Chinese readers (photographer: Christian Paech)
图3: 赫伯特·W·弗兰克问候中国的读者。(摄影:克里斯蒂安·佩希)






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