Wear it or Not

  • Update:2013-09-27
Time:March 12th,2013-June 2nd,2013
Address: MAD

Fig1. String of Pearls with Gold Clasp (brooches), 2003
Kim Buck; Silver, 18k gold Gift of the Annie & Otto Johs. Detlefs’Charitable Foundation, 2012, Photo: Ole Akhoej

Fig2.The Pointilist, 1999
Kiff Slemmons; Silver, pencils; Gift of Virginia Holshuh, 2008, Photo by Matthew Cox

Fig3.Kitchen Necklace, 2008
Gésine Hackenberg; Belgian earthenware plate, polyamide thread; Gift of Jane Korman, 2008, Photo by Matthew Cox

Fig4.Lovers, 2002
Joyce Scott; Glass beads, thread; Gift of Mimi S. Livingston, 2008, Photo by Matthew Cox

Fig5.First Self Portrait of the Artist as a Bochio,1998
William Harper; photo by Matthew Cox

Fig6.Bracelet, 2000
Peter Chang; Acrylic, resin; Gift of Mimi Livingston, 2008, Photo by Matthew Cox

Fig7.Life & Death, 2002
Robert W. Ebendorf; Found object, copper,18k gold, pearl, bone; Gift of Aleta Braun,2009, Photo by Matthew Cox

Fig8.InfloriIllumini, 2009
Jocelyn Kolb; Nylon, glass, LED, lithium batteries; Gift of Raymond Remar, 2010,Photo by Matthew Cox

Fig9.Rough Ruff, 2007
Daniel Jocz; Aluminum, brass, autobody lacquer, chrome, Photo by Daniel Jocz

Fig10.Horn Bracelet, 2010
Arjen Noordeman , Christie Wright ;Porcelain, gold luster; Museum purchase with funds provided by the Collections Committee, 2011, Photo by Louise te Poele

Fig11.A Wait, 2007
Jung-Gyu Yi; Silver, jasper, onyx; Gift of Nanette L. Laitman, 2011, Photo by Myung-uk Heo

Fig12.Police State Badge, 1969
William Clark; Sterling silver, 14k gold; Gift of Diane Kuhn, 2012, Photo by Velvet da Vinci Gallery

Fig13.Sock, 2010
Melanie Bilenker; 18k gold, ebony, resin, hair, silver; Museum purchased with funds provided by Ann Kaplan and the Museum of Arts and Design Collections Committee, 2010 , Photo by Melanie Bilenker

Andrea Wagner,“ Aquaductus”pendant, Sterling silver, Siberian pyrite, ammonite, unstained bone china, polyester grains,synth


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