Changing Hands: Art Without Reservation 3

  • Update:2013-03-11
Time:June 26th,2012-October 21st,2012
Address:Museum of art and design,NY

1. Hands of the Real People—The Past Present and Future,David Pruitt, 2011.

2. Disney, Tom Jones, 2011.

3 .Magyar Chair, Mindy Laureen, 2012.

4. Walk a Smile in My Shoes, aka Bitch Bark Shoes, Teresa Marshall, 2010.

5. Bear-Man Shaman Mask,Floyd Kuptana, 2011.

6. Mixed media, Brian Boyle,2012.

7. Changes, Janet Nungnik,2004.

8. Prophecy II, Samuel Thomas,2012.

9. It Was Never About Playing Cowboys and Indians,Gail Tremblay, 2011.

10. Ledger: Generations, Marie Watt, 2011.

11. Keri Ataumbi, Rolling Pearl Necklace, Robin Waynee, 2012.

12. High Heel Shoe, Jamasie Pitseolak, 2011.

13. Cell, Frank Shebageget,2010.

14. Phoenix, Alan Michelson,2012.

15. Robin Waynee, Wasp Ring,Keri Ataumbi, 2011.

16. Point Basket, Jeremy Frey,2011.

17.Tribute to the Mohawk Ironworkers, Carla Hemlock,2008.

18. Red Moon, Peter B. Jones,2009.

19.The Doorway,Jason Wesaw, 2010.


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