No.210 | October 2010 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2011-11-07

News and Events
Exhibition Information, Industry News, Academy News
Yun Li
Overseas Information Wang Xiaomo
Recommended Reading Yun Li
Special Feature: Shanghai Expo Review
Visual Experience of the Deconstructive Rattan:Comprehend Spanish Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010

Tong Huiming
Reading and Being Read: Impression of Visiting Spanish Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010

Lü Jingren
A Personal View of Dutch Pavilion at Expo 2010

Chen Anying
A Story of Crested Ibis: On the Space Arrangement of Japan Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010

Cheng Xu
A City We Can Live in: Experiencing Danish Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010

Zhong Mei
Design Interprets Harmony: Impression of Germany Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010

Li Jiang
Design is Both for and Against "Nation": A Visit to the Africa Joint Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010

Lian Mian
When Design Encounters Expo

Yao Zhijie
Feast of Design: Impression of China's Joint Provincial Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010

Zhou Zhi
The Cities Shown inside a City: Travels in the Best Urban Practice Area at Shanghai Expo 2010

Li Yun
Shenzhen Case Museum: Reasonable in the Manufacture of the Absurd

Zhu Liang
Thinking from a Regional Perspective: Analysing the Practice of Regionalism by Exploring the Architecture of Expo

Lu Lang Wu Hongde
Talking about Expo

Editor: Zhuangshi Editorial Department

International Scholars
Green Roots: When And Why Design Turned Green II
J.W. Drukker, Arthur O. Eger & Marjolein van Velzen Translator: Li Dan
Exhibition on Paper
The Cause of the Old Garden: 150th Anniversary Commemoration of Yuanmingyuan Shattered

Editor: Zhao Hua

Cities and World Expo
Celebrating Tomorrow's Fresh New Environment: Spokane's Expo'74

Zhou Zhi
Book Review
Talk about Mr. Zhuang Shen's Fans and Chinese Culture

Yang Xiangmin Ji Lin
The True, the Good and the Beautiful: the Personality of Liu Huanzhang

Ding Yin
History of Art and Design
Characteristics of the Geometrical Pattern Building Decorates in the Early and Late Period Dunhuang Grottoes

Gao Yang
Shape and Delivered of Country Image: Looking Back the China Pavilion in All Previous Expos

Luo Runlai
Design Theory
Is It Totally Wrong?-Critical ULM and Criticism of ULM

Wang Min
The Interactive Digital Expression in Design of Common Space

Lu Wen
Idea of Natural Coordinating:a Creative Method of Graphic Design

Zhou Wenxiao
The Association Study Between Ceramic Art and Clothing Design

Song Yanhui
International Pop System and Developing Means of Contemporary Chinese Fashion Industry

Xiao Wenling
Poster Design Practice with City Impression Theme

Liu Wei Yang Chao
Optical Illusion and Fashion Display

Xu Yingchun
Pondering on the Haisi Culture Theme Park in Quanzhou

Yu Zhuo
Case Study
Analysis of the Architecture Decoration of Hakkas Lianfang House in Mei County

Lü Haixue
When West Meets East: Unscramble the “Kimono Style” Business Suit of Kenzo

Chen Dan

Teaching Archive
Study of Application and Developing of Project Teaching Method in Design Education

Yao Chen
The Beauty of Tangram: The application of tangram principles in teaching of Planar Composition

Wang Lei
Practice on Ceramic Teaching as a Course of Art Design Basics

Huang Chunping
Toward Meaningful Ideology: How to Put Value Into Design Education

Liang Wen
Folk Art and Culture
Plastic Arts of the Ritual “Feitao” in Maonan Nationality and Interpretation of Cultural Function
Peng Jiawei Lü Ping
Paper-Cut without Scissor: Deng Xing-long’s Clothes Chisel Paper-cut in West Hunan Province

Wu Wei Zhang Xiaohua
Alone Folk Art Characteristic's Shen Qiu “Looks After the Household the Colored Steamed Bread”

Zhang Yi
Research of Brick Carving of East Mansion in Linxia

Wang Zhijun

Analysis on the Decorative Features of Carved Bed in Sichuan

Wang Weiding
VI Programs Focus on Brand Building and Brand Extension of the PracticeTeaching
Ran Yingbin
The Recognition of Industrial Design’s Function

Pi Yongsheng
Discussion of Design Ideas Based on Product Extension in Product Development Design
Long Shengjie
The Ideas and Suggestions of Chongqing City Riverside Continuous Open Landscape
Guo Liang
Animation scene design and integration of Emotional Appeal

Feng Yuanzhang
On Cultivating the Multidimensional Way of Thinking in Design: the Use of Case Teaching in Display Design Courses

Wu Xiaoxuan
The City Water-Preservation Landscape Design Research: Take a Sample as the Planning of Yongchuan Fenghuang Lake in Guanyinshan Park

Cheng Hu Gong Yun
Color Design Process in Car Styling Developing

Yang Yuanyuan
Analysis of the National Decorational Language for the Stone Sculpture of Fairy Maiden in Angkor

Yang Yue


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