No.186 | October 2008 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2009-12-08
Special Scheme: Design for People's Livelihood
Information Space
5          Exhibition Information, Competition Information, Academy News, Conference Information
             Mo Xiao
8          Overseas Information
             Mo Xiao
10        New Books
             Mo Xiao
11        Book Review
             Teng Xiaobo
Special Scheme: Design for People’s Livelihood Design
12        Brief Discussion about Design for People's Livelihood 
             Fang Xiaofeng
16        Universal Design and Accessible Design
             John P.S.Salmen, AIA & Elaine Ostroff Translate:Fang Xiaofeng
20        Seeking Design: Livelihood Service 
             Li Lixin
24        IKEA- Household for People
             Zhu Jie
28        Daily Article Design to Changing Life 
             Zhou Zhi & Li Yun
Exhibition in Paper
40        Selection of The 7th Shanghai Biennial International Student Work
             Contributed by Su Dan
48        Works of The 2nd "Originate Future---Decorative Material Creation Camp"
             Contributed by Yang Dongjiang
Scholars’ Inquiry
54        CoxReview: A Signal of Reflecting Originality Industry Strategy 
             Xu Ping & Liu Shuang
Annual Meeting on Design History
60        Rejuvenate Interests in Traditional Chinese Culture Pilot Project through Publication and Multimedia 
             Zhao Guangchao
64        Exhibition and Passion一A Recollection of Mr. Qiu Sha's Production in Yunan 40 Years Ago 
             Zhu Zhenwu
Improvisatory Thought
66        Smelling Smoke of Gunpowder by Touching History- Street Sculptures in London 
             Pan Yiqun
50 Masters
70        50 Masters(4)
Design Theory
75        Regional Culture is the Soul of Design Art
             Zhang Weiming, Wang Songhua & Xu Weibo
78        Interpreting the Cultural Circulation in the Design Interface 
             Liao Hongyong
80        New Design Proposition: Service Design一An Example of Community Laundry Service Design
             Yu Senlin
Case Study
82        The Psychological Puzzle of Contemporary Architecture 
             Chen Jun
84        Micromation of Camera Design Displayed by MINOR and MYCRO 
             Gu Hao
86        Narration and Space: A Talk about the Real World Formed by the Dummy Space Construction in theAnimated Cartoon
            of Paprika 
             Zhang Ran&Su Yanhui
88        Jiageng Architecture and Xiamen Cultural Capital 
             Chang Yuezhong
Teaching Archive
90        On The Conceptual Spirit of Contemporary Teaching of Design Color
             Chen Baoshan
92        Discussion of Teaching Abstract Construction
             Wu Xiaorong
94        The Multi-Media Teaching of National and Folk Art Courses
             Qiu Hong
96        Cultivating the "Sense of Movement' in Animated Catoon T}ching at Colleges and Universities
             Zhou Lai
98        Discussion of Practicality Teaching Methods——On the Teaching Method of Costume Pattern Design Course
             Du Ying
100      Probe into the Teaching Modes of Design under the Potential Market Demands
             Liu Yongxiang&Zhou Hong
102      About the Course Linkage Mode in Teaching Animated Cartoon
             Wang Min&Bo Fuli
Design Practice
104      Visual Creativity in Ambient Media Advertising
             Yin Xiaolong
Space of History and Theory
106      Look at Traditional Chinese White Dressing up Culture from Ancient Poems
             Xu Li
109      Oriel Windows-from Class Emblem to Decorative Design
             Li Jianming
112      On the Relief of Lashaosi Moya in North Zhou Dynasty
             Fan Yihong
Folk Customs and Art
114      The Architectural Art of the Wooden Bridge with Arcade at Shouning, Fujian Province
             Zhang Keyong
116      Research of the Interior Decorations of Manchu Folk Houses in Heilongjiang Province
             Shan Linlin
119      Art of Line and Body, Music of Wood and Stone: Research on the Aesthetic Features of Jiarong Tibetan Civilian Houses in
             Chen Lan, Zeng Jian & Yang Xiang
122      Inheritance and Expansion-About Creating the Thangka Mural of "Bo Yi Zai Dao" Series
             Song Changqing
Characteristic of Colleges
125      Featured Schooling and Social Service in the Field of Contemporary Education
             Liu Yuanfeng
127      The Costume for the Torch Relay at the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games
128      Uniform ofthe Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (Staff, Technician and Volunteer)
129      The "Blue-and-White" Series Costume for the Award Presentation Ceremony
130      The Costume for Receiving Award of Chinese Delegation
131      Flowing Landscape一The Design for Beijing 2008 Olympic Uniform and the Uniform for the Torch Relay
             He Yang
134      The Olympic Fashion under the Five-Star National Flag一A Study at the Design of the Costume for Receiving Award of
             Chinese Delegation for the 2008 Olympic Game
             Wang Li
136      Reflections on "Blue-and-White Porcelain"
             You Jia
138      Fast, Enjoyable, Elegant and Slow一Future Fashion Trend Influenced by New Value System and Life Style
             Xie Ping
140      Exchange Entertainment and Burst Digital Space一Beijing Summer Digital Entertainment Jam 
             Ding Zhaochen
142      Achieve the Visual Metaphor to Transform Information Form 
             Zhan Binghong
144      Design Works by Teachers from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology


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