No.185 | September 2008 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2009-12-01
Special Scheme: Consumer Culture
Information Space
         Exhibition Information,Academy News,Competition Information
             Mo Xiao
8          Overseas Information
             Mo Xiao
10        New Books
             Mo Xiao
11        Book Review
             Teng Xiaobo
Special Scheme: Consumer Culture
12        The Consumer Culture of Globalized Age 
             Zou Guangwen&Wang Zongheng
16        Consumer Culture and Fashion Consumption——From the "Consumer Society"by Jean Baudrillard
             Li Linlin
18        An Ace up One's Sleeves 
             Bao Lin
20        Consumer Electronic Products in the Age of Consumption
             Wang Weiping&Wang Xiaomo
24        Design Case in the Age of Consumption
Annual Meeting on Design History
44        Design and Design Approach Research within 40 Years 
             Zhao Jianghong
Contemporary Figure
48        Founding of Jimei Company and the Dominance of Environmental Art Education of Guangzhou Academy
             of Fine Arts——Interview of Mr. Lin Xueming
             Edited by Zhang Youyun&Zheng Qing
Exhibition in Paper
52        Summary of Chinese Oil Lamp-Written before the Exhibition of Oil Lamp Museum Collection to be Held 
             in Taiwan 
             Chen Lusheng
57        In Memory of the "Encounter" with Yves Saint Laurent 
             Li Wei
Improvisatory Thought
60        Between "Life" and "Death”一Impression on the Creation Concept of Contemporary Japanese
             Photographer Nobuyoshi Araki 
             Wang Ying
50 Masters
62        50 Masters(3)
Case Study
67        Landscape of Post-Industrialized Age一Scenery Park in Northern Douisburg of Germany 
             Luo Pingjia, Qian Lizhu&Jing Lu
70        Modern Expression of Humanity in Interior Design Based on Sample Room 
             Chen Jiong
Olympic Landscape
72        About the Produce of Group Sculptures, Ming lmperia and High-ranked lmperial Concubines Playing
             Huang Jian
75        Thoughts over the Design of Olympic Village Gate 
             Yuan Jia
Design Theory
78        Study of Obstacle Free Identification Environment in Public Information Design
             Yang Yong&Zhang Xuchen
81        On the Relationship between Black Color and Modern Western Suit 
             He Shuilan
84        Region: Design Life——the Life in Linnan Region and Cultural Transmission in Design 
             Dong Meihong&Deng Yuan
86        Basic Principles of Designing Dummy Experience 
             Zhang Lie
Teaching Archive
89        To Teach Learning Methods rather than to Teach Knowledge only
             Wu Bo
92        Discussion of the Direction of Developing Chinese Packaging Design Education from "World Star"
             Xie Qing
94        Contemporary Design and Aesthetic Education
             Zhang Lina
Space of History and Theory
96        Gardening Characteristics of Picture of Huancuitang Garden
             Wang Bingzhang
98        Correggio's "Assumption" and Pattern of Ceiling Painting
             Zheng Lin
100      Origin of Ancient Chinese Mat Weaving
             Liu Licheng & Wang Chunyan
102      Study ofAnimated Cartoon in Zagreb Style 
             Huang Wei
105      The Han and Tibet Book Art Inherited and Developed by the West Xia
             Wang Yanyun
Design Practice
108      Creating in Imagination
             Zhao Xigang
110      Study of Ergonomics of Folding Furniture
             He Canqun & Zhan Huijuan
Folk Customs and Art
112      Folk Customs upon the Mid-Autumn Festival
             Song Zhaolin & Song Linzi
115      "As one piece of fuel is consumed, the flame passes to another."一Study of Cookware in Qidong Region
             of Jiangsu Province
             Wang Qiang
118      Folk Carpentry Art in Xinjiang UygurAutonomous Region
             Wang Fan
120      Pillow Embroidery by Folk People in the Region of the Three Gorges
             Wu Peixiu
122      Studying the Heritage and Feature of Shrine Furniture in Bayu
             Hu Hong & Hong Chen
Characteristic of Colleges
125      Preliminary Discussion about the Development and Characteristics forArt Design Education in 
             Comprehensive Universities
             Wang Qingjian
127      Aesthetic Implication in Authentic Bo Luo Chicken
             Yang Xiaoqi & Wang Lie
129      Initial Discussion of the Cultural Orientation for Designing Tourist Souvenirs in Guangzhou
             Huang Hong
131      Analysis ofArchitectural Alteration of Road balconies on Zhongshan Street, Guangzhou
             Wu Zongmin
133      Special Brand Image in Advertisement Originality 
             Li Juan
135      Lines一The Aesthetic Element of Dress Structural Design
             Chen Xianchang
137      About Cultivating Interdisciplinary Professionals in the Field of Originality Industry
            Cao Ruixin
139      LuoYuming's Design Works
140      Wang Lie's Design Works
141      Peng Haoqiang's Design Works
142      Han Fang's Design Works
144      Xiao Yanqin's Graphic Design Works


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