No.223 | November 2011 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2011-12-05

 Special Feature:The Series Symposium of BIDT

14Opening Ceremony & General Forum of the Series Symposium of Beijing International Design Triennial (BIDT)

Edited by Tian Jun

20What If

Edited by Li Yun

28Reason Design Emotion

Edited by Zhao Hua

36Rethinking Bamboo

Edited by Huang Dequan

42Creative Junctions

Edited by Zhou Zhi

52Good Guys

Edited by Zhu Liang


Special Focus: Research-oriented
61The Education Mode on the Research-oriented State

Zheng Shuyang


Hot Review:In Memory of Jobs
64Timeline: Apple and Steve Jobs' Career

Translated & Edited by Mo Xiao

66Jobs' Definition in Design

Fang Xiaofeng

Exhibition on Paper
68Overview of Beijing International Design Triennia

Edited by ZHUANGSHI Editorial Department

Design Collection
78Condition, Temperament and Style: Hanghai’s Design and Collection

Interviewed by Tian Jun & Zhu Liang
Written by Tian Jun

History of Art and Design
84Study on the Meaning and Design Principle of 卍 & S Decorative Motifs in Antient Egypt

Zhou Jianpeng\Qiu Chunxia

87Study of the Gold and Silver Cup with Petalage and Curves Shape in Song Dynasty

Deng Lili

90Appreciating Traditional Chinese Joint Couplet Cup from the Dimension of Nuptial Cup

Zhang Lili


92Animation Performance Lingnan "Baltic Festival" Temple "Living"Art Form

Lei Ying
95The Equivalent between Commercial Advertising and Experience Information

Zhang Xiaolan



Case Study


98Architecture and Urban Genius Loci in Subconscious Views
Liu Xianghua
100The Shape and Composition Design of Animation The Secret of Kells
Fan Chuan
102Comparison on the Guiding Information Technology between Beijing and Tokyo Subway
Wang Jin
104On the “Visually Duplicating” Phenomena in Chinese Contemporary Buildings
Zhou Shu/Wen Yabin/Ren Shubin

106Exploring the Product Development Process of Simultaneous and Synergism Design
Sun Yingying


Teaching Archive

109Study of Environmental Art Design Teaching Control System which Integrates the Analysis of Cybernetics
Jiang Bin
112Think out of Box:The Investigations of Advancing the Creative Ability of Chinese Art and Design Students
Zhang Lei
114The Research on the Quality Assurance System of the Training Program for Artical Design Master Degree Candidates

Huang Huaming/Wang Borui


Folk Art and Culture

116Pure Rich and Gaudy Decorations:The Caracteristics of Colors of Embroidery Apparel in Shanxi Province
Zhang Fanrong

118Protection and Development of Inami Woodcarving Brand in Japan

Zheng Zhaohui

120Analysis the Bamboo Furniture in Southwest Hunan

Zhang Hongying/Zhang Zongdeng

122Semilobar Pond and Paddy Bleachery:From the Outside of the Round House Looking the Philosophy of the Family Ecological Values

Wu Zefeng



125The Inspire of Developing Grassroot Animation in New Media Context
Chen Feng/Feng Bin

127Every River has Its Source: The Trace of National Culture in Ghibli’s Animation
Cheng Xuexue
129LED: The Carrier of Return to Humanity Illumination Design
Lai Siyuan
131Brief Analysis on “Picture Emotion” Design of Animation Scene
Wang Liang

133Essence Explain of the Animation Movement’s Rule
Zhang Xiaobo
135Analysis on the Reason Why Chinese Idol Animation Glowing so Slowly
Zhang Yaning

137Contemporary Domestic Animation Preliminary Market Test and Promoted Strategy Research
Zhu Ruiquan

139The Diversity Research on the Formative Arts of the Illustrations in the Children Picture Books
Chen Pu

141The Decoration of Proto-porcelain and Stamped Pottery in Shang and Western Zhou Dynasty
Wang Huiwen/Rao le

143The Image Space Concept of Traditional Folk Art:Take Hecun Embroidered Shoes for Example
Huang Wenshan


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