No.212 | December 2010 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2011-11-07

News and Events
Exhibition Information, Industry News, Academy News

Yun Li
Overseas Information

Wang Xiaomo
Recommended Reading
New Aesthetics of Handcraft: Topic Events for Shanghai Baoshan International Folk Art Museum's Opening
Special Feature: What is Luxury
Luxuries in China: How Can Luxuries be Developed and What Can We Do

Zheng Hong'e
The Luxury Life of Yuan Zai

Shen Ruiwen
Night Stalker

Wang Yun
Luxury Brands & Future Creativity of China: Interview with Prof. Jan Staël von Holstein,Chairman of the Network with a Silver Lining

Interviewer: Fang Xiaofeng, Chen Anying & Wang Yun Translator: Wang Yun
Luxury: from West to East Stephan Hamel

Interviewer & translator: Chen Anying
What is Luxury & How to do Luxury?—Minutes of Zhuangshi: Forum on Luxuries and Luxury Brand

Edited by Huang Dequan
Bain & Company Report—China's Luxury Market: Present and Future

Edited by Huang Dequan
Exhibition on Paper
New Vision Fiber Art: Fiber Art Creative Evolution in China from 6th International Fiber Art Biennale Catalogue

Wang Kai
Special Focus: International Evaluation of Academy of Art and Design, Tsinghua University
Send a Message to the World: Interview with the International Evaluation Experts of Academy of Art and Design, Tsinghua University
Interviewer: Chen Anying Zhou Xiaozhou Zhang Ming Yang Mingyan
Cities and World Expo
Nature's Wisdom: Expo 2005 Aichi, Japan

Zhu Liang
Scholar's Inquiry
Strategic "Green" Design: What Could We Learn from Our Ways of Living

Liang Ding

Book Review
Luxury, Sex and Capitalism: One Interpretation of Lifestyle Sun Peidong
"Core Image" Created by Public Art in City: Philip A • Hart Civic Center Plaza of Detroit Public Art in the USA

Jiang Zhuqing
History of Art and Design
A Study of Tao Yuanqing’s Style of Book Layout Design

Gu Meifang Lai Xianwen
Analysis of the Letter Decoration on the Porcelain of Leizhou Kiln

Wang Man
The Research of Artist’s Live Environment

Zhang Yaning Qiao Jiansong
An Exploration into Artistic Features and Causes of Bas-reliefs on precipices in Lashao Temple Wushan County Gansu Province

Zhang Yuping Wu Shaoming
Aesthetic Taste of Literati Residence in Song Dynasty

Zhao Hui
Design Theory
Juvenile-Centered Branding Visual Design Strategy

 Yang Zhi
Application of the Thinking Ways of the Graphic Combination in Packaging Design
Du Jie Wang Jiamin
Set up the Imagery to Express Connotation: Research on Shaping and Processing the Imagery for Automobile Design

Zou Fangzhen Zhu Yi
The Re-Construction of Visual Communication to Visual Subject:The Research of Apple Culture

Liu Yanhui
Design a Chain of Loving Care: The Study on Living Space Design for Senior Citizens
Li Sha Duan Mengmeng
Case Study
The Function Transfer of Hand-drawing Aesthetics in Digital Animation

Liu Hong
Interactive Levels of Funny Product Design

Lu Jining
Study of Relationship between Industrial Heritage Conservation and Economic Development: Analysis of 798 Art District

Han Feng
Constructing the Individuation of University's Way Finding System

Li Kai

System Integration and Natural Regression of Architectural Outside Environment: Exemplified by Taobao City Landscape Design

Wang Shuhua
Research on Min-portable Nebulizer Medical Design

Wan Fucheng
Causal Factors in Ceramic Art

Xu Jianming
Electric Plug Design Based on Scenario Decomposition Method

Zhou Hao Zhang Huangao Hui Xinjun Tan Runhua
Teaching Archive
The Teaching Method Discuss of Art Design Based on Deaf Character

Cui Yong
Craft VS Cultural Memory: the Study on Inheriting the Intangible Cultural Heritage Through Art Aducation

Zhang Yingying
Analysis the Intersection of Design Practice in the Field of Symbiosis Mode

Zheng Ziyun
Folk Art and Culture
Geometric Pattern’s Rheology and its Revelation in Modern Folk Costumes
Liu Shui Liang Hui'e Xu Zhengzheng
Minnan and Taiwan Modern Puppet Modelling Artistic Characteristic Ponder and Innovation
Xu Xiansheng
Discussion on Islam Features Brick ACTS in Characteristics and Application

Yi Xiao
"Seek Advantages and Avoid Disadvantages" of Printing Cake Mold Carving Patterns In South of The Yangtze River

Zhang Xinke
Digital Printing with All Non—Coated Media Innovated New Way for Communication Pedagogy

Qiu Xingxing
Systematic Thinking in Practice of Art Design: Taking the Design of Fujian Pavilion in the 2010 Shanghai World Expo

Mao Wenzheng
Research on the Keypoint in the Teaching of Garment Drawing

Guo Qinghong
Guidance to Refinement of Works Design Process in Teaching

Chai Zhi
The Thought on The Identification Revolution of Fujian's Higher Fashion Education

Fang Zeming
Freedom in Finite Background: Explore Ideas and Methods of Interior Design Creativity
Guo Youxin
On the Multi-Dimensional Forms of Traditional Chinese Characters and Their Application in Design

Luo Liping
The Reform of Fashion Construction Design Education Toward Students that have Fine Art Background

Xie Liang
From Shanghai World Expo Emblem Design Survey the Contemporary Logo Design

Yang Kaihong
The Three Pointcut of Configuration Perception in Design Education

Zheng Jian


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