No.211 | November 2010 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2011-11-07
  • Source: zhuangshi


News and Events

5  Headline, Exhibition Information, Industry News, Academy News

Yun Li

8  Plenary Meeting of Zhuangshi Editorial Board in 2010

Yun Li

9    Special Features of 2011 Zhuangshi

10   Overseas Information

Wang Xiaomo

12  Recommended Reading

Yun Li

Special Feature: Story of Kitchen

16    Evolution of Chinese Ancient Stove Design

Wang Qiang Bai Yu
20    Urban Residential Kitchen Evolution and Future Trends

 Zhou Yanmin Lin Jingyi
26    Design Proposal to The Future Kitchen of Chinese Cities

Jiang Hongbin
29    China's Food Culture & Cooking Habits and the Integrated Kitchen Cabinet Design

 Zhu Jie
32    The Design of Cooking Utensils, Fostered by China's Early Diet Civilization

 Liu Dongxia
34    Three Topics about Chinese Tableware

 Chen Guangxin
37    Paintings of Kitchens in Western Art

Kenneth Bendiner   Translator: Li Yun

Special Focus: In Memory of Li Mianlu

42   In Memory of Li Mianlu

International Scholars

48  Green Roots: When And Why Design Turned Green III

J.W. Drukker, Arthur O. Eger & Marjolein van Velzen   Translator: Li Dan

Exhibition on Paper

54   A City Staging its Creative Feast: London Design Festival 2010

Wang Yanling & Deng Xiao
66   Sentiment Material Expression: The Fourth International “Creative Future:Decorative Material Creation Camp”

Provided by Yang Dongjiang

Cities and World Expo

70  Dreams May Come: Expo 2000 in Hannover, Germany

Zhao Hua

Book Review

76    Practice Chinese Modern Spirit by Design: The Birth of China Modern Design

Guo Qiuhui

History of Art and Design

Appreciation on Mechine-made Coin-type Copper Gilt Buckle

 Zhang Huaishui
Color Conditioning in Utagawa-hirosige’s Block Print and its Application

 Gao Yunlong
The Reflect of Development on Chinese Modern Folk Paper-cut Research

 Zhu Xiaohong
On the Ornamental Composition Characteristic of Tangkha Paintings


Research on Packaging Pen Site Spatial Form Semantic

Zhou Jiale
Research on Methods and Parameters of Visual Recognition Rate of City Railway Sign Design in Xi'an

Tang Yali Yang Haozhong Tian Dandan
Design Theory
The Study on Standard Display Structure and Design of Mutation

Tang Hongquan
The Indeterminacy Characteristic of the New Media Art

Tan Xuhong
The Research on Sign Elements Used in Auto-Body Modeling Design

Sun Hu
Case Study
Preservation and Improvement of Built Environment in Urban Historical Centre: Experiences from Nottingham Historical Centre

Zhu Rong
Imaging Character Design in Poster Design

Chen Lan
The Exploration on the Media Materials and Space of Public Art in the Digital Age
Wang Feng Guo Weimin
Problems and Steategies, the Independent Brand Image Design on Pearl River Area of China

Huang Xun Du Yiwei
Teaching Archive
Training the College Students to Critical Thinking: on the Undergraduate Courses of Interior Design

Nie Ying
Multi-dimensional Perspective Graphics and Innovative Teaching and Practice
Lei Ying Wu Zongmin Xiao Hanjiang
Enlightenment of the Beijing Olympics for the Design Education

Tian Zhongli Xia Xiaoqi
The Game of Create Space: Class Teaching Discussion of Structural Ceramics Design

Yan Fei
Folk Art and Culture
On “Saint Worm” Dough Figurine Sculpture in Yantai

Zhang Lili
The Artistic Feature and Folklore Mentalilies Reflected by Fangcheng Stone Monkey
Tang Jianzhong
Investigate Women's Costume in Huanggang Village of Liping County in Guizhou
Zhang Guoyun
Think about the Brand Design Courses Teaching: An Example about the Independent Brand of SMEs

Chen Jun
Absence of SMEs’ Brand Visual Image Extending

Chen Xiaonan
Discriminate the Concept of Brand Identity & Brand Image

Feng Wei
Discuss the Layout Design of Cultural Magzines from the Success of Monocle and KIE
Chen Shanyan Zhang Tong
New Countryside’s Landscape Design Based on the Hilly Landform and Special Climate in South of Yangtze River

Zhao Xiumin
Template Format of Graphic Language Application in the Newspaper Advertisement of Domicile Commercial

Chen Xiu Zhao Kan
Think about the China Folk Culture and Art Element Integrate into Art & Design Education in Contemporary Colleges

Gao Ying
Apocalypse of ‘Antique Taste’ in Treatise on Superfluous Things for Modern Design

Wang Shuangyang
Think about the Ethical Questions of Art & Design under the Network Cultures

Sun Wei
Bring Transparency Abstract Design Sketch Teaching

Chen Baoshan


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