No.207 | July 2010 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2010-09-14

News and Events

5   Exhibition Information,Industry News,Academy News

Yun Li

8   Overseas Information

Wang Xiaomo

10  Recommended Reading

Yun Li

Special Feature:Care Design

13  The Democratic Spirit of Design

Hang Jian

17  The Six Dimensions of Care Design

Zhuangshi Journal Editorial Department

36  Sex and Sex Design

Cao Xiao'ou

Special Focus:Imagination of Future

40  The Minutes of the 2010 Summit Forum for Shanghai Expo Exhibition Design

International Scholars

48  World History of Design Viewed in the Big Picture:An Interview with Victor Margolin

Exhibition on Paper

54  Restore Kindness:2009 Taiwan International Design Competition Selections

Edited by Zhao Hua Provided by Cultural&Creative Industries Center, National Taiwan Normal University


66  Metamorphosis of Beijing Pavilion

Yang Yibin

Cities and World Expo

68        Reflections on“Man and His World”:1967 Expo Montreal


Book Review

74        Colourful World of Golden and Silver Jewellers

Shen Ruiwen

Public Art

76  Vision Citys:Talk about the Image of City and Public Art

Cui Yanwei

78  Cultural Ecology and Public Art

Xi Haifei

80        Public Art and Orientalism

Zhou Aimin

Folk Art and Culture

82  Qing Dynasty’s Ao Family Graveyard Stone Carving Art’s Cultural Characteristics of Northwestern Qian

Yang Zaiwei

86        The Soul of the Universe:On the Usage of Chuohua of the Miao Nationality in Wedding Service and Folk Customs

Zhang Xiaohua

88        Yel ow Discrimination and Analysis of the Color Aesthetic Viewpoints of the Uygurs

Zhou Yun

Teaching Archive

90      reative Vacuum:The Urgency of an Environment Art and Design Study in Higher Education

Dong Zhinian

91     Design with the Book as a Medium to Integrate Thinking and Practice:Reflect on How to Teach Graphic Design

Lu Ming


94  On the Earthy Texture and the Nature of Freehand Brushwork in Morden Ceramics

Liu Shuang

Case Study

96        Exploring the New Approach of Architecture Animation: Taking the Roaming Animation of 2010 Shanghai Expo for Example

Zhang Gang

98  Yang Gong Dike in a View of Landscape Architecture and Traditional"Jie Hua":a Comparative Case

Lin Sumei Sun Mingsheng

100 Exploring the"Control"in Animation Design

Wang Huali

Design Theory

103        Flowing Scenario:The Change of Spatial Concepts in the Information Age

Yu Weiqun

105  From the Case of Cartoon"Xiyangyang and Huitailang":Analyse the Evolution of Animation Modeling of"Chinese School"

Wang Hao

107  fferent Kind of Style,from"Peanuts"Speaking Real Hand-drawn Illustrations in the Real Estate Proposed the Application of Advertising

Liu Guangwei

109 Discussion of Association Design Thinking

Wu Zengyi

111 The New Features of Clothing Consumer Psychology and its Revelation to Clothing Brand

Su Zhiting

History of Art and Design

114 Sabon's Design How Reflects the Change of JanTschichold's Design Ideology

Chen Rong

116 On the Blue and White“Fish of Dragon”Patterns ofAncient China

Li Xueling

120 Analysis of Cultural Context of Jiangnan Garden in the Case of Canglang Pavilion

Zhang Ming

122 Spatial Commemoration:Jiang Xiaojian and Urban Sculpture in Modern Wuhan

Li Ze Zhang Tianjie Wang Tianbo


125 On the Practice of Large-scale Public Art Planning

Liang Yong Shen Guohai

127 Limited Space,Unlimited Creativity: Based on Urban Renewal,New Ideas of Highway Design

Zhang Xinyu Ma Jun

129 The Discussion about Modern Public Landscape Design

Shen Yingping

131 The Application of Visual Illusions in Public Space Art Design

Sui Yan Jin Minli

133 Resource Optimization of Shaoxing Ring River

Chen Wei Xu Hongxin

135 The Ecological Interpretation of Traditional Architectural Fengshui and it's Practices

Chen Jiequn Wan Ling

137 "School-enterprise Cooperation"Model in Art and Design Education Reform

Sun Yidong Jin Yang

139 Undergraduate‘Three to One’Teaching Mode Based on the Concept of Extensive Animation

Xu Yuzhong Ying Yiwen

141 Chinese Elements'Variation in Fashion Design

Cui Xiaobin Zhang Yi

143 A look at Modern Chinese Culture from Every-day life:Designing on Dining Table

Cheng Li



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