No.208 | August 2010 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2010-09-14

News and Events

5   Exhibition Information,Industry News,Academy News

Yun Li

8           Overseas Information

Wang Xiaomo

9           Recommended Reading

Yun Li

Special Feature:Graduation Design·Visual Communication

13  Graduation Design from Department of Visual Communication,Academy of Arts&Des Tsinghua University

19  Graduation Design from Department of Visual Communication Design,School of Desi China Academy of Art

25  Graduation Design from the 6th Studio,Department of Visual Communication,China Central Academy of Fine Arts

31  Graduation Design from Department of Graphic Design,College of Design,Guangzho Academy of Fine Arts

37  Graduation Design from Department of Visual Communication,School of Design, Jiangnan University

Special Focus:In Memory of Wu Guanzhong

43  In Memory of Wu Guanzhong

International Scholars

51  The History of KIWI:Interview with Italian Designer Donao D’Urbino

Interviewer:Wang Yun Translator:Wang Yun,Manuelo Lietti

Exhibition on Paper

54        Holy Russia:Russian Art,From Its Origins to Peter the Great

Wang Xiaomo

Scholar's Inquiry

62  A Study of Graphic Communications Design in Ming and Qing Dynasties:Focused on Jiu Pai of Famous Popular Love Stories in Ancient China

Chen Fang


67        Mr.ZhangDing and The People's Republic of China'sOverseas Exhibition Design

Li Ying

Cities and World Expo

72  A Tale of Two Cities: The Change of Barcelona and Seville Between and After World Expos

Zhao Wenbing

Book Review

78        Wise and Rational Urban Colour

Wang Zhanzhu Wang Jing

History of Art and Design

80      he Comparison of Decorative View of Rossetti and Morris

Wang Jinling

81     Primary Study on Ornamental Forms of Dangyangyu Kiln

Ding Shan Li Zheng'an

85        Research of Jingdezhen Porcelain Art in Kangxi Yongzheng and Qianlong

Ning Gang

Folk Art and Culture

88  The Analysis of Water and Cloud Patterns in Hezhe Nationality Clothing

Liu Tao Ji Min

90  Research on Cotton Cutting Embroidery in Hebei and Shandong Folk Tradition

Chen Lei

92  Differentiation and Analysis on Artistic Characteristics of Wood Engraving Picture between Zhuxian town and Hua county

Liu Shujuan

Design Theory

95        Graphic Symbols'Value in Modern Advertising

Wu Can Hou Wei

97  Reading by Hands:Analysing the Design of Using Hands Experience in Children Books

Li Xiangyuan

99        VI Design's Characters in Meal Space

Wu Zongmin Wu Zongjian

101 Signs of Time:The Characteristic of Dynamic in Process of Environmental Art Aesthetics

Zhu Xun Wang Wei


104 The Protection and Construction of Lingnan Architecture Features in Pearl River Delta's Old Village

Zheng Xin

106 Longquan Swords’Design Edified by Foreign Display Sword

Huang Wei Fu Xiaoyun

108 The Application of Abstract Deformation in Interior Design:the Design Process of One Barbershop

Wang Hongchang

Case Study

110 The Cultural Taste of Zhang Zhaoda's Fashion Design

Teng Xiaosong

112 The Openness of Visual Identity Design in Digital Age

Wang Wei

114 Decoration or Form:Two Kinds of Dress Design Mode of Thinking From Sino-Us College Student Fashion Exchange Festival

Sun Tao

Teaching Archive

116 Design Specifications Based on Training Practitioners of Higher Education Reform and Practice of Art and Design

Ma Xinyu

118 Reflections on Professional Training Evoked by Ideas of World Expo

Xu Chuanhong

120 Single to Multiple Changes:The Practice of Cultivating of Diversify Thinking in the Architecture Sketch Teaching

Jiang Rui

122 Explorating the Models of Research Centre on Art and Design Talent Cultivation in University

Liang Shan


126 The Culture Meaning and Time Spirit of the Mural Art in Mawangdui Han Tomb Cultural Relics Exhibition Hall

Liu Yu

128 The Performance of Art Synaesthesia in Print Advertising Design Creativity

Wang Xuan

130 The Manifestation of the Absurd Elements in Pop-architecture

Dai Yongqiang

132 The Factors of Human Behavior on Shaping Design of Furniture

Xu Yuan

134 The Popularization of Tang Dynasty Culture in Decorative Poems of Changsha Kiln

Hu Youhui

136 On the Impact of the Art of Ancient Greece Construction on Woman Clothing Design

Liu Xiaoping

138 Analyzing on the Expression of Social Significance of the Movie Costume Culture Symbols From Confucius

Deng Wuying

140 The Aesthetic Value of the Fusion of Han period Costume into Fashion Art

Hu Pin

142 Application of Animated Virtual Representative in Commercial Advertising

Zhang Jianlong

144 Ge Xudong Li Shiqing's Design Works



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