No.206 | June 2010 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2010-09-10
News and Events
5   Exhibition Information,Industry News,Academy News
Yun Li
8   Overseas Information
Wang Xiaomo
10   Recommended Reading
Yun Li
Special Feature:Expo 2010:Pavilion of Future
13  Touch the Service Touchpoints
Teng Cheng-lein
18  Discuss about the Public Service Design System:Exemplified by the Project of Design for the People in Three Mainland Cities
Xu Ping
22  The Public Sphere in the Cultural Creative Space:Case Study of Public Sphere, Service Support and Daily Practice in the Central Districtof HongKong
Michael Siu
28  The Initiative of Design: Case Study of Service Design
Hai Jun
33  Re-examine the Stance of Design from the Perspective of Service Design
Zou You
36  The New Autonomy of Architecture
Ole Bouman
37  The World Must Change:Graphic Design and Idealism
Max Bruinsma
41  Proactive Imagination
Li Degeng
International Scholars
43  Research-oriented: The Future of the Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University
Zheng Shuyang
Exhibition on Paper
48  Selected Works from Milan Design Week 2010
Written by Xiao Feng Edited by Liu Donglei, Zhao Hua & Li Yun
Scholar's Iquiry
62  Folk Custom and Handicrafts of Ancient Dragon Boat Festival
Zhu Peichu
67Hear the Teachings of the Former Dean Zhang Ding
Yuan Jieying
City and World Expo 
68  New Hope: 1958 Brussels World Expo
hou Zhi
Book Review
74  Hear the Teachings of the Former Dean Zhang Ding
Yuan Jieying
Design Theory
76  Game Characters Design Based on Users’ Psychology
Huang Shi
78  On Improving the Readability of the Text in Webpage
Sui Yong
80  On the Symbol of Hand in Visual Communication Design
Yang Chuan
82  Construction of Industrial Design Process Based on Concurrent Engineering
Liu Guohao
84  Simple Discussion on the Missing of Opening and Public in China's New Urban Parks
Chen Xi
Teaching Archive
87  Analysis on the Curriculum Innovation of Art Education with New Media
Xu Qiaohui
89  A Discussion about Education of Art and Design in Italy
Li Sha Li Pengying
91  Projects-based Teaching Design and Exploration in Workflow:Take the Case of Advertising Design Course
Wang Dayong
Case Study
94  Visual Performance of Pixelate Style in Environmental Art Design
Guo Xiaoyang Liu Liwei Wei Xiaodong
96  Looking Back the Gorgeous and Classic in a Hundred Years Ago:
Analyzing the Architecture Arts of the Qingdao German Old Governor's Residence
Wang Fuyun Liang Bing
99  Creative Community: Kelvin Grove Urban Village and its Design of New Urbanism
Ding Jijun Ling Ni
102 Notes of the “Wood Fire & Salt Glaze Workshop” of Crafts & Design School of Gothenburg
University of Sweden
Zhao Bin
104 Sublimation from Technique to Art:The Creating Process of Warm Glass Series Sea
Wang Chaohong
106 The Dong Nationality Residential Present Situation Analysis and Reconstruct of Hunan Tongdao
in the Process of New Countryside
Yang Jianrong
Folk Art and Culture
108 An Analysis on the Distinctive Technology of Designs Connotation of Women’s Clothing of
Shengpu Watery Region
Liang Huie Zhang Jingqiong Liu Shui
111 Similar Elegance and Distinct Beauty: A Comparative Study of Two Batik Arts Respectively from China’s Guizhou Province and Indonesia’s Bali Jia
114 Analyze Symbolic Semantic of Cloud Shoes Decoration of Ethnic Qiang
Zhang Wei
History of Art and Design
116 An Exploration to the Change of Cultural Ecology and Development Path on Porcelain Painting: Exemplified by Nanchang Porcelain Painting
Ai Yawei Liu Aihua Zhang Chengyu
118 The Examples and Revelations of the Researchers' Role in Protection of Historical Buildings and Blocks
Ruan Bin
120On the Cultural Utensil in Ancient China and Its Design Theory
Sen Wen Zhou Xu
122 The Palace-compound Style of Xizhou Dynasty Analysis from Items in the Book of Songs
Liu Guan
125 The Appreciation of The White Swan Hotel Courtyard Spatial Processing
Liu Tailei
127 The Application of Color : Comment on Guangzhou Metro-oriented System
He Shan Zhang Kaiwen
129 Orientation System Design of Urban Public Transportation:The Disadvantages of The Orientation System of Beijing Metro
Xu Ping
131 On the Theoretical Basis of Identifiability of Landscape
Yi Min
133 Craft of Coloring, Spirit of Drawing: On the Mechanical Design Aesthetics of Kao Gong Ji
Liu Chunxia Zhang Hongliang
135 The Comparative Study of the Redesigning Identity about Hengyuanxiang and McDonald
Zhang Ya
137 Talking about the Visual Style and Context of Collage in Graphic design
Zhang Fei
139 Cultural of Implements Design in Particular Social Form
Wei Xiao
141 Analysis of Figured Representation and Deformed Abstraction in Basic Design
Zheng Hongming
143 Cultural and Creative Industries in the Visual Communication Design Teaching Reform
Huang Liyan



  • Arianna Ginevra
  • 2014-11-12 22:30:53

Thank you for the selection on Exhibition on Paper. Stefano Bressani italian artist and his "Sculptures dressed" send you a greetings from Italy. You are wellcome in our studio near Milan, the next time you will be able to visit the North ov Italy.
Arianna Ginevra Sanna (press & media relation at "Sculptures dressed" by Stefano Bressani.

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