No.205 | May 2010 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2010-08-22
News and Events
5    Exhibition Information,Industry News,Academy News
Yun Li
8    Overseas Information
Yue Junyao
10  Recommended Reading
Yun Li
Special Feature:Expo 2010:Pavilion of Future
13  Dream of Future:Display Project of Pavilion of Future,Shanghai 2010 Expo
Interviewer:Zhou Zhi&Zhao Hua Editor:Tian Jun&Zhao Hua Scripted by Zhou Zhi
19  Display Project of Pavilion of Future,Shanghai 2010 Expo
24  Realize Dream from Today:Interview with Carmen Bueno,the Design Idea Director of Pavilion of Future
Interviewer:Zhou Zhi Translator:Li Xin
27  The Theme of Expo 2010 Lights up:Interview with Xu Runhe,Deputy Director of the Theme Pavilions Department,Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination
Interviewer:Chen Xi&Li Xin Editor:Li Liang&Wang Qian
30  Branding a National Team: Interview with Wu Xi,the Board Chairman of Qingshang Corporation Interviewer:Zhou Zhi
32  A Window Open to the Future:Interview with Bu Hua,the Director of Window of the Future
Interviewer:Zhou Zhi
34  Suspended City:Experimental Sculpture of Shadow of City
Pan Yiqun
36  Harmonious Tower in the Pavilion of Future
Interviewer:Zhou Zhi
International Scholars
38  About the Resemblance Between the Chinese Taotie and Works of Art From Other Cultures,Like Aztec,Maya,and Haida
Arthur O.Eger Translator:Li Yun
Exhibition on Paper
48  Taking a Stance:Eight Critical Attitudes In Chinese and Dutch Architecture and Design
Li Degeng&Du Qin
Cities and World Expo
58  San Francisco and Its Two World's Fairs:Revival of City&Trends of Design Towards Consumption
Li Jiang
Book Review
64 Overall Analysis on Chinese Woodcut through 1200 Years:Reading Professor Zhang Daoyi's General Mirror of Chinese Woodcut
Li Lixin
History of Art and Design
66  Mr.Zhang Guangyu and Modern Arts&Crafts
Tang Wei
69  The Analysis and Comparison Between the Weapon-structure Designs of Ancient Rome
and Chinese Han Dynasty
Zhu Wentao
72  The Aesthetic Feature of the Whorling Grain on the Lacquerwares of the Han Dynasty
Liu Muyuan&Xin Yihua
74  The Typological Interpretation of Yuan Ye
Peng Shengfang
76  Disscussion on Forming Course&Style Characteristics of Shanghai Style Furniture
in Early 20th Century
Chen Ming&LüJianhua
78  Discussing on the Literati Complex in the Pottery Art Modelling of Zisha Teapot
He Ying
Design Theory
80  Visual Symbols Interaction in Cultural Exchange Poster Design
Han Zhaohui
82  From Color Composition to Color Design
Tang Changqiao
84  The Interaction Consciousness of Contemporary Museum's Exhibition
Shi Qi
86  Digital Painting and Easel Painting:A Review from the Yun Nan New Media Art Biennial
Zeng Ni
Teaching Archive
88  To Adapt to the Development of Digital Graphic Design and Printing Technology Curriculum Reform
Zhang Jie
90  On the Temporality of Public Aesthetic Education:An Comparative Analysis of Art Aesthetic
Education and Design Aesthetic Education
Yi Jianfang
92  The Application of Traditional Paper Cut-out in the Education of Planar Composition
Wei Zhengqing
94  For What Do We Teach: Exploration on the Training Model for Artistic Design at University
Zhang Xinyu
96  The Exploration Beyond Time and Space:Preliminary Analysis of the New Medias Design for Exhibition and Showcase
Tai Xiaoya
Case Study
98  Power Inevitable:Analyzing Kunsthaus Graz
Zhang Fan,Yang Changming&Wang Son
100The Application of Urban Culture Elements in the Fashion Design:Example of Hangzhou
Fang Jing,Ji Xiaofen&Zheng Baoqing
102Semiotics Expression of Fashion Shop's Brand Image
Wang Futing
104Composing and Visual Performance of Advertising Photography:The Analysis of Fashion Brand Chanel and Dior
Jiang Yonghua
106Visual Story:Narrative and Translation in Public Art Design of King Library
108The Concavo-Convex in Book Form Design
Cheng Xuemin
110Analyzing Jon Burgerman's Graffitist Illustration
Fan Chuan
Folk Art and Culture
112About Pure Brightness Folk-custom
Liu Zhaohui
114On the Materials Resembling Money for Dead
Yang Youni
116The Exploration of Lixinzhang’s Wood Engraving Picture in Neihuang County
Guo Hao
118Discusses the Cultural Root of the Pomegranate Design in Xinjiang
Yan Fei
120"Yongqing Zhake"Research and Inheritance to Folk Art and Craft Techniques
Guo Qian
122On the Color Features of Yangjiabu Woodcut New Year Pictures in Dif erent Historical Stages
Gao Mingwei&Chen L
125About the Reform and Experiment in Type Design Education
Peng Lingyan
127Decoration Art Features of the Folk Building in Shilongjin of Southeast Chongqing
Pan Pan
129On Artistic Charaters of Folk Manual Embroider Shoe Insoles in Bayu Region
Liu Yuan
131Based on PRO/E Software for the Protection of the Development of Traditional Folk Crafts:Example for Nuo Opera Masks in Wujiang River Basin
Li Yun
133Opinion about Construction of Ecotype Animation Industry Chain and Development of
Chongqing Animation Industry
Qin Jie
135Human Geography about Bayu and Scene Design of Animation BAMAN
Yu Hong
137Introductory Research on Image and Imagery Expression Training in Design Drawing
Wei Gua
139The Inquiry into Visual Symbols of Poster Design in Special Times
Chen Mo
141The Analysis of Design Creativity for Handwriting Ability
Fu Xiaobiao
143The Space of Crossing and Traveling:Analysis of the Four Dimensional Space Awareness of Relief Mural
Xiong Jie


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