No.204 | April2010 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2010-06-24
News and Events
5 Exhibition Information,Industry News,Academy News
Yun Li
8 Overseas Information
Yue Junyao
10 Recommended Reading
Yun Li
Special Feature:Machine Aesthetic
13 Building or Machine:Machine Aesthetic in Modern Architecture
Fang Xiaofeng
21 The Aesthetic Vision of Modern Product Design:From the Aesthetics of Machine to the Aesthetics of Technology and Design
Xu Hengchun
26 Futurism and Purism:
Origin of the European Machine Aesthetic
Chen Anying
31 The Impact of Machine Aesthetic on Women's Wear in 20 Century
Zang Yingchun
34 First Sophisticated Mechanizing and Then Ecologicalizing:Surpass the Machine Aesthetic
Liu Huajie
Special Focus:In Memory of Zhang Ding
36 In Memory of Zhang Ding
Scholar's Inquiry
52  A Research on Name and Nature of the Main Painted Sculpture in Mogao Cave 154
Sha Wutian
Exhibition on Paper
57 The Responsibility of Spread:Matteo Ricci's Trip to China of Science and Technology
Cheng Xu&Zhao Hua Provided by Capital Museum
65 The Lacquer and Painting of Qiao Shiguang
Zhu Chongshou
Cities and World Expo
66 Discovery of Chicago:Review on Chicago World's Fair of 1893 and 1933
LI Yun
Book Review
72 Which Kind of Research Method is more Necessary for Us?:
On Reading Design Research Methods by Professor Li Lixin
Zhu Shuai
Teaching Archive
75 Research on the Teaching Strategy of“Indigenization and Cultural Translation”in Course of Design History and Theory
Zhou Chunhua
78 Beauty of the Engraving of Forging Bronze:
Reflections on the Teaching and Studying of the Engraving of Forging Bronze
Liang Chuan
80 The Design as an Activity:On the Practice in Design Education
Wang Yuan
83 Design Artistic Disciplines Higher"Project-driven"Structural Model of Curriculum Materials
Cheng Yang
Design Theory
86 Analysis of Product Experience Design in Service Economy
Liu Zhensheng&Bi Duo
88 “Image Thinking”and“Concept Thinking”In Design
Liao Hongyong
90 The Photo with“Flood Sweet Water”:
A Cultural Reading of Private Photography in Network
Yang Hao
Folk Art and Culture
92 The Head Ornament Art of Women’s Clothing In Yugu Nationality
Liu Haiyan
94 “Simple Straightforward and Worship Their Ancestors”:
Through the Dongan Folk Art View of its Traditional Thanksgiving Culture
Fan Xiaojian
97 Yulin“Chapao”Process Characteristics and Cultural Connotations
Zhang Yaojun&Li Yujie
100 Pat ern on Fuding Moon Cake Package and Its Local Culture Characteristics
Wang Xiaoge&Gong Xiaotian
102 The Dietetic Custom Hide In Luyou's“Phoenix Hairpin”
Gu Limin
104 Research of Multimedia Interactive Behavior Design
Zhang Wen&Fu Lin
106 The Inspiration from the Feature of Animal Structure for Packaging Form Design
Yang Maolin
History of Art and Design
108 Analysis on the Phenomen of Streamlined Design Style’s Generation and Prevail in present
Kang Lijuan
110 Demonstrating the Drawing Artistic Conception of the Humble Administrator’s Garden
Zhang Xiao'ou
112 Analysis the Origin of Honeysuckle Pattern in China From Xiangtangshan Grotto
Nie Shufa&Gao Jianjun
114 Discuss on Hunan Witchcraft Runes’Content Structure
Yan Kai
Case Study
116 From K-Boxing Logo Explore the Brand Image Redesign
Li Zhaole
118 Research on the Symmetry of the 2D Rapport Pattern and its Artistic Performance
Shen Yuan,Luo Jiewei&Chang Qinghua
120 The Fuzzy Values of Postmodernism and Its Infiuence on Dutch Moooi Design
Zheng Ziyun&Liang Xun
122 Analyzing the Crossover of Wanman’s Art
Shi Hui
125 The Discussion on Integration of Packing Design
Zhu Heping
127 Subsidiary Logo Analysis of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
Wang Tianming&Chi Qian
129 About Three Important Phases of Modern Packaging Design
Xu Chao&Liu Xiaolin
131 Discussion on Managing Design for Package in Design Karma Ideas
Hu Junhong
133 On Re-development Design Competence of Designer
Zhao Weijun&Zhang Fang
135 Mortise and Tenon is a Boundary Point of Technology&Arts
Qiu Zhitao
137 Cartoon Design in the Process of Globalization
Wang Meiyan
139 Ecological Design in the Post-modern Perspective
Peng Hui&Liu Wenliang
141 The Culture’s Effect to the Design and Aesthetics Construction
Sheng Zhongyi
143 The Discussion on Systemic Design of Packing Opening
Ke Shenghai


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