No.203 | March2010 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2010-06-24
News and Events
5 Exhibition Information,Competition Information,Industry News,Academy News
Yun Li
10 Overseas Information
Yue Junyao
12 Recommended Reading
Yun Li
Special Feature:Clarify the Green Design
15 Dialogue Concerning the Definition of Green Design
Edited by Zhao Hua
23 The Sustainable Practice of Urban Landscape:Interview Mr.Hu Jie,the Chief Designer of
the Beijing Olympic Forest Park
Interviewed by Zhao Hua&Zhu Liang Written by Zhu Liang
29 Millions of Worlds Are All of One Mind:AReport from the Global Village of Beijing
Interviewed by Zhao Hua&Huang Dequan Written by Huang Dequan
35 When the Green Design Becomes True
Gao Jing&Li Yanping
39 Puzzling and Surmounting:Step Out of Misunderstandings Surrounding Green Packaging
Liu Wenliang
International Scholars
44 Interactive Architecture Will Change Everything
Michael A.Fox Translator:Chen Xi
Exhibition on Paper
52 Writings of Designing in China
Curating on Paper:Zhao Hua Provided by Li Degeng,Jiang Hua,Hai Jun
Cities and World Expo
66 The 1876 Philadelphia World's Fair:Origin of the American Style
Li Jiang
Book Review
72 An Artist as a Thinker or Saint:A Commentary on Mark Rothko's Philosophy of Art
Dao Zi
75 In Deep Memory of Mr.Ikuo Hirayama
And a Letter Addressed to Madam Hirayama
Chang Shana
History of Art and Design
77 Research on the‘Square Shape’and‘Natural Shape’Feature of Inkstone Format
in Ming Dynasty
Liang Shan
80 The Compositive Forms andActive Characteristics of Contemporary GlassArt Studio
Zhou Jing
82 Comparison of China,Poland and Cuba's Poster in 1960s and 1970s
Zhang Jie
84 Finding Path of Arts and Crafts History and Theory:
Career of Mr.Tian Zibing's Academic Ideology
Gu Hao
86 The Historic Reform of European Children's Wear in the Late 18th Century
Chai Lifang
88 “Significant Form”:Qing Dynasty Palace PackagingArtAesthetic and Cultural Connotations
Liu Cheng
Design Theory
91 The Broken Pendulum:Reflections on the Theory Scale and Practice Mode of Slow Design
Shi Yuejun
93 Design Pattern Methods on the Digital Entertainment Design
Fu Zhiyong&Gao Ming
95 My Opinion about We Want Design,Not Artistic Design
Bai Tianyou&Qiao Jiansong
97 The New Media Art and Creation of Space Environment
Li Haibing&Zhang Wei
Folk Art and Culture
99 Study on Mongolian Baerhu Tribe Clothing Art
Bao Xiaolan
102 Dancing Colored Sculpture—An Analysis of the Characteristics of Tongliang Fiery Dragon’s Mould–Making
Qi Xu&Wang Shiji
106 The Investigation of Jingle Palace Statue in Wudang Mountain
Wang Zhanbei
110 Analysis of Wu River Valley Millstones Culture
Pan Dengfu
112 Ruyuan Yao Embroidered Tourism Product:Development Prospect and Design Strategies
Li Jieyi&Guo Honglei
Teaching Archive
115 Reflect on the Courses of the EnvironmentalArt and Design Expression
117 The Enlightenment of Color Beyond Visual:The Practice and Exploration During the Color of Teaching in Art and Design Professionals
Wang Jing
119 CoursewareAnalysis of“Character Design”in Online Class
Shang Yali
121 “Spin-off Style”and“Change-type”Clothing Structured Teaching Research
123 Wellbeing Lifestyle and Social Innovation:Strategic Design for Sustainable Society
Gong Miaosen
125 Research on Mobile Service Design for Particular Group of Users
Lin Xuefei&Song Lixin
127 Talk to City:The Design of Guide System in Expo 2010 Shanghai China
Lu Jinsheng&Xu Shan
Case Study
129 From“Volume”to“Space”:
An Analysis About the Form of Steel Construction Staircase and Its Functions in Interior Space Chen Xinye
131 Reflect on Guangzhou TV Tower as a Landmark
Zheng Xin
133 Beyond the Nine Tapestries:
Design Intention Analysis on the Le Corbusier’s Chandigarh Court Tapestries
Zhang Nan&Zhang Dan
135 Presentation of PAISLEY Pattern on Costume Graphic
Gao Dongmei
137 Research on Urban Public Drinking Fountain Design
Yang Ling&Zhang Mingchun
139 Soil Culture:Explaining the Project of Landscape Design for the Local Earth Dwellings of MazhaVilage,ShanshanCounty,Xinjiang


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