No.202 | February2010 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2010-06-24
News and Events
5 Exhibition Information,Conference Information,Industry News,Academy News
Yun Li
8 Overseas Information
Yue Junyao
10 Recommended Reading
Yun Li
Special Feature:Imitation and Creation
13 The Imitation and Creation in Design
Li Yanzu
16 Study on the Scenes of Imitation in the Imperial Gardens of Qing Dynasty
Jia Jun
22 Imitate Chinese Style:The Chinoiserie in Europe History
Yuan Xuanping
30 Analysis on“Imitation”Pattern of Japan Industrial Design(1945-1979)
Zhou Zhi
36 The Knock-off Design:
Grafting of Fake Public Opinion and Alienation of Grassroots Democracy
Zhou Rui
40 Considering Imitation and Creation,From the Viewpoint of Song Porcelain Imitating Ancient
Liu Jingjing
Scholar's Inquiry
43        The Traditional Style of Sewing Needles and Thimble
Yang Yang
Exhibition on Paper
48        Our Original Design
Zhao Hua
Provided by the Original Design Circle of Beijing Original Design Promotion Association
Cities and World Expo
60        Paris:The World Expo Tradition and the Spirit of Metropolis
Teng Xiaobo
66 In Memory of Wu Lao
Book Review
74 History From Looking Forward and Future From Looking Back:
Reyner Banham and His Theory and Design in the First Machine Age
Yuan Xiyang
Design Theory
76 Doing Without Thought,Recover the Simple and Come to the Nature:
Analyze the Design of Products in the Field of“Subconscious”Duan Peng
78 The Junction Between the Form of Traditional Chinese Painting and Modern Illustration Art
Chen Guili
80        The Cause of Synthesis Mural
82 Analysis on Emotional Need Code of Contemporary Design Style
Shang Huifang
84 The Motile Utility of Ad Media as the Context of Sign
 Hu Yirong
Teaching Archive
86 Interpret Credit System's Connotation and Denotation
 Feng Yang
88 Construction of Teaching Mode in Clothing Art History
Zhen Na
90 Teaching Research on Theme of Creative Fashion Design Training
Li Ling
92 Teaching Exploration on Window Design Based on Marketing Research on Brand
Ouyang Li
94        Auspicious Culture in the College of Visual Communication Design in Teaching Practice
Shi Shaobo
96 Continuation of Urban Memory:Exploration and Practice of Tangshan's Series Exhibition
Spaces Transformed from Industrial Old Plant Areas
Hao Weiguo&Yu Kun
99        Designing Memory Containers for Industrial Heritage Culture:
Continuation of Wuxi Industry Memory
Zhang Xian
Case Study
102 Discussion on Shape Grammer and Its Application in Industrial Design
Lu Zhaolin,Tang Wencheng&Xue Chengqi
104 Infringement or Fair Use:
Legal Analysis on the Problems of Sculpture Copy Picture
Zhao Shubo
106        Mental Appeal of Subconscious Consumption in Medical Packaging Design
Xu Yan
Folk Art and Culture
108 Analyzing the Phenomenon of the“Protruding Eyes”on Art Culture of White Horse Tibetan
Yu Yonghong
110  A Brief Analysis of the Impact of Guangdong Opera on Guangdong’s Foshan Paper-cutting
Yan Mingxia&Yan Chunlong
113 The Study on Characteristics of Window Iintel Decoration at Modern Houses in Zhongshan,
Guangdong Province
Wang Li
History of Art and Design
116 Commentary about The Studio of Zhiying
Du Bin,Qiao Jiansong&Shao Lin
118 Two Kinds of Patterns of Silk in Han Dynasty
Zhan Mengxia
120 The Gyan and Blue in Imperial Empress or Concubine's Informal Costumes of Qing Dynasty
Yang Fang
122 Melt the Spirit of Folk Art in Modern Design:the Design Idea of Yanagi Sori
Zhao Yunchuan
125 The Interior Design in Information Age:
Building Information Modeling and Its Application in Interior Design
Liu Liehui
127 Analysis on the Application and Development of Collage in Modern Graphic Design
Chen Youlin
129 Semioti Analysis in Creative Visual Advertising
Xia Haibin
131 The Exploration of Teaching in Creative Graphic Design
Su Yinhua
133 An Exploration of the Art Symbols of Jiangxi Nuo Mask
Wang Hong
135 Analyse the Application of Natural Elements in Package Design
Dai Dandan
137 Research on Innovating Mobile Phone Model Design
139 The Penetration of Traditional Culture in the Teaching of Three Fundamental Constructions
Zhu Mingtao&Liu Jingli
141 Red Chapter:A Tentative Probe into the Design Art of the Central Soviet Area
Yang Jianjun
143 Design Works by Chen Huizhao
144 Design Works by DingLei


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