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  • Update:2010-01-15
Special Feature:Interaction Design
News and Events
         Exhibition Information, Industry News, Academy News
             Yun Li
8          Overseas Information
             Yue Junyao
10        Recommended Reading
             Yun Li
Special Feature:Interaction Design
summery:Interaction design is not about products, but human behavior and the process of their  behaviors. It shows the changes of ideas and lifestyle in our information society, and also shows the expansion of the design vision. Interaction design has become an independent discipline since the 1980s in the west. With the development in the information age, its contents are still extending.
This issue contains the reports on interaction design of 5 speakers who attended the international conference in 2009 in
the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University, which will explain the topic by a series of discussions on the concept of interpretation, its history, and the actual dynamics in the enterprise.
13        Interaction and Experience:Summary of Beijing 2009 International Conference on Interaction Design
24        Interaction Design or Industrial Design:Interview with Freddy Anzures,Designer of Apple Computer Inc.
             Interuiewer:Wu Qiong&Li Yun Translator:Cao Cheng&Li Xin
30        Review and Prospect: Disciplinary Development of Information Design
             Lu Xiaobo
34        The Field and Boundary of Interaction Design
             Wu Qiong
International Scholars
38        The Aesthetics of the Impossible
             Kees Overbeeke, Caroline Hummels, Stephan Wensueen, Joep Frens and Philip Ross Translator: Zhao
49        SimpIe,Warm,Devotional:Dialogue with Li Xiaoyan, Design Director of "Fang Fang Fashion" 
             Editor: Wang Fang
Exhibition on Paper
54        Seats Designed Following Heart : “40 Chairs" Invitational Exhibition of World Renowned Designer's Works
             of the 4th "Design for Sitting"Provided by the Ninth Studio of Design Academy ,Central Academy of Fine Art
             Editor: Zhao Wenbing
Scholar’s Inquiry
64        Making Utensils to Imitate Cosmos, Preparing Objects to Meet Needs:Reflect on the Research of the
             History of Chinese Artistic Design
             Zhao Nong
Cities and World Expo
70        London: The Birthplace of World Expo
             Teng Xiaobo
78        Chinese Elements are not Necessarily Equal to Chinese Designs 
             Wang Rui
80        In Memory of My Teacher Quan Zhenghuan
             Tang Wei
Book Review
82        How the Xiaoxiang can be the Motif of Dissent?Revivification and Interpretation of Art History in the
             Interaction Between Poetry and Painting: Book Review on Poetry and Painting    
             in Song China: The Subtle Art of Dissent
             Qiu Caizhen
Design Theory
85        The Regional Expression of Ice and SnowArt
             Zhang Weiming
88        The Application of Intuition in Graphic Creation 
             Sun Xiuxia&Cui Ruojian
90        The Meaning of Checkered Pattern in Costumes 
             Zhu Xuyun&Wen Xuming
Teaching Archive
92        Teaching Research of Text Writing in Design
             Teng Xiaosong
94        Practical Teaching in Art Design from the View of Cultural Creative Industry
             Zhou Bin
96        An Analysis on Applying Figure Line Drawing to Fashion Drawing Education
             Wang Siqi
98        A Name Card of China:The Ticket Design of "EXPO 2010 SHANGHAI CHINA" 
            Min Jie
Case Study
100      The National Centre for the Performing Arts in the Perspective of Modernity
             Lei Ying & Xiao Hanjiang
102      Weaving Cities' Landmarks :TheAppearance and Connotation of New TV Tower and West Tower in
             Huang Suimin
Folk Art and Culture
104      Appreciation of the Art of Calabash in Xinjiang 
             Wu Shining
106      Traditional Baking Mode Workmanship of Zhangtian Village in Northern Guangdong 
             Xie Lin
108      Field Study of Miao Costumes in the West of Hunan 
             Jia Xizeng & Li Yngjun
112      The Implicit Symmetry of Traditional Female Headgear of Ethnic Zhuang 
             Shi Jianping
History of Art and Design
114      Half blooded Product of the Colonial Hong Kong: The CheongSam Wore by Suzie Wong
             Liu Yu
116      The Structure of History and Art History 
             Zhou Sizhong
118      The Art of Decoration of theTaocang Building in Han Dynasty 
             Cheng Wenguang
120      The Design of Fabric Structure and Patterns in Song Brocade 
             Miao Qiuju
122      The Eastward Veneration of Interior Arrangement in Ancient China 
             Zhan Heping
125      Reproduction of the Cultural Spirit of National Dress: From the Theme Design of Chinese Tunic Suit 
             Liu Yuanfeng
128      The Creativity of Fashion Advertisements, Derived From the Social Psychological Mechanism of the Popular
             Jia Ronglin
130      Castle on the Beach:Modern Life in the Fashion Graphic Design
             Zhan Kai
132      Information: As a Design Object
             Zhan Binghong
134      The Reality of Virtual Reality :The Core Concept of Digital Fashion 
             Ding Zhaochen
137      The Design Value of Secular Culture
             Guo Xiaoye
139      UK Fashion Forward-Looking:Observation And Reflection on British Fashion Education
             Xie Ping
141      Bounded Creativity: The Structural Analysis of Creation of Designers in Commercial System
             Zou You
143      Research on the Design Management of the Fast Profitable Fashion Industries 
             Li Zhe


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