No.200 | December2009 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2009-12-14
Special Scheme: From Arts& Crafts to Design
Information Space
5          Exhibition Information, Industry News , Academy News
             Yun Li
8          Plenary Meeting of ZHUANGSHI Editorial Board in 2009
             Li Yun
9          Overseas Information
             Yue Junyao
11        New Books 
             Yun Li
12        Congratulations for the ZHUANGSHl 200th Issue Celebration
Special Scheme: From Arts& Crafts to Design
Summery: China's design has come to a new stage. We must definite it by carding the concepts of design from beginning and interpreting the meaning of its academic content. "Arts and Crafts" and "art design" got produced in different historical periods and are affected by different regional cultures. They also act on each other.
This issue will talk something about the fact that its name change from the "Arts and Crafts" to "Art design", to show the development and situation of design now in the context of contemporary Chinese design culture.
16        From Arts & Crafts to Design
             Hang Jian
19        On the Names of Arts & Crafts and Design 
             Zheng Juxin
23        Translation of ZHUANGSHI
             Fang Xiaofeng
25        A Few Comments On the Concept of Arts & Crafts
             Zhu Xiaoyue
28        Survival in the Crevice: Design and Arts & Crafts,Wrong or Right?
             Zhuge Kai
31        Reflect on Arts & Crafts and Design 
             Zhu Peichu
36        We Want Design, Not Artistic Design 
            Tong Huiming
Focus: Bauhaus: 90 Years
39        From Bauhaus Heritage to Ulm Mode——Rethink the Relationship Between Ulm and Bauhaus 
             Gao Lu
42        What the Bauhaus left for the United States? What the United States left for the World?
             Zhang Hanyu
45        The Histroy of Bauhaus in China 
             Chang Xinxin&Jia Qiong
50        Dream Fulfilling Trips——Xunqin Pang's Trips to Peking 
             He Jie&Zhen Mingshu
China Creative Industry Park
54        Paying Three Visits to Redstar 35——Investigate Chengdu Cultural Creative Industrial Park
             Interviewed by Zhu Liang&Zhou Zhi Written by Zhou Zhi
Scholars’ Inquiry
62        The Southwest Wind First Blew in Middle-Earth一The Tibetan Buddhism Factors in Han Areas' Arts and Crafts During Yuan Dynasty
             Shang Gang
Exhibition in Paper
67        Contemporary International Poster Retrospective
             Provided by Jiang Hua&Zhao Jian
72        The Second Global Chinese Young Architects Award Winners Exhibition
             Provided by Architectural Creation Magazine Edited by Zhao Hua
Overseas Trend
80        Jane Rapley on Academic Education of Design
             Interviewer: Chen Anying&Zhu Liang  Translator: Li Xin
Case Study
87        Design of the New Generation Information-based Newspaper Kiosk Based on Industrial Design Syntax 
             Feng Gaohua
90        Research on User Experience of Immersive Web Navigation Design 
             Tang Min
92        Service Design for Social Networking 
             Ji Tie&Hu Ying
96        Qingdao Badaguan "Hua Shilou" Analysis of Architectural Forms and Decorative Features
             Li Yanjun&Du Lei
98        Study on the Display Design for Safety Education in Building Operation
             Zhou Yuelin
102      Origami Fashion Design Read from the View of Origami Art
             Cai Yangyong
104      Confronting the Society——Exploring the Design Philosophy of Gunter Rambow
             Liu Keren
106      Feasibility Study for Bringing Ceramic Art into Art Therapy
             Xie Xiaoming
Space of History and Theory
108      The Fashion of Ancient Chinese Scholars Dressing in Taoist Robe 
             Dai Geng
110      Influence of Sitting Posture's Changes on Design of Light Settings in Ancient Times From the Example of Bean-shape Lamp 
             Wang Qiang & Wu Wenyuan
113      Monumentality in Graphic Arts 
              Li Xiangwei
116      The Suspicion About the Saying of "without decoration" of the Duan Inkstone in Tang Dynasty 
              Liang Shan
Design Theory
118      The Significance of United Materials Information for Design Art
             Zuo Hengfeng
120      Search the "Constant" of Illumination Design 
             Li Chaoyang
122      China National Art Design and Traditional Philosophy 
             Miao Yanrong
124      Environmental Communication in the Design of Practical Application of Methods and Processes of Cognitive 
             Li Ke
126      The New Space of Book Design 
             Chen Xiaonan
Folk Customs and Art
128      Analyse the Old Village Forts in Yu County
             Tan Lifeng & Zhang Yukun
130      The Value of Exploiting South Fujian Fengshiye for Tourist Souvenirs 
              Liu Xiaohong
133      Culture Heritage and Protection of Colored Ribbon of She People
              Yu Haizhen, Qiu Huiling,Chen Xiaoqin & Xu Bing
136      The Artistic Form of Carved Gypsum Pattern in Xinjiang UygurArchitecture
             Shi Miaochun
Teaching Archive
138      The Pedagogics Legacy of the Bauhaus and the Contemporary Design Education of China
             Xu Congxian
140      A Shift From Painting to Design-ATeaching Experiment of Design Base
             Wang Yan
142      From the Design ABC to Professional Design一The Comprehensive Form Composition and Spatial Image Expression
             Wang Lide


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