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  • Update:2009-12-08
Special Scheme: Gothic Art
Information Space
         Conference Information, Industry News , Academy News
             Yun Li
         Dragon Design Festival 2009 Convoked in Dalian China
             Tian Jun
         Overseas Information
            Yue Junyao
11        New Books 
             Yun Li
12        Book Review
             Sun Xuefeng
Special Scheme: Gothic Art

Summary: Gothic is closely linked with the Medieval. It is a long period from the end of ancient Greece and ancient Rome civilization to the beginning of Renaissance, which is identified as "Dark Middle Age" by the artists developping Renaissance in Italy in the 15th century. The art produced in that time is called Gothic art.
 Issue No.199 shows something about Gothic architecture, costume, script, stained glass, film, which describes the aesthetic characteristics and cultural connotations of Gothic art.

14        The Power of Gothic Architecture: Plebification and Integrity
             Fang Xiaofeng
22        The Costume Culture in Gothic Age 
             Li Dangqi
27        Gothic Script
             Gu Xin
32        On the Aesthetic Fature of Gothic Art from Stained Glass
             Zhou Zhi
40        On the Gothic Movie Form 
             Han Xiao
Scholars’ Inquiry
46        The Analysis of the Song Dynasty Color Style
             Pang Qi & Li Yajie
Exhibition in Paper
52        Son of the Earth一The 20 Century(30-40s) on Behalf of the Exhibition of Hiunkin Pang Artworks
             Provided by Art Museum of Beijing Fine Art Acdemy
57        Perception "Boundary" Charm—Third International "Creative Future-Decorative Material Creation Camp"
             Written by Yang Dongjiang Edited by Zhao Hua
China Creative Industry Park
64        When Academy meeting The Creative Industries
             Interviewed by Teng Xiaobo&Zhao Wenbing Written by Teng Xiaobo
73        Remembrance of Mr. Hiunkin Pang
             Chang Shana
Space of History and Theory
74        Landscape Image and Areal Humanities History——Take the Case of "Chibi Image" 
             Hu Shaozong
76        Explore the Moire Patterns and Combinations in the Tippet in Modern Times
             Liang Huie & Hu Shaohua
78        Artistic Feature of Butterfly Pattern in Yongzheng Famille Rose Porcelain
             Ning Gang & Chen Hanqing
81        Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the Glasgow Tea Room Movement 
             Shi Lei
Design Theory
84        Analysis on Structure of Virtual Experience Design 
             Zhang Lie
86        Throne and Its Symbol一On Interpreting the Furnishing in a Court Sociological Way
             Gong Haoqin, Zhou Lan & Huang Shengbin
Teaching Archive
88        Confidence in Action,Wisdom in Inaction Exploratory Teaching of Exhibition Design As An Elective Specialty Course
             Huang Li Ping
90        To Integrate Netherlands Creation Style into China Practice Education of Industrial Design
             Zheng Ziyun & Liang Xun
92        A Research on The Blending" Sketch" uvith "Colouring" in Basic Design Teaching 
             Jiang Rui
94        Talk about Appearing in the Foundation Teaching of Design in the Comprehensive Material
             Chen Baoshan
96        Integrated Design Educational Practice in Multi-cultural Background——The Information of Industtial Design Teaching 
             Practice in Coventry University UK 
             Dai Duan
98        Diversity of The World-COCORE The Exchange of International Art and Design
             Liu Beiguang
100      The Experience and Discovery of Life Passed-Teaching Method of Art History Given for the Students Majoring in Design in
             Lan Chengkai & Wang Shuangyang
Design Practice
102      Application and Deign of the Color in Beijing Olympic Game's Image and Landscape
             Qian Zhe&Ni Gang
104      Exporing on the Book Form Design of Three Word Poems, One Hundred Family Names and One Thousand Essays to
             Xia Xiaoqi
Folk Customes and Art
106      The Appliance of Brocade in Tujia Ethnic Minority's Important Ceremonies 
             Fan Xiaojian
108      Exploration of decorative arts on Xincheng Mok's Chieftain Architecture 
             Dong Shunwei
110      On the Culture Feature of Y Nationdity's Traditional Folk Color in Liang Mountain 
             Huang Ping
112      The Symbols Connotation and Cultural Psychology with Silver Ornaments of Miao Nationality in The West of Hunan 
             Tian Aihua
Case Study
114      On the Dual-anxiety of Internationalization and Localization in Chinese Design一Example of Tokyo,Beijing and London's
             Olympic Logo Design  
             Luo Xiaohuan
116      Crossover Design in Graphic Advertising 
             Liu Jihong & Wan Xuan
118      Rational Aura in the Design of Folding Chair
             Zhang Yu
120      Discussion of Harmonious Design Between the Environment Recognition System and the Environment in Japan 
             Zheng Zhaohui
122      Expression of Color in Catering CareerApparel Nowadays 
             Li Liting
Characteristic of Colleges
125      On the Cultural Symbolic Implications of Dai Embroidery Pattern
             Xiao Yuchuang & Gou Shuangxiao
127      The Analysis of New Year Pictures in Liangping by Taine,Aesthetic Thought 
             Chen Jun
129      Deconstruction: the Innovation of Form and the Tradition of Avant-garde 
             Long Houqiang
131      Shalowly Discussing Mankind "Cave Feeling Knot” to Construct Space with Modem
             Luo Tanyu&Zhong Yuanbo
133      On the Creation Styles ofAnimation Artistic Short Movies 
             Ren Longquan
135      Talk about Painting the Reform in Education of Course on the Basis of the Hands of Environmental Thinking Ability Cultivation
             of Art Design 
             Wu Biao
137      Environmental Design Works by Wen Yaolong
138      Environmental Design Works by Huang Yi
139      Environmental Design Works by Wenjing
140      Environmental Design Works by Zhang Danping
141      Environmental Design Works by Wu Biao
142      Book Design Works by Zhou Ding
143      Graphic Design Works by Li Qin
144      Animation Design Works by Ren Longquan


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