No.177 | January 2008 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2009-12-03
Special Scheme: Clothing
Information Space
5          Exhibition Information, Conference Information, Competat Information, Academv News
             Mo Xiao
         Overseas Information
             Mo Xiao
10        New Books
             Mo Xiao
11        Book Review
             Huang Dequan
Special Scheme: Clothing
12        Man's Pants and Woman's Skirts一Gender Denotation of Clothes
             Li Dangqi
19        Earring in the Song and Yuan Dynasties
             Yang Zhishui
24        Design and Exploitation of Intelligent Clothing
             Zou Fengyuan
27        Techno一Fashion and Fashion Design
             Jiang Shouxiang
30        Basic Military Equipment一Training Uniform
             Su Yang and Zhang Xudong
31        PLA New Uniform Designs
             Xu Xinhe
35        “Black Style" and Contemporary Clothing Culture
             Zang Yingchun
38        Has the Time of Neutral Clothing Come?
             Li Wei
41        A Comparative Study of the Ideal Clothing Image in Chinese andWestern Traditionas 
            Jia Xizeng
Exhibition in Paper
44        Coming From Hemudu一The 2nd 2007 International Modern Lacquer Art Exhibition 
             Contributed by: The Arts and Crafts Department of The Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University
Scholars’ Inquiry
48        Report on Restoring the Robe with Dragon Pattern of Sanxingdui Standing Bronze Figure
             Huang Nengfu
Contemporary Figure
52        Placid, Healthy and Beautiful一Interview of the Design Director Liang Zi from "Providence·TANGY"
             Reporter: Zhu Liang
57        Prof. Qiu Ling, a Book Binding Expert and Educator with Excellent Intelligence and Morality一
             Seminar Record of Prof. Qiu Ling's Book Binding Art
             Deng Zhonghe
Overseas Trend
60        Interviewing Czech Glass Artist Radek Stehlik
             Reporter: Zhou Zhi Translator: Liang Shuxin
Annual Meeting on Design History
62        About the Annual Meeting on Chinese Design History Held in Shanghai 
             Hang Jian
63        Problems Concerning History of Chinese Arts and Crafts and of Chinese Design
             Hang Jian
50 Major Events
68        50 Major Events (1)
74        Memories of Poetry一My Encounter with Graphic Design
             Narrator: He Yanming   Recorded by: Zhu Liang
Improvisatory Thought
75        Looking at a Distance一Notes of the Ceramic Department of The American Rhode Island
             School of Design 
             Zhi Min
Design Theory
76        On the Beauty of Form
             Tian Zibing
78        TPO Rule and Man's Wear Design
             Liu Ruipu &Xie Fang
80        The Rhythm and Fluxion of "Line”一Expression of Linear Dress Design
             Ding Ying
82        In the Name of Sanctitude, Stateliness and Authority一The Gown and }g in Western Court
             Feng Fan
84        Influence of Regional Culture to Modern Packing Design
             Zhang Jie &Zhang Wei
86        The Artistic Language of Sectored Vogue Illustration 
             Yang Shuangfei & Zhu Mei
88        Visual Image and Diffusion Effect of Modern Commercial Circulation
             Zhang Xiaolan & Peng Cainian
Case Study
91        The Space Language Characteristics of Process Language一Analyzing the Design Concept of German "Cotibus Baltic Sea" Project
             Tan Hui
Folk Customes and Art
94        "Zha Ma Jiao"Shehuo
             Zhang Huaishui
97        Magnificent Ancient Constructions in the Ming and Qing Dynasties ——The Local Residence of
             Gaoyi Village
             Tang Wenlin & Zhang Zongfan
99        The Cultural Significance and Art Feature of the Painting "Cattle in Spring" from Li County
             Yu Yonghong
102      Thoughts on Chinese Arts & Crafts and its Possible Development in Contemporary Age一“Zhengze Embroidery" and Blue Printed Cloth in Nantong Demonstrated as the 
             Wang Ping & Wang Haigang
Space of History and Theory
104        The Evolution of Chinese and Western Military Uniforms and the Development of Man's Wear Culture
               Sun Suye
106        On the Characteristic of "Sensation and Sense Rolled into One” Displayed in Ancient Chinese Architectural Design
               He Xinwen
108        History on Body——Indian Saris and Other
               Zhang Xiaoxia
110        Chinese and Western Aesthetic Differences in Human Body Sculpture
               Li He
112        The Revival of Pate-de-Verre in Glass Art
               Xiao Tai
Design Practice
115        Decorate State Ceremony——A Survey of the Private Plane Building Design for the Capital Airport
               Ma Yixi
118        Reflection on Design Originality of Mascot
               Kang Bing
Teaching Archive
120        Introduce Design Art to College Education of Public Art 
               Huang Shan
122        Significance of Intuitive Painting in Design Education
               Shi Yuling
Characterristic of Colleges
125      MNS Mode of Cultivating Advertisement Design Professionals一Exploring Ways of Cultivating Advertisement Professionals of Design Art School of Hunan Business College
             Li Lifang
128      Constructing a New Platform of "Trinity" for the Teaching Practice of Art Design Major 
             Li Wei
130      Principles and Paradigms of Creating New Code of Non-language Advertising Symbols in Image
             Zhao Zhiming
132      About Constructing Games for Training Course of Advertisement Originality
             Wu Can
134      Exploring the Teaching Pattern of Advertising and Graphic Design 
             Tang Zhaohui
136      Packaging Design Combining Design Experience with Production
             Lu Jie
139      Design ofAnimation Characters一Mascot Design 
             Huang Meirong
140      Research into the New Course System of Interdisciplinary Advertising Education 
             He Huzhi
143      Logo Design by Wu Can
143      Advertising Design by Li Wei
144      Advertising Photography by Yu Jian
144      Sculpture Design by Yang Xiujin



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