No.178 | February 2008 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2009-12-03
Special Scheme: Dietary Aesthetics
Information Space
5          Exhibition Infomiation, Competation Information, Academy News, Conference Information
             Mo Xiao
10        Overseas Information
             Mo Xiao
12        New Books
             Mo Xiao
13        Book Review
             Huang Dequan
Special Scheme: Dietary Aesthetics
14        Diet Custom of Traditional Festivals
             Li Lulu
20        Through "Dining Space”-About the "Intangible Culture" of the Contemporary Design of Dining Environment 
             Wang Jiansong
26        Chinese Cuisine-Decorative Art of Taste
             Chen Guangxin
30        Purple Clay Teapot Craft of Yxing and Tea Culture
             Yang Fan
34        Pondering on Pottery-About the Design of Ceramic Eating Utensils 
             Li Zheng'an
38        "Depend on Old and Sell as New"Can Maintain a Long Time-On the Key Culture Value of Long Standing Food Stores Band
             Huang Wei & Zhang Yan
40        About Chinese and British Eating Manners in Ancient and Modern Time
             Li Wei
50 Major Events
43        50 Major Events(2)
48        Story of a Village, Licun——Zhang Ding & Wu Guanzhong's Life in Manual Labour
             Xi Jingzhi
Contemporary Figure
50        Beautiful Scenery againstAuspicious Clouds-Interview of Yao Yngjia, Vice President of Legend Group and General Director of Beijing Olympic Torch Design
             Reporter: Li Jiang and Zhou Zhi
54        Recollecting Mr. Cheng Zengbi
             Contributed by: The Academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua University and The School of Art and Design of Beijing Institute of Technology
Exhibition in Paper
56        ECOxDesign——Green Handbag, Fan and Packaging Cloth 
             Contributed by: Wu Yihua
62        Coca Cola Bottle and Olympic Games
             Contributed by: Chen Nan
Annual Meeting on Design History
66        Searching for History Debris and Piecing together Residues of Traditional Chinese Color Culture——On the Formation of Traditional Chinese Concept of Color
             Song Jianming
Design Theory
73        Modern Appeals of Chaoshan Culture and Local Design
             Han Ran & Wang Xiaosong
76        Multithreading Dialogues of New Media
             Zhan Binghong
79        Changes of `Morality' and `Sign': Analysis of Contemporary Jade Decoration Culture
             Zhu Yifang
82        Discussion of the Spirit of Chess Board Pattern
             Wen Xuming & Zhu Xuyun
84        Influence ofAbstractArtto Modern Fibre Art
            Sun Er
Case Study
86        Design for Urban Low Income Community: An Example of Junkman
             Hu Fei & Yu Xiao
88        The Epoch Demanding Pepsi's `Crazy Replacement' and its Marketing Motivation
              Fang Shengde
90        A Talk aboutthe Brand Design forthe Red Double Happiness Cigarette
             Liu Lu
92        A Brief Discussion of Han Character Design Influenced by Bird and Worm Script
            Wang Shulan
Folk Customs and Art
94        Investigation Report of Porcelain Inlay Handicraft Workshop in Chaoshan
             Wen Ping
97        Taste and State——Reflections over Protecting Traditional Culture of Stone Carving Art in Hui' an 
             Zhang Zhiwei
Teaching Archive
100      Exploring the Effectiveness of Teaching Furniture Design
             Fu Wentao
102      How to Cultivate Industrial Designers for Manufacture Industry Today
             Yang Ningbin
104      Explore the Teaching Methodology of Practice Course and the Reform of Curriculum System of Graphic Design
             Li Yuliang
106      A Talk about the Art Design Education in Comprehensive Universities
             Li Sha, Zhou Hong&Shi Jian
108      About American Art / Basic Design Course Reviews
             Zhang Baimeng&Zheng Shuyang
Design Practice
110      Product Design Based on Market Research
             Yang Lin
112      Research of the Sense of Happiness of Product Design
             Lu Chunli
114      You're the Magician-About Creating Illustrations for Children
             Tang Xiaoying
Space of History and Theory
116      Brush Pen and Hair Pen
             Li Zhenggeng
118      On the Baby Pillow in the Song Dynasty and the Jin Period
             Wang Junying
120      Explanation of the Art Symbol of the Gold Toad with 3 Feet
             Wu Wei & Zhang Xiaohua
122      Architectural Adornment of Guangxiao Temple and Buddhist Image Art of Lingnan
             Zhang Jinhui
Characterristic of Colleges
125      A Comparative Study of Chinese and Foreign Inner Space Design of Subway Train
             Dong Shiyu
128      Constructing Information Architecture-User Interface Design
             Dong Lei
130      Preserving and Reconstructing the Cultural Heritage in Historical and Cultural Protection Zones-Landscape Protection and Renewal Design for the Historical and Cultural          
             Protection Zone of the Kuanzhai Lane in Chengdu
             Tang Liying
132      On the Humanity of Product Design
             Xu Yongsheng
134      Ecological Principles of Product Design
             Zhang Jing
136      Analysis of Color and Lighting Factors in Designing the Inner Space of Passenger Train
             Zhi Jinyi
138      Graphic Design by Hou Bing
139      Graphic Design by Vllan Xuan
140      Product Design by Vllang Chao
141      Product Design by Xiang Lixin
142      Environmental Art Design by Hu Jianzhong
143      Xu Bochu's Design
144      Luo Xiaochong's Design



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