No.179 | March 2008 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2009-12-03
Special Scheme: Residence
Information Space
5          Exhibition Information, Competation Information, Academy News, Conference Information
             Mo Xiao
8          Overseas Information
             Mo Xiao
10        New Books
             Mo Xiao
11        Book Review
             Teng Xiaobo
Special Scheme: Residence
12        Thoughts over "Residence"
             Zheng Shuyang
16        Thoughts over Design of Display Art
             Pan Wuhua & Qiu Xiaokui
20        Criticizing and Inheriting Dwelling Place——A Cultural Comparison of Courtyard Residence
             Fang Xiaofeng
26        Who said Garden was not home?——Analyzing the Living Space of Li Palace in the Qin Dynasty
             Jia Jun
31        Study of the Inner Space Allocation for Small and Medium-Sized Apartments
             Zhou Yanmin
36        Some Themes About Residence
             Chu Xianfeng
40        Don't Ignore the Middle-income Layer's Residence Demand
             Gu Yunchang
Exhibition in Paper
42        Works of "The Poster Exhibition of 100-Year Olympic Games"
             Contributed by Beijing Capital Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum
48        Reviewing as well as Learning Afresh——50 Years of Art & Craft Design Department, College of Design,Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art
Overseas Trend
54        What Can We Learn from the Past?
            (GB)John Heskett  Translated by Li Yun
Annual Meeting on Design History
60        Design, Education and History——Ten-Year Experience of the Design College of Practice University
             An Yuqian
50 Major Events
67        50 Major Events(3)
72        My Teacher me
             Li Mianlu
Improvisatory Thought
73        Civilization of the Age and Architectural Landscape
             Zhou Hongzhi
Design Theory
74        The Rational Tendency of Localized Interface Design
             Tang Bin
77        Penetrate into the Chinese Urban Color and Color Culture
             Jia Jingsheng
80        Traditional Furniture of South Korea
             Chu Wenli
83        Robe with Strand and Strip and Modern Costume Design
             Zhang Fanrong
86        Design of Bridge Color and its Harmony with Urban Environment
             Guo Liang
Teaching Archive
88        Analysis and Discussion of Several Excitements in Teaching Sketch Design
             Song Qiming, Zhang Xiong and Kuang Vlleiguo
90        Discussion of Teaching the Basic Course of Landscape Color
             Li Shangjie & Li Ji
92        The Exploration and Reform in Teaching Costume Design
             Luo Yng
94        The Exploration of Designing the Color Course for the Major
             Sun Xiaoli
Design Practice
96        Study of Paper Material Applied in Female Vlledding Clothes
             Li Chen
Space of History and Theory
98        On the Backlight Design of Dazu Stone Sculpture
             Long Hong
100      On the Necessity of Booming Modern Jingdezhen Decorative Porcelain Painting
             Xiong Wei
102      The Research State of Design History: Problem and Possibility
             Wang Zhiqiang
104      Analysis of the Robe during the Vllarring States Period
             Wang Yue
106      Origin ofTubo Gown with Big Lapels
             Xie Jing
Case Study
109      Light and Residence ——A Case of Creating Objects
             Yan Xiaoye
112      The Face of Los Angeles一The Pop Art of Edward Ruscha in 1960s
             Li Yun
116      A BriefAnalysis of Italian Modern Church Design
             Jia Weiyang
Folk Customes and Art
118      Best Demonstration of Function Being Beauty一Chenlu Ancient Civilian Residence in Shaanxi Province 
             Dong Jing & Zhang Fuhu
120      Inquiry into the Architectural Sculpture Art of Rongmei Chieftain Stone Plinth in Hefeng of Hubei Province
             Jin Hui
122      A Study of Shamanist Costume Art
             Kang Jianchun
Characterristic of Colleges
125      Bauhaus and Modernity
             Huang Ru
128      About the Relationship between Graphic Symbols and PrintAD Structure
             Yi Zhimin
130      Residential Space Design Varying from Person to Person
             Su Wu & Wang Zao
132      Create Situational Spirit of Urban Landscape——An Example of Landscape Transformation for Jiefangbei Vllalking Street of Chongqing City
             Shi Yongting
134      Principle of Expression via Objects——Analyzing Packaging Design of Tourist Commodities
             Yu Lan
136      Packaging Design of Tourist Commodities Influenced by Folk Art
             Hu Xianming
138      The "New Continent" of Animated Cartoons——The Status Quo of Developing Derivative Products of Animated Cartoon and The Higher Education ofAnimated Cartoon Confronted
             with Challenges in China
             Luo Wenqian
140      The Visual Communication Design Thought in the Traditional Chinese Culture of "Language, Image and Suggestion"
             Luo Xiaohuan
142      Sound of Dashed Line——Exploring the Language of Modern Decorative Line
             Lu Zheng



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