No.180 | April 2008 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2009-12-02
Special Scheme: Transportation
Information Space
5          Exhibition Information, Competation Information, Academy News, Brief News, Conferencelnformation
             Mo Xiao
9          Overseas Information
             Mo Xiao
10        New Books
             Mo Xiao
11        Book Review
             Yan Xiaoye
Special Scheme: Transportation
12        City ofAutomobile
             Liang Wen
16        20, 60&70——The Times Characteristics ofAuto's Style Design
             Wang Bo
20        The City Image Influenced by Track Transportation
             Yang Yu & Hu Rong
26        Wheel: The Core of Ancient Wooden Vehicle
             Dai Wusan
30        Analysis of the Functional Characteristics ofAncient Chinese Vehicle
             Hu Weifeng & Zhao Jianghong
34        About Inner Space Design for Trains
             Fu Zhiyong, Zhang Lie & Wu Qiong
38        The Track of Bicycle
             Huang Dequan
Exhibition in Paper
40        In Praise of Folk Beauty-On "Splendor Shared by the Heaven and the Earth: Exhibition of Best New Year
             Pictures and Kites Collected by China Art Gallery"
             Zhou Jia
Overseas Trend
48        LaCONES (Laboratory for the Conversation of Endangered Specials) at Hyderabad
             Shirish Beri Translated by Yu Tian
Improvisatory Thought
52        Travel to Europe
             Wang Rui
54        An Unforgettable Tour of Collecting Information to Xinjiang
             Yuan Jieying
Annual Meeting on Design History
56        Expansion&Deteriorate一The Contemporary Crisis of Design Education in China
             Tong Huiming
50 Major Events
64        50 Major Events(4)
Design Theory
69        Inheritance and Innovation ofTraditional Color in Interior Design
             Lin Gang
72        "Business Card of Culture" of City一The Theme, Language and Environment of City Sculpture
             Cheng Liankun
74        Dissimilation of Han Character and Modern Graphic Design of Advertisement
             Zhang Xian
76        Brief Analysis ofApproaches in Representing Original Handwriting
             Fang Hua
78        Design back to Life一Thoughts over Book Binding Design
             Sun Wei & Sun Ming
80        Talk about the Piloting Significance of Contemporary Concept Design of Book Binding
             Fan Xiaochun
Fruits of Subject Research
82        Typological Analysis of Hutongs in Old Urban Areas of Beijing
             Chen Sui & Cai Fengnian
84        Environmental Evolution of Beijing Quadrangle Courtyard
             Li Ruijun
87        The Historical Destiny of Beijing Quadrangle Courtyard——Look at the Protection and Development of
             Beijing Quadrangle Courtyard from Architectural Typology
             Ni Yuehong
Teaching Archive
90        On the Teaching and Learning of Modern Advertisement Design
             Wang Yan
92        Thoughts over Original Approaches of Decorative Graphic Language
             Luo Jiangmei
94        Exploring Innovative Education on the Course of Originality Training
             Liu Chunhua
96        Reinterpretation of Design Sketching
             Huang Ynkai
Design Practice
98        Making Classification with Genera and Species ——Visual Feature and Semantic Feature in Automobile
            Chen Xiantao & Zhao Danhua
100      The Research of Service Design for Mobile Phone
             Ye Dehui
102      Old Looks Replaced by NewAppearances一Transforming the Old Fashioned and Small-sized Residence
             at Hanrunli in Wuhan
             Zhao Meng
104      On Establishing a Rating System for Animated Cartoons in China 
             Gong Tao
Space of History and Theory
106      Shen Congwen and Zhuangshi
             Wang Ren
109      Analysis of the Culture of Literati Residence-Example of Classical Suzhou Gardens
             Wang Zemeng & Ji Xiong
112      Preliminary Study of the Colored Flying Fairies Painted in Daxiong Hall of Fengguo Temple in Yi County
             of  Liaoning Province in the Liao Dynasty
             Bai Xin
114      The Craft and Art Feature of Modern "Luoyang Tricolor Glazed Pottery"
             Yi Yudan
116      A Second Skin-Frida Kahlo and Tehuana Costume
             Chen Kun
118      Phenomenon of the Decorative Whirl Patterns on Colored Pottery Producing a Sense of Movement
             Wang Nan
120      Decorative Character & Chinese and Vllestern Combined——Analysis of Lin Fengmian's Painting Style
             Han Lichao
Case Study
122      Experience of Visual Harmony一The Landscape Lighting of Piazza del Campidoglio in Rome
             Wang Jing & Zhang Qi
124      Analysis the "Dragon Pattern" in Modern Chinese Logo Design
             Liu Jin
126      Ascertain the Hongkong Doll Brand of TOY2R
             Gao Wei
128      The Essential Significance of the Layout Design ofAmerican Urban Transportation System in
             Environmental Art
             Li Vlleiqing
130      Exploring the Fashion Design forAuto Models
             Lu Min
132      The Form Characteristics of Balconies with Complex Multi-dimensional Space in the City of Chongqing
             Deng Yng
Folk Customs and Art
134      Pictorial Language of Hakka一Deconstructing the Decorative Art of "Skylight Grandfather"in Shixing's
             Enclosure Building 
             Zhong Yngming & Li Jieyi
136      Research of the Female Images on the Folk Woodcut of New Year Pictures in the Qing Dynasty
             Yuan Zhoufei
139      A Tentative Discussion of the Connotation of the Kitchen God Image一Example of the Kitchen God Image
             from New Year Pictures of Vllei County
             Liu Shaoniu
141      Analysis of the Space Form of the Immature Soil Residence in Mazha Village
             Li Qun



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