No.181 | May 2008 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2009-12-02
Special Scheme: Modernity
Information Space
5          Exhibition Information, Competation Information, Conference Infomiation, Academy News
             Mo Xiao
         Overseas Information
             Mo Xiao
10        New Books
             Mo Xiao
11        Book Review
             Zhou Zhi
Special Scheme: Modernity
12        Modernity: A Critical Perspective in the Research of Design History——Reread Charles Baudelaire's
             Painter of Modern Life
             Xu Ping
15        Modernity and IndependentArt
             Yang Quanqiang
18        Art Production and Globalization——Olafur Eliasson's Studio in Berlin
             Philip Ursprung  Translated by Li Yun
24        A Brief Discussion of Art Modernity
             He Qing
26        "Made in China" and Distinct Modernity-An Interview with ScholarVllang Hui
             Reporter:Fang Xiaofeng,Chen Anying & Tian Jun
30        Image of Modern China in the New Media Art-Interview of New Media Artist Jin Jiangbo
             Reporter:Fang Xiaofeng,Chen Anying & Zhao Wenbing
33        Urbanism of China and the Modernity of Design——Interview ofArchitect Wang Hui
             Reporter:Wang Xiaomo
36        Reflect the Modernity of Modern Architecture in China-Interview of Pro. Wu Yaodong,Architectural
             Design&Research Institute,Tsinghua University
             Reporter:Wang Xiaomo
39        From Painting to Modern Film&TV Art-Interview of Wang Honghai,the Associate Dean of Beijing Film
             Reporter:Zhu Liang
42        Leave Hope to Future-Interview of Artist Feng Jiali 
             Reporter:Pu Hong & Yan Xiaoye
Scholars’ Inquiry
44        Flowers Blossoming in Spring and Sunglow Rising at Dawn——Preliminary Discussion of the Color of
             Arts&Crafts in the Tang Dynasty
             Shang Gang
Exhibition in Paper
52        Classic Design of kukkapuro——From “ kukkapuro 50th Anniversary Retrospective Exhibition”
             Fang Hai
58        Mental Vision: From Caspar David Friedrich to Contemporary German Painting 
             Xu Hong
50 Major Events
65        50 Major Events(5)
Annual Meeting on Design History
70        The Theory and Approach of Comparative Design Study
             Zheng Juxin
Overseas Trend
74        Speechless Beauty and Traceless Love——About Prof. Cui Ronggen of Republic of Korea
             Huang Wei
Improvisatory Thought
78        Creation and Individuality -the Vlleek of Art at Munich Academy of Fine Arts
             Shen Jie
80        Clear as Vllater and Close as Family——Recollection of the Affection between Students and Teachers in
             the 1950s
             Huang Nengfu
Design Practice
81        Dynamic Character Design in Digital Media
             Sun Wei
84        "Biotic" Design Applied in Female Dress Adornment
             Qian Hao & Zhou Xiaoru
86        Categorization of the Visual Form of Map Symbol
             Ling Shanjin & Huang Shuling
88        The Fun of Self-Assembling——Thinking and Design ofArtistic Ceramic Tile 
             Fu Chuan
Design Theory
90        On the Uncertainty of Contemporary Space Border
             Cui Xiaosheng
93        The Function of Material for Clothes
             Yang Jing
96        On the Relationship between the Interactive Online Advertisement and the Client Experience
             Li Wei
Case Study
98        The "Pleasure" Principle of BaK一Review of Classic Designs on Electronic Reading 
             Fan Chuan
100      Interior Pilot System Design——Example of IKEA
             Ma Zhongjun, Wu Hao & Fu Jie
102      The Brand Principle of Denmark "Royal Copenhagen" Porcelain
              Fan Qiyang
104      Discovery of Inner Space——Steven Vlleinberg's Glass Art in the Late 20th Century 
             Cao Jian
106      Acquiring Orientation in a Special Context——Landscape Designer Vllei Xiaowei from the
             West of China Integrating the Original Environment
             Sun Ge
Teaching Archive
108      Research of the Adaptability of the Basic Course on Product Design Form
             Zheng Jianqi & Tang Jun
110      Considering the Relationship between Public Art Theory Education and Discipline
             Yu Yuxia&Yu Xiaoping
112      Decoration Foundation in the Development of Modern Design
             Zheng Tiehong
Folk Customs and Art
114      The DecorativeArt of Folk Residence's Chito in Shanxi 
             Xue Linping & Liu Ye
Space of History and Theory
118      Study of the Economic Background of Embroidery and Silk Weaving in the South of Yangtze River in the
             Ming and Qing Dynasties
             Yang Lei & Liu Donghua
120      Cup and Jar of the Liao Dynasty
             Zhou Weixing
122      The Influence of the 17th Century Dutch Paining to Ceramics Development
             Liu Qiangong
Characterristic of Colleges
125      Exploration Practice of Sustainable Development of Design Education 
             Feng Shu
128      Chain of Roles——Reconsidering Constructing the Indus4ial Chain of Chinese Animated Cartoon
             Liu Pingyun
130      Animation Psychology Research and itsApplication in Industrialized Cartoon Development
             Huang Shuzhong
132      Characteristics of the 3D Cartoon with Abstract Roles 
             Chen Zanwei
135      Space Molded by Voice 
             Lin Hong
138      Reflections on the Teaching of Brand Packaging 
             Guo Xiangqian
142      Decorative Elements in Japanese Dry Landscape Garden 
             Wan Xiaoning


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