No.182 | June 2008 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2009-12-02
Special Scheme: Dunhuang Conservation
Information Space
         Exhibition Information, Competation Information, Academy News, Conference Information
             Mo Xiao
8          Overseas Information
             Mo Xiao
10        New Books
             Mo Xiao
11        Book Review
             Huang Dequan
Special Column of Earthquake
12        Talk about Design of Earthquake-resistance
Special Scheme: Dunhuang Conservation
16        Dunhuang Standing Forever一Exploring the Preservation of Dunhuang Grotto
             Fan Jinshi
22        Summary of Dunhuang Grotto Preservation
             Dunhuang Academy China
28        Heavenly Decoration一Investigating the Early DecorativeArt of Dunhuang Grotto 
             Zhao Shengliang
34        Fresco Making of Dunhuang Grotto during Beiliang in Beiwei Dynasty
             Ma Yuhua
40        The Copying of Dunhuang Fresco
             Zhao Junrong
Contemprary Figure
45        On the Way一About Mr. Fan Jinshi, Director of Dunhuang Research Institute
             Xie Zhijuan
Exhibition in Paper
48        Visit of "Prosperity and Harmony一The Great Exhibition of Dunhuang Art"
             Xin Yi
Scholars’ Inqiry
54        Analysis of the Image Evolution of King of Heaven and Tbetan King in Yulin Grotto No. 15
            Xie Jisheng
50 Major Events
62        50 Major Events Afterword      
             Wang Xiaomo
Annual Meeting on Design History
66        Constructing the Block of Chinese Design History in World Design History
             Qian Fenggen
Improvisatory Thought
68        Independent Innovation and Brand Management of Chinese Daily-Use Ceramic一ThoughtArising from
             the Penalization of Chinese Ceramic
             Chen Qi
70        Reflections on Design
             Chen Hanmin
Case Study
71        Character Design Ideas of Japanese Cartoon一The Significance of "Detail Design" for Character Image-
             Hao Xin&Chen Lidan
74        The Ecological Building Designed by Thomas Herzog 
             Hou Yi
76        Study of Localized Refrigerator Design 
             Yan Zhaohua
78        Ceramic Sculpture Art of Patti Warashina 
             Zhang Hua
80        Deconstructionism in Posters——Poster Design by Shen Haopeng 
             Ran Yingbin
82        Image Banquet一Thoughts over the Extended Design of Visual Image Identification of Food and Drink
             Song Song
Design Practice
84        Representation of Appropriately Simple Image in Poster Design 
             Pei Jiong
86        Client-Based Image Design一About the Establishment of "IT GOODS"
             Deng Huihua
Design Theory
88        Twenty Years of Twenty People一Aesthetic Change of Dress Adornment Color in Chinese Transitional
             Li Liting
92        Diversification of Value and Innovation of Industrial Design
             Liu Jikun
95        The Concept of "Harmony of Heaven and Man" Misinterpreted by Contemporary Design
             Zhou Haoming
98        The Visual Symbol and Understanding of Posters in the Cultural Revolution Period
             Zhou Yuji
Teaching Archive
100      Discussion of the Teaching Mode for "Dress Structure Design''
             Zhi Xiaolei&Zhang Wenbin
102      Several Problems in Teaching Graphic Design to College Students
             Wu Feifei
104      Female Design and Design Education
             Wei Shina
106      Innovation from London一Interview with Prof. Keith Bardon, from University of the Arts London 
             Tang Wanting
Space of History and Theory
110      Investigating the Meanings of the Hill Shape Hat and the Sawtooth Pattern in Han and Jin Periods
             He Zhiguo
112      The Decorative Craftsmanship of Bronze Cup in the Western and Eastern Han Dynasties
             Tian Xu
Folk Customs and Art
114      Study of the Window Decoration and Stone Carving in the Courtyard of Zhang's Family in Qianjiang
             Yu Jiping
117      Analysis of the Decoration Connotation of the Ritual Implement and Dress Adornment of Qiang Minority
             Zhang Ben
120      Religious Paintings ofYi Minority in Liangshan
             Zhou Hongming
122      Analysis of Paper-cut by Wang Jiru 
             Li Cuilin & Dong Yfang
Characterristic of Colleges
125      Cognition Basic of Product and Product Design
              Liu Jie
128      Teaching Principles and Approaches for the Graduation Course of Fashion Design
             Jia Yun
130      The Naturalness Tendency in the Design of Human-Computer Interface 
             Pan Yongliang
132      Investigating the Comprehension Degree of Public Emblems一Analysis and Re-design of Subway Public
             Symbols in Guangzhou
             Xiang Fan
134      Terminal for Success of Enterprise一Creating Experience Identification Design for a Brand
             Wang Tao
137      Interactive Resources in Design一A Retrospect and Reflection upon the Teaching of "07 Graduation
             Design Camp" of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
             Yang Yan
140      Discussion of Teaching "Ready-to-Wear Industry"
             Zhang Zhaomei
142      The Relationship between Concept and Design Ideas Perceived from Designing V2 Multimedia Sound
             Yu Hansheng
144      Graphic Design Works of Deng Yuan


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