No.183 | July 2008 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2009-12-02
Special Scheme: Design Servival
Information Space
5          Exhibition Information,Competation Information,Academy News, Conference Information
            Mo Xiao
8          Overseas Information
             Mo Xiao
10        New Books
             Mo Xiao
11        Book Review
             Teng Xiaobo
Special Scheme: Design Servival
12        The Future of Design Business一Analyzing Several Design Modes in Guangzhou and Shenzhen 
             Hai Jun
16        Analysis of the Survival Condition of Fashion Designers in Beijing 
             Zou You
20        Theme Forum on "Design Survival"
24        Survival does not only Mean Making a Living一Enlightenment of the "Design Survival" Questionnaire
             Zhou Zhi
27        Interview Record on "Design Survival"
Annual Meeting on Design History
38        The Material Life of "Schematic Design"一On the Correlation of Chinese History of Advertisement and of
             Lu Yng
Exhibition in Paper
42        Synthetic Age: Media Art China 2008一International Exhibition of New Media Art
             Contributed by China Art Gallery
Overseas Trend
50        Media Art needs Histories and Archives
             Oliver Grau Translator: Sun Yuanyuan
Contemprary Figure
62        The Impact and Circumstances of New Media Art一Interview of Zhang Ga, Planner of "Synthetic Age:
             Media Art China 2008一International Exhibition of New Media Art"
             Reported and Edited by Zhu Liang&Li Yun
50 Masters
65        50 Masters(1)
Improvisatory Thought
70        Younger Design Full of Humanity一Analysis of the"2007 Seoul Design Week" 
             Ren Saisai
72        Recalling the Rehearsal of Water Lily Dance
             Li Mianlu
Case Study
73        Product Design Endowed with Charm by Material Innovation一Introduction of Droog, a Contemporary 
             Design Team from Holland 
             Lin Lin
76        Information Categorization in Visual Guidance Design一Example of Schiphol Airport
             Lian Xiaoxiao
78        Inspired by the Guidance System Design at Cologne and Bonn Airports 
             Wang Hui
80        Perplexity about Barbie's Identity一Doll Design Orientation in the Field of Culture
             Bai Tianyou
82        Aesthetic Features of the Sunglass Fad from the Perspective of Accepting Aesthetics
             Wu Jiantao & Sun Li
Design Thoery
84        Design of Green Partition on Road and Traffic Hidden Danger
             Zhang Hongxun & Zhang Chunhua
86        Historical Evolution of Car Headlight Shape 
             Zhao Xinjun, Zhang Ningning & Liang Dongming
88        Investigating the Character Features of Dress Adornment 
             Liu Xu
90        Development Strategies for Local Chinese Enterprises on Cultural Originality
             WangHuailiang & Liu Gui
93        Display Form Symbol and Express Emotional Originality 
             Mai Xianyue & Zhang Junzhu
Space of History and Theory
96        Wonderful Alteration of Dazu Stone Sculpture Demonstrated by "Prince Nice Dragons Showers by"
             Wang Lingjuan
98        Development and Decoration of Hand-Written Copy in the Carolingian Dynasty
             Wang Meiyan & Lai Shouliang
100      Research of the Stone Horse Sculpture Art along the Sacred Path of the Mausoleum in the
             Southern Song Dynasty in Dongqianhu of Ningbo
             Zhou Jingchong & Hu Chengming
Design Practice
102      Romantic Fleelings Expression一The Design of Hangzhou "Seven Colour Tunny Seafood Restaurant” 
             Wang Mei
104      Logic Correlation between Hand Brush Work and Virtual Digital Design
             Liu Yongjian
Teaching Archive
106      Bruner's Representation System and Courses on Art Design History and Theory
             Wang Jun
108      Discussion and Experiment on Teaching Packaging Design Centering on "Regional Cultural
             Background and Innovative Competence Cultivation"
             Peng Lingyan
110      The Importance of Form and Space Consciousness in the Teaching of Design Sketch
             Xu Gang
Folk Customs and Art
112      The Development and Origin of Modern Lace Handicraft Industry in Linzi
             Tang Aiqing&Sun Baoqin
114      Reproduction and Representation: the Drama Sculpture of Dongyang Woodcarving
             Gong Qinyin
116      Industrialization and Development of Iron Painting in Wuhu
             Zhang Guobin
118      Moral Lesson and Aesthetic Trend of Xinjiang Decorative Patterns in the Background of Islamic Culture
             Wu Shining
120      A Shallow Discussion about the Decorative Culture of Chao-shan Folk Dwellings
             Wu Zongmin
122      Ancient Folk Dwelling in Minqing, Fujian一the Aesthetic Feature of Honglincuo Decoration
             Fu Baoji
Characterristic of Colleges
125      From Jiang Danshu to Zheng Chang一Influence of Evolution Theory on the Historical Account ofArts and 
             Crafts in the early Republic of China
             Gao Yang
127      Discussion of the Design Adaptability of Gambiered Canton Gauze
             Li Weixian&Shi Yanming
130      Ambition behind the Romantic Chinese Landscape一Analysis of British "Willow Pattern" in the 19th 
             Guan Xiaohui
132      The Development of Logo Design for Chinese Banks Influenced by Post-Modernism
             Peng Yanxia
134      Discussion of the Mutual Dependence between the Setting and the Character in the Cartoon of "The Hare
             and the Tortoise"
             Wu Zhuyuan & Pan Xianglong
136      Surpassing the Design for Packaging——Understanding the New Era of Japanese Packaging Design 
              Luo Zhehui & Yang Jing
138      Integration and Presentation一About the Islamic Element of Yongxuan Blue-and-White Porcelain
              jiang Tao
141      Environmental Design by Huang Xin
142      Fashion Design by Jin Hui
143      Fashion Design by Yan Yan and Zhong Haiqin
144      Environmental Design by Wu Zongjian


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