No.184 | August 2008 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2009-12-01
Special Scheme: Design For Olympic Games
Information Space
5        Exhibition Information, Academy News, Competition Information, Conference Information
Mo Xiao
8Overseas Information
Mo Xiao
10New Books
Mo Xiao
11Book Review
Zhou Zhi
Special Scheme: Design for Olympic Game
12Olympic Games and Art & Design Development of the Vllorld 
Chen Nan
16Grasp the Chance and Focus on the Root一Yu Xiaoxuan, Deputy Head of the Environment and Engineering Commission of the 29th Olympic Committee, Talking about Green Olympics
Reporters: Zhou Zhi & Vllang Xiaomo
19All About Green一The Heritage of the Sydney Green Olympic 
Zhao Vllenbing
22Review the Old to Create the New-Technology Development and Design Innovation Promoting Olympic Games to a Higher Level 
Li Jiang
26Design underthe Five Rings一Olympic Design and Humanistic Spirit 
Tian Jun
32The Changes of Sports Image in the Visual Communication Design of Modern Olympic Games
Teng Xiaobo
38Storiette of the Olympic Games and Design 
Zhou Zhi
Exhibition in Paper
42Selected Official Posters of The 29th Olympic Games
Scholars’ Inquiry
45Modern Sports and Sportswear in the Vllest 
Li Dangqi
Contemporary Figure
52Make it a Success by Difficulties and Hardship一Interview of Xiao Yong, Chief Designer of 2008 Olympic Medals
Reporter: Tian Jun
56Interview of Roger Pfund
Reporters: Vllang Xiaomo & Zhao Vllenbing
Overseas Trend
60Traveling Freely between Art and Design一On "Pfund Beijing 2008" Exhibition"
Yuan Bo
Annual Meeting on Design History
64The Historiographical Consciousness ofArt Design History 
Zhao Nong
50 Masters
7050 Masters(2)
Improvisatory Thought
75Number of Horse Mane一Discussion of Ancient Thought on Simplicity 
Dai Wusan
76A Hedge between Keeps Friendship Green一Summary of "College Symposium on Pattern Design Teaching-Forum on Pattern Design Theory"
Zhuge Kai
Case Study
78Tool, Industrial Design and Technology Competence一Recording the Tool Making Master, Olavi Linden 
Fang Hai
82Perfect Combination of Function, Structure and Form一The Design Concept of Zhigu Bridge in Tianjin 
Liu Chengyin & Liu Vllei
84The Disorder of the Animated Cartoon Industry in China Reflected by Stopping the Show of The Legend of Seven Knights of Rainbow Cat and Blue Rabbit 
Yang Gang
86The Gene CultureApplied in theAnimated Cartoons in "Kung-fu Panda"
Xu Xiaojing & Zheng Qianli
Design Theory
88On the Product Innovation Mode of Medium and Small Sized Manufacturers in the Pearl River Delta
Wang Jinguang
91Push Brand to the Front Stage of "Chinese Design”一Talking from the Proposition of Marching from "Made in China" towards "Chinese Design"
Xia Yanjing
94"The Art Emblem" of an Enterprise Soul——The Representation of "Graph Language" and its Application Significance in VI
Yu Vllenrong
96A Historical Perspective of Public Art一Research of Regional Public Art in Guangdong 
Lin Lan
98Reflections overthe DevelopmentTrend ofTextile&Fashion Design in the Circulating Economy 
Qin Jigang
101Human Body as the First Essential Element in Fashion Design
Ren Wendong & Wang He
Design Practice
104Not only to Decorate a City——Discussion of Universal Design Concept in Designing a City
Shi Jianren & Zhao Xiumin
106Devil-Succes&Lose of in Design
Su Ke
108NewThinking of Pilot Design Based on Human Being in Modern Museums
Huang Qiuye, Wang Xin & Guo Weimin
110Display City Characteristics and Restore Historical and Cultural Elements一About the Layout Design of Commercial Theme Community of "Tea and Horse”Impression
Wan Fan
Teaching Archive
112Space Experience of SPACE64+2一Thoughts over the Course of Space Construction
Yuan Bo & Chen Hui
116Exploring the Problem of Dress Material Design
Chen Yanlin
118Experiencing the Teaching of LacquerArt at Tokyo Art College in Japan
Fang Zhaohua
120"Cooperative Principle of Conversation" Applied in Teaching Design
Sun Hongyang
122Traditional Chinese Fine Arts Applied in the Teaching of Basic Courses ofArt Design
Lan Chao
Space of History and Theory
124A Comparative Study of Ewer Art in the Tang and Song Dynaties 
Han Rong
126The Mobile Feature of Mongolian Dress Adornment in the Yuan Dynasty
Wu Yun
Folk Customs and Art
128Tantou Paper Horse and Folk Witching Believing in Everything having a Soul
Tang Wenlin&Wang Haoyu
130On the Art Characteristic of Paper-cut in Foshan
Wang Juan
133Unscrambling the Traditional Folk Residence of Y Minority in Liangshan
一The Cultural Content of Tile Board House
Hu Xiaolin & Zou Yong
136Semantic Study of the Symbol of Huayangluo of Huayao Dai Minority
in Xinping of Yunnan
Liu Xiaocheng
138The Decoration of Folk Residence in Sichuan Adding Color to Life 
Luo Xiaorong&Deng Hong
140A Brief Discussion of the Decorativeness of the New Year Paintings in Mianzhu
Xie Chun
142nalysis of the Jiaozhi Ceramic Adornment on the Traditional Building in Fujian and Taiwan
Qin Bo


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