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  • Update:2017-07-25
  • Source: 201706


News and Events Column Host: Zhang Ming
Briefing, News
Overseas Information
New Design
Recommended Reading
Special Feature: German Design Column Host: Wang Xiaomo
Deutsches Design: A Constructive Problems History
Klaus Klemp Translated by Xu Kai
Design History and Design Theory in German
Bernhard E. Bürdek Translated by Xu Kai, Wang Yueran
Ideas Are Not Left to Chance: Artistic Intuition in Design Didactics
Justus Theinert Translated by Xu Kai, Wang Yueran
Review on Graphic Design in Germany He Jianping
The Deutsches Museum: Hundred Years of Accumulation in the Display Culture Fan Yinliang
Exhibition on Paper Column Host: Liu Jingjing
The Red Dot Award: Designing Success Through Qualification Catharina Hesse
Translated by Wang Yun Provided by Red Dot Award: Product Design, Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen
Front Line Column Host: Xiao Feng
Research on the Commercial Culture, Serving for the Academic Construction:
Zuo Xuchu and His Collection of Modern Commercial Art Design Huang Dequan
International Scholars Column Host: Wang Xiang
Less Is More I Less Is A Bore Arthur O. Eger Translated by Wang Yun
View Column Host: Mo Xiao
Herbert Leupin: Poster Collection 28
Richard B. Doubleday Translated by Wang Yun
Teaching Archives Column Host: Wang Xiaomo
Research on the Course Structure of "New Arts and Design" in Kobe Design University
Zhang Honghai
Case Study Column Host: Li Yun Jia Shan
The Evolution and Design Principles of System Map in Service Design
Jiang Ying Zhang Linghao
Reflections on the Typography Design Dimension of the Bamboo Slips of the Warring States Period: The
Relationship Between the Law of the Word, the Contour and the Center of Gravity Li Gang Song Chenrui
"Experience Spread": New Design Fulcrum of Brand Communication in the Internet + Times
Zhao Kan
Possibility of Funeral Design: Starting from a Design Contest Zhu Wei
Practice Column Host: Tian Jun
Research on the Digital Repair of the Classic Animation Havoc in Heaven
Dong Sun Ding Youdong Yu Bing
From Partial Intervention to Vernacular Renascence:
Conservation and Reinvention of the Courtyards in Beijing Baitasi Area Hutong Yard Chen Luoqi
Narrative Design Concept and Application in Xiangyang Science and Technology Museum
Wei Jia Wu Shizhong
History of Art and Design Column Host: Zhou Zhi
Contradict Each Other and Depend on Each Other: Constructing of the Cultural and Literary
Circumstances of Ningshou Garden Zhang Ling Liu Junmin
Nanyang Commodity Exposition and Enlightenment of Modern Display Xie Shengming
From Short Straight Spout to Long Curved Spout: Influence of Tea Drinking Custom on Bluish
White Glazed Tea Bottles in Fanchang Klin in Tang & Song Dynasties Chen Jianjie
Lion Grove Without Lion: Changes of a Zen Monastery in Hundreds of Years Tian Ye Fang Hai
Folk Art and Culture Column Host: Zhao Yiping
Decoration Art of Gables Head on Hall House at Meixian Country Lü Haixue
Transition and Reconstruction of Cultural Context of Cross-stitch Work of Hua Yao People in
the Field Vision of Production of Social Space Xie Fei
Research on "Dian La Man" Technology Zhou Ying
Research on Craftmanship and Culture Features of the Inle Lake Lotus Fabric in Myanmar
Zhu Xiaolin Yao Dan
Study on Symbolic Function of Paper-cut in HuangDong Yao Ritual
Li Yan Chen Jingsheng Cao Li
Colleges Column Host: Yu Qin
Digital Exploration of New Media in Promoting Cantonese Culture:
Taking Motion Graphics Animation More Cantonese, Better Cantonese as an Example Hu Ke
Exploration and Practice of Poetic Cultural Jewelry Design:
Taking “Lotus Just Buds” Jewelry Design as an Example Xu Yu
Exploration on Cultural and Creative Design Under the Trend of Crossover Design:
Taking Cultural and Creative Design of Yunnan and Guizhou Nationalities as an Example Wang Xuwei
Cultural and Creative Design Exploration Based on Chinese Traditional Zodiac Image:
Taking the "Zodiac of Rooster" Design Practice as an Example Ye Jun
Design Practice and Exploration of Exhibition Space Based on Kansei Engineering:
Taking Exhibition Design of Jenmer Home as an Example Yin Bo
The Product Design Practice on the Use of the Persona Method to Identify User Needs:
Taking the Design of Sibyle Female Head Headset as an Example Li Nan
The Dynamic Design Strategy of Art Exhibition on "Internet +" Situation: Taking the 2016
Graduation Design Exhibition of Guangdong Industry Polytechnic as an Example Zhou Dapeng
Research on Commercial Exhibition Design Teaching Based on the Low Carbon Design Ideas
Yin Yangjian
Experience from 2D Graph to 3D Space Form: Creative Teaching Practice of Space Form
Xu Shifu
Service System Design of Garbage Classification in Guangzhou City Shen Daming


Teachers’ Works from Art and Design Branch, Guangdong Industry Polytechnic


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