No.287| March 2017 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2017-04-22
  • Source: 201703


News and Events Column Host: Zhang Ming
Briefing, News
Overseas Information
New Design
Recommended Reading
Special Feature: Objecifications of Jiangnan Culture Column Host: Xu Lu Li Yun
Literati's World Can Store in a Pot, Most Wonderful Form is Invisible:
Alienation of Mountains in Jiangnan Private Gardens in the Late Qing Dynasty Fang Xiaofeng
The Portrait of Mind: Picture of “Hao” and Hermit Ideas in Ming Dynasty Zhang Changhong
Elusive Theme and Expressive Pattern in the Landscape Paintings of Wu School of
Ming Dynasty Mao Qiujin
Dingxin & Gaoquan House: A Kind of Eco-house in Jiangnan Regions
Wang Haisong Zou Yan Bin Huizhong
Heaven in the Garden: Garden Life of Literati Zhang Dai in Late Ming Dynasty
An Baojiang Wang Zhiqiang He Jie
Research on Critical Issues of Jiangnan Cultural Su Xiaojing Liu Shilin
Exhibition on Paper Column Host: Liu Jingjing
Objecification and the Mental State: Jiangnan Literati's Study in Ming and Qing Dynasties
Xu Lu Jia Shan
Front Line Column Host: Xiao Feng
Poetic Experience of Homestay and Travel Mode Sharing:
Interview on Wu Wei, Founder of Taike Zhao Yiping
Scholar's Inquiry Column Host: Wang Xiang
Invention and Creation of Porcelain Yang Yongshan
Arts and Crafts in Peoms of Tang Dynasty Shang Gang
Case Study Column Host: Li Yun Jia Shan
A Study on Interior Decoration of the Jade Mountain Villa Li Sha Sun Ling
The Public Design Strategy of Legible London
Zhang Yi Yoshitsugu Morita Ma Wajun Zhang Qiang
Folding Designs and Streets:
Everyday Life Practices of Hawkers in Hong Kong Siu Kin Wai Michael Huang Yihua
Animation Creation Based on Children's Psychological Characteristics Song Yanfeng
Study on Design Transformation Strategy of Pictorial Seals Through European Arms Yu Jie
Practice Column Host: Tian Jun
A Study of Traffic Service Class App Interface Design from the Perspective of
Scene Representation Xie Rongxiang Ai Xiaoqun
A Design of Educational Toys Oriented to the Low-Age Elderly People Based on the Analysis of
Their Potential Needs Jiang Jiaqian
Principle and Application of Relative Motion Between Multi Layers in Digital Animation
Yu Riji Ye Simin He Feiwu
Teaching Archives Column Host: Wang Xiaomo
Construction of Interactive Technology Course System:
Taking Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University as an Example Xian Feng
The Process and Methods Research of Service Design:
Taking the Design Innovation and Design Methods Course of POLIMI as an Example Miao Ke
History of Art and Design Column Host: Zhou Zhi
To the Vocational Education: Hong Bang Tailors Changing the Traditional Way of Technical
Heritage During the Republic of China Liu Yunhua Yuan Yong
New Research on Origin, Modularize and Spread Pedigree of Universal Type Pan Wei
Back to Dowry: Intercultural Communication in Tribute Trade of Ming Dynasty Li Qifang
Suzerain-Vassal Relationship and the Change of Patterns: A Research Centered on Dragon
Pattern in Blue-and-white Porcelain in the Post Li Dynasty of Vietnam Ma Xiaofei
Textual Criticism on Da Xiong Industrial and Commercial Art Co-op Qu Ziwen
Folk Art and Culture Column Host: Zhao Yiping
Analysis on the Structure Deconstruction and Decorative Semantic of Puxi Chiang
Embroidery Case Geng Zhaohui Li Ming Li Yunye
Taboos in Innovation: Taiwan Folk Beliefs and Cultural Creative Products Huang Zhen
The Manufacturing and Development Headstream of Construction Techniques of the
Installation of the Rafters of Baitasichuan in Hezhou Li Jingjing
Cultural Characteristics of Wood Dragon Lantern in Huizhou Wang Meng
The Art Form and Cultural Functions of Northern Zhejiang Province’s Traditional Pastries
Shao Luyun
Colleges Column Host: Yu Qin
Museum, Exhibition and Serving the Public in Design: Taking MoMA as an Example
Li Minmin
Inherit and Carry Forward the Traditional Life Wisdom:
Taking the Redesign of Pickle Making Utensils as an Example Wang Liduan Yang Manling
Research of the New Funeral Service System Design Based on Empathy in the Local Town
Lü Xi Tie Xin
Vehicle Clay Modeling Teaching Environment Design and Practice Ao Jin
Original Discourse in the Digital Age:
Thinking on the Implementation Process of Graduation Project Xiang Haitao
Application of Sustainability and Innovation Course Teaching of Linen Workshop Cheng Qi
Ecological Expression of the Wall Design of Sichuan Fine Art Institute:
In the Case of Huxi Campus Walls, Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts Yu Yi
From Design Centre to Dimensional Experiment:
Reflection on the Creative Design of Visual Communication Design Wang Yong
The Modern Value of Traditional Dwelling Houses Repair Skills in Shangxiahang Block
Xu Liang Li Qin
Unit of Western Art History and Painting Practice Course:
Reform on the Foundation Course of Visual Communication Yang Moyin


Design Works from Design Department, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute


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