No.282| October 2016 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2016-11-22
  • Source: 201610


News and Events Column Host: Zhang Ming
Briefing, News
Overseas Information
New Design
Recommended Reading
Special Feature: 60th Anniversary of Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University
Column Host: Zhou Zhi
Congratulatory Letter from Leaders of Tsinghua University Qiu Yong Chen Xu
Inheriting Culture, Integration and Innovation Lu Xiaobo Li Gongqiang
Ten Years’ Headline News Review of Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University (2006-2016)
Editor: Zhou Zhi Tian Jun Zhao Yiping Xu Lu
Exhibition on Paper Column Host: Liu Jingjing
Selected Works of Tsinghua Treasures: Tsinghua University Art Museum Collection
Edited by Liu Jingjing Provided by Tsinghua University Art Museum
Scholar's Inquiry Column Host: Zhou Zhi
The Design, Trial-manufacture and Manufacture of Official State Dinnerware Zhang Shouzhi
Front Line Column Host: Xiao Feng
Intergrating Art and Science, Bridging Theories and Practices:
The Research Journey of Prof. Lu Xiaobo, Dean of Academy of Art & Design, Tsinghua University
Wiang Xiaomo
Explanation of Patents Column Host: Zhou Zhi
Analysis of the Protected Object of Appearance Design Patent Lei Jing
View Column Host: Mo Xiao
Research on the Definition of Service Design Based on Phenomenological Method Dai Fuping Xin Xiangyang
Practice Column Host: Tian Jun
The Observation of Multidimensional Value in“Living Space Repairing”: Take the Phenomenon
of Architecture Renovation in Old Wuguo “Red House”for Example Zhao Hengyu
Thinking about the Spirit of Craftsmen: The Process of Interior Decoration Engineering of
Shanghai Poly Theatre Su Liqun Wang Jian Lan Hai
Design Research of Interactive Interface on Electronic Boards of Bus
Transportation System in Beijing Shi Peng Lou Huanzhi Yi Xiao
History of Art and Design Column Host: Zhou Zhi
Analysis of Outdoor Advertising Type Designed by Rongchangxiang Company during the
Period of Republic of China Huang Zhan
New Proof for the Cover of Sinological Studies Design by Lu Xun
And Aanalysis of the Influence of Han Stone Relief on Lu Xun's Cover Design Shen Weitang Chen Shunhe
Aircraft, Power and Modernity:
Imaging the West in Chinese Visual Art in the First Half of 20th Century Shen Shuqi
Sophisticated and Efficient Tools: Research on the Siege "Touche" in Song Dynasty
Jia Guotao
Historical Memory and Description of Hometown:
Landscape Narration in the Sketch Map of Sichuan Li Liang Li Peng
The Reason of Indistinct about the Career-oriented of CraftsmanDuring the Early
Republic of China : Case Study on the Craftsman’s Works in 1929 National Fine Arts Exhibition
Shang Yong
Folk Art and Culture Column Host: Zhao Yiping
Research on Dong (Kam) Women's Hairstyle in Renji Village Wu Yueqi Luo Chen
Research on the Culture and Aesthetic Standard of Female Dress of the "Long-skirt Miao" and
the "Middle-skirt Miao" in Guizhou: Xijiang and Gunzhong as Examples Zhou Meng
A Comparative Study on Decoration Charactristics of Baby BackPack in Zhaoping Pan
Yao and Nandan BaiKu Yao Wu Dong
Teaching Archives Column Host: Wang Xiaomo
Research on the Experimental Teaching of Construction Course Based on the Chinese-foreign
Joint Teaching: “Urgent Construction” as an Example Yao Gang
Research on the Teaching Mode of MG Design Based on Problem Oriented
Wu Zhendong Guo Weimin Ai Xiaoqun
Case Study Column Host: Li Yun
Mating Strategy: The Motive Power in Fashion Product Design Wang Shenqiu He Renke
Research on the Mode of Communication and the Way of Thinking for Designer and Digital
Modeler from the Perspective of Car Styling Surface Shaping Liang Qiao
The Built-in Furniture System in Frank Lloyd Wright’s House Space Design:
William Palmer House as an Example Wang Xin
Study on Kobayashi Toshiya’s Picturebooks:
Through the Snow as an Example Li Lina Bo Yantu
Review on the Monument to Unknown Political Prisoner Competition
Wang Kexiang
Colleges Column Host: Yu Qin
Exploration and Practice on the Course of Brand Stores Design Zhang Junzhu
Research on the Teaching of Design Methods of Exhibition Design Fundamental Courses:
Exhibition Props Design as an Example Tang Qiang
Explore the Development, Innovation, and Complex Type of Top-quality Resources Sharing Courses for
Higher Vocational Education: The Course of Landscape Planning and Design as an Example Jiang Fang
"Crossover " Shared Project Module Teaching:
Environmental Art and Design Workshop as an Example Zhou Junling
Culture and Regional Characteristic of the Public Environmental Signage in Green Corridor:
Shunfeng Mountain’s Green Corridor as an Example Zheng Yanning
The Analysis and Practice on Humanized Furniture Design for Old People Gan Long
Exploration on Elderly User Research Program for the Elderly-Oriented Product Development
Service Chen Xingbo
Innovation from User’s Cognitive Ability: Analysis of Baby Time Design Workshop Xiao Na
Exploration and Practice of Icon Graphic Design Creative Expression Course Xiao Wenting
Research on Brand Visual Design Based on Mobile Internet:
"Design Lion" Brand as an Example Li Jining


Teachers' Works from School of Design , Shunde Polytechnic


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