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  • Update:2016-08-22
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News and Events Column Host: Zhang Ming
Briefing, News
Overseas Information
New Design
Recommended Reading
Special Feature: Graduation Design · Industrial Design Column Host: Wang Xiaomo
Seminar on Graduation Design and Industrial Design Education, 2016
Edited by Mo Xiao
Outstanding Graduation Projects on Industrial Design from Academy of Arts & Design,
Tsinghua University
Outstanding Graduation Projects on Industrial Design from School of Design,
China Academy of Art
Outstanding Graduation Projects on Industrial Design from School of Design, Jiangnan University
Outstanding Graduation Projects on Industrial Design from School of Industrial Design,
Nanjing University of the Arts
Outstanding Graduation Projects on Industrial Design from College of Design and Innovation,
Tongji University
Outstanding Graduation Projects on Industrial Design from School of Design, Hunan University
Outstanding Graduation Projects on Industrial Design from School of Innovation Design,
Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
International Scholars Column Host: Liu Jingjing
Dancing with Ambiguity: Causality Behavior, Design Thinking, and Triple-loop-learning – PART 1
Larry Leifer Martin Steinert Translated by Wang Yun
Front Line Column Host: Xiao Feng
Inheritance and Innovation: Hanyi Fonts' New Exploration in Mobile Internet Era Zhao Yiping
View Column Host: Mo Xiao
Review of How Posters Work Richard B. Doubleday Translated by Wang Yun
Explanation of Patents Column Host: Zhou Zhi
Consider the Existing Design Condition in Contrast Judgement of Appearance Design Patent
Zhang Xia
History of Art and Design Column Host: Zhou Zhi
Evolution of Guangdong Cigarette Packaging Design Before and After the Establishment of
the P.R.C Wang Juan Xiao Guanjie
Analyzing the Architectural Decoration of “Hai Tian Tang Gou” Middle Building in Gulangyu
Shi Lin Guo Weimin
The Unusual Porcelain Roof Tiles and Its Source and Course: Research on Porcelain Roof Tiles
of Confucius Temple of Ganzhou City Wu Yunjiang Feng Jihong Li Yan
Practice Column Host: Tian Jun
The Double-edged Effect of Transmedia Intertextuality:
Strategy of Intertextuality of Animation Derivative Products Huang Enhao Zhang Xuchen
Design Method of Automotive Styling Advanced Design Based on Abstract Form
Wang Bo Fang Huijun Xiong Hao Shi Qingyin
AwardPuzzle, a Visualization Platform for Chinese National Art
Exhibition Awarded Oil Painting Works Xiang Fan
Folk Art and Culture Column Host: Zhao Yiping
The Logic of Image and Craftsmanship: Reinterpretation to the Text Details of Nie Village
Clay Sculpture from the Social Anthropology Viewpoint Gu Hao
Status of Contemporary Uygur Embroidery and Introspection on It: Based on Investigation
on Several Specialized Cooperatives of Folk Craft in Turpan Zhang Wensong Wang Min
Transition of Hand-Waving Hall and Group Activities in Shuangfeng Village, Western Hunan Liu Jun
From Spontaneous Adapt to Passive Curing: Research on Rural Residential Space Evolution in
Leizhou, Guangdong Province Xu Hui Chen XiaoJuan
Teaching Archives Column Host: Wang Xiaomo
Perceptual Thinking and Rational Thinking: A Practical Teaching Study on General Education
of Stop-Motion Animation Lü Yanru Zhang Li Fabian Winkler
Material and Design Thinking: Exploration of Kintsukuroi Teaching Methods Li Yuqi
Case Study Column Host: Li Yun
Features and Connotations of Behavior Interactive Poster Design Zhang Manhua
"Space Consumption"—Analysis of the Non-consumer Behavior in Shanghai
Commercial Space Jin Jiefang Wang Qizhao
MoMA's Exhibition in American Cultural Cold War:
Take the "50 Years of American Art" as Example Zhao Ronghao
Historical Interpretation of Lever Brother Enterprise Community Establishment,
Planning and Evolution Zhu Tiejun
Colleges Column Host: Yu Qin
Context, Content and Course in Design Education Reform Xin Xiangyang
Repositioning Product Design Core Courses: From Method Oriented to Problem Oriented
Zhang Linghao Cao Ming
Social Transformation and Design Education Reform: Exploration on the 121 Integrated
Innovation Education Model of School of Design Jiangnan University Wei Jie
Research on Practical Innovative Teaching Model of Industrial Design Interdisciplinary Courses:
Teaching Practice of Intelligent Product Development Course in New Model Deng Rong
The Orientation of Visual Communication Design and the Construction of Curriculum System
Guo Honglei Wang Anxia
Research-Based Environment Design Personnel Training Mode Based on the Social Resources:
A Case Study of School of Design, Jiangnan University Yang Maochuan Guo Weimin Ji Lin
Nature and Realistic Significance of Public Art Specialty in School of Design,
Jiangnan University Zhao Kunlun
The Characteristics and Methods of Team Teaching in Integrated Design Courses:
Case on “Integration and Innovation Design” Liao Xi Bao Yixi


Students’ Works from School of Design, Jiangnan University


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