No.187 | November 2008 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2009-12-01
Special Scheme: Regionality
Information Space
5          Academy News, Exhibition Information, Conference Information
             Mo Xiao
10        Overseas Information
             Mo Xiao
12        New Books
             Mo Xiao
13        Book Review
             Teng Xiaobo
Special Scheme: Regionality
14        Preparation is all what we can一Interview of Liang Jinghua, Vice Chairman of Hongkong Interior Design
             Reporter: Yan Xiaoye & Zhou Zhi
19        From Taiwan to Shanghai一Interview of Jiang Youbo, Board Chairman of DEM Inc.
             Reporter: Yan Xiaoye & Li Yun
22        Design of Mix: Interview of Tilman Thuermer, Designer of German Coordination-Berlin Design Corporate
             Reporter: Fang Xiaofeng & Li Jiang Translator: Peng Xiaoling
28        Design at Pains to Inspire Life一A Visit to the Industrial Design Center of Tsinghua Tongfang
             Reporter: Fang Xiaofeng & Li Jiang
32        Extend Tradition and Emphasize Thought一Regional Design Observed by Wang Qiong
             Stringer: Wang Zemeng
38        Shape Chinese Samsung with Design Innovation一Interview of Xia Hongming, Industrial Design
             Managerof Samsung China Design Institute 
             Reporter: Tian Jun
41        Shenzhen, Striving for Modeling a "Capital of Design"- Interview of Kong Sen
             Stringer: Ouyang Junhua
44        A Comparative Study of Regional Ceramic Culture of Japanese Tea Cup
             Li Mingsong
Scholars’ Inquiry
48        Design Education Faced with Multi-leveled Urban Culture
             Zhuge kai
Overseas Trend
52        The Surface of Realism: ATour to the Monuments of the German Democratic Republic
             Philip Ursprung Translated by Zhao Yping
Exhibition in Paper
58        The Successful Tender of Finland Hall of 2010 Shanghai World Expo
             Confiibuted by Wang Lei
Annual Meeting on Design History
60        Modern Enlightenment ofAncient Chinese Classical Design Ideas 
             Shao Qi
65        A Happy Event Held Three Times
             Li Mianlu
Improvisatory Thought
66        Seek for the "Original Intention" of Common Residence from A Decoration Memory
             Huang Chunping
50 Masters
68        50 Masters(5)
Design Theory
73        Compare the Forms of Eastern Character and Western Letter in Graphic Advertisement
             Zang Yong & Qian Jue
76        Idea and Expression 
             Deng Huihua
78        Vision Integration of Emblem Interpretation 
             Li Daoguo
80        Design for Children一The Development of Pre-School Children's Body & Mind and Children's
             Furniture Design 
             Xu Yuan & Shi Lan
82        Preliminary Discussion of Post-Modernist Graphic Design 
             Xu Chengxing
Space of History and Theory
84        The "Su Pattern" and the "Su Style"一Arts and Crafts Implications of the "Su Style"
             Zheng Lihong
87        Business Integrated with Culture: The Management and Design of "Dianshizhai Pictorial"
             Guo Qiuhui
90        Origin of "Illustrated Drawings" and "Illustrated Pictures"
             An Baojiang
92        The Engraving Craft of Mongolian Sliver Bowl
             Guo Tailin
94        Analysis of "Tianzhu Yfa" and "Concave and Convex Pattern"
             Wang Min
96        Re-examining the Ground Drawing at Dadiwan
             Wu Shaoming
Teaching Archive
98        Teaching Method for the Course of "Fashionable Concept Dress Design and Process"
             Huang Fang
100      Exploring the Education of Digital Media Art 
             Li Sida
102      Design Education has toAvoid theThinking Errors of "Instrumentalism"
             Xu Yrui & Zhong Zhaorong
Case Study
104      Discussion of Visual Identification in the Field of Modern Medicine from a Psychological
             Zhang Ying
106      On Slow Design 
             Du Junhu
108      Copyright Protection of Logo Design 
             Niu Jiaming
110      The Tai Chi Symbol Inherited and Innovated by Modern Logo Design 
             Dai Mingjie
112      Back to the Origin of Product Design一A Brief Analysis of Naoto Fukasawa's Design Idea and Practice 
             Huang Yanni
Folk Customs and Art
115      The Caisson Decorative Art for the Traditional Chinese Drama Stage
             Xue Linping
118      The NeedlecraftTool in the South ofYangzi River一Brief Discussion of Folk Line Plate Pattern
              Lu Jia & Zhang Juemin
120      Visual Features of Uygur Dress Adornment
             Wu Yun
122      A Comparative Study of the Paper-cut Characteristics in Gaomi of Shandong and Fuyang ofAnhui
             Wu Yuhong
Characteristic of Colleges
125      A New Perspective of Science, Art and Fashion
             Liu Yuanfeng
127      Thoughts over Cultural Originality Industry and Art Design Education 
             Zhan Kai
129      Brief Discussion of the Imagery Thinking and Modeling in Traditional Chinese Painting
             An Jia
131      A Preliminary Discussion of the Aesthetic Interest in "Weirdness'' in the Late Ming Dynasty
             Chen Fang
134      Features of Symbol Diffusing in a Social Space Displayed by the Han Characters 
             Che Fei
136      The Creation and Representation Feature of Japanese Dry Landscape Garden 
             Ning Jing
138      Design Works by Teachers of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology


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