No.274| February 2016 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2016-04-01
  • Source: 201602


News and Events Column Host: Zhang Ming
Briefing, News
Overseas Information
New Design
Recommended Reading
Special Feature: Design in Western China Column Host: Wang Xiaomo
Summary of the Academic Forum, The Heartland’s Wisdom: Inspiring China Design from the West Editor: Zhou Zhi, Wang Xiaomo, Liu Jingjing, Zhang Ming
Prospects for the Future of the Design Education in Western China: About the Design Education and Practice in Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts Guo Xianlu
Exploration of the Source of “The Belt and Road” and Reflection of Origin of the Design Education in Xinjiang Yan Fei Li Qun
Urban Design from the Perspective of Pedestrian Networks in Western China Wei Haoyan
Looking Forward to Rural, Architectural Practice in Southwest China: Interview with Wei Haobo, Principal Architect of West-Line Studio Interviewed by Fang Xiaofeng, Wang Xiaomo Written by Wang Xiaomo
Experience, Disconnection and Connection: Dialogues on Design Ecology in Chengdu Peng Yu Wang Yanling
Front Line Column Host: Xiao Feng
Write the Future, Legend of Hero: Design of the Shanghai Hero Gold Fountain Pen Factory Wang Xingwei Wang Xiaoxin
Exhibition on Paper Column Host: Liu Jingjing
Artisanship Revival: The Open Social Experiment on Folk Art and Craft of Woniu Deng Chao Bai Bing Liu Haopeng He You Gao Dengke
International Scholars Column Host: Liu Jingjing
Art / Science & Big Data (Part two) Gordon Knox Translated by Wang Yun
Explanation of Patents Column Host: Zhou Zhi
The Analysis of Functionality Judgment of the United States Design Patent from the Infringement Cases Chen Shuhui Wu Dazhang
Case Study Column Host: Li Yun
Value Chain Extension of Design Enterprises and Its Competitiveness Building: Case Study of the Pearl River Delta Chen Yu Wang Huabin
Identity Expression through Architectural Images: Statement of Finland’s Image Processing in the Mid-20th Century International Architecture Exhibitions Liu Xing
Triplet State of Interactive Design: Case Study on the Series Work BotanicusInteracticus Xian Feng
Activate City Memory, Revive City Brand: Brand Research on the Commercial Dristrict Beijing Road, Guangzhou Deng Yuan Li Zhufang Dong Meihong
Practice Column Host: Tian Jun
Exchange Experience: Method for the Design of Empathy in the Interactive Interface of Information Service Facilities Yang Qiao Xie Liang
Interactive Evolution between “Logical Behavior” and “Visual Experience”: Design Path of the Metro FAS User Interface in Qingdao Zhan Wei Du Jiang
View Column Host: Mo Xiao
Personal Imagination and Collective Identification: Contemporary Implication of Handmade Design Zhang Li
Teaching Archives Column Host: Wang Xiaomo
Recording a Curriculum Process on Tectonics: Teaching Method of Architectural Design in Art Colleges Lu Zheng
The Teaching Practice of the Architectural Model Course Based on the Architectural Space Environment Research Peng Yao Wang Dong
History of Art and Design Column Host: Zhou Zhi
Study of the Folding Method of Bamboo Books in Warring States Period Jia Lianxiang
Hanshi Power (Chinnabar), Drug-induced Disease and Treatment Shen Ruiwen
Four Seasons of Flowers Fashion: New Opinion on the Creation Age of Beauties Wearing Flowers Shi Qi
Research on the Relationship between Blue and White Hunshui Method and the Shapes of Porcelain in Jingdezhen in Ming Dynasty Chen Dian
Elegance and Vulgar: Imitation Problem of Book Illustration in Late Ming Dynasty Fu Huimin
Folk Art and Culture Column Host: Huang Ye
Research on the Space Organization Structure of Halls in Pingshan Village of Yi County: Take Guangyu Hall as an Example Huang Cheng Chen Juan
Research into the Art Character and Culture Symbols of Tin Embroidery of Miao Minority in Guizhou Jianhe Zhou Ying
The Stone Flower Window Decoration Art of Jishan House Lü Haixue
The Art Characteristic and Culture Connotation of Zhang Wulang Woodcarving in Meishan District Ma Ke Chen Feihu
Exploration of Pattern in Quilting Technique of the Sanjiang Dong’s Lusheng Costume Qiu Chunting
Colleges Column Host: Yu Qin
The Impact of Seat’s Fabric Texture on Visual Spatial Cognition in a Train Zhi Jinyi Liu Feng
Research on Service Design of City Public Traffic System: Take Chengdu for Example Xu Bochu Wei Feng
Research on Influence Mechanism between Regional Culture and Urban Public Transportation System Identity: Take Chengdu for Example Dong Shiyu Wang Chunqi
Study on Henry Dreyfus's Design Philosophy and Enlightenment of Rail Transportation Design: A Case Study of the Mercury Train Wang Chao
Analysis of Exterior Design DNA of Seats in High-Speed Train Li Jiexin Gao Pengfei
Inspiration of Ronchamp Chapel Architectural’s Detail Design Xu Xiaofei
The Method of Product Design Based on Constrained Man-Machine-Environment Compatibilities Xiang Zerui Liang Gangyi
Study on the Purpose Classification of Biomimetic Design Lu Jining Ding Lei
Decorations and Cultural Implication of the Screen Wall of Bai Ethnicity's House in Xizhou Town, Dali Zhou Huayi
Study on Product Pedigree Design Based on Pattern Recognition Liu Jihong
Works of Teachers from Institute of Design and Research for Man-Machine-Environment Engineering System, SWJTU


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