No.275| March 2016 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2016-05-01
  • Source: 201603

News and Events Column Host: Zhang Ming

Briefing, News
Overseas Information
New Design
Recommended Reading
Special Feature: Design for Health Column Host: Zhou Zhi
Health Care Design Innovation on Product, Environment and Service: Towards Patient Experience Zhao Chao
The System Design of Sports Public Service in "Village in the City": Thinking of the Sports Rights Poverty Cui Xuemei Qiu Jun
Health Trend & Technology Innovation Promote the Development of Sportswear Design Wang Lu
Build a Healthy Culture of Public Hygiene: Research on Ecological Public Toilet System Innovation Design Liu Xin Zhu Lin Xia Nan
Inclusive Design Strategy of Village’s Open Space under the Demand of Health Promotion: Take Shanghai Zhujiajiao Town Dianshan Lake No.1 Village as an Example Liu Chenshu
Shape of Urban Road Network, Urban Transportation and Haze Governance Yi Wenqing Ru Shaofeng
Exhibition on Paper Column Host: Liu Jingjing
China Excellent Fashion Graduates Award 1995-2015 Written and Edited by Liu Jingjing, Wang Xingyu Provided by China Fashion Association
Front Line Column Host: Xiao Feng
Experience, Cooperation and Sharing: An Interview with Interior Designer, Shen Lei Yuan Yuan Teng Xiaobo
International Scholars Column Host: Liu Jingjing
Art / Science & Big Data (Part three) Gordon Knox Translated by Wang Yun
View Column Host: Mo Xiao
Ethical Analysis about Public Space Design Behind the “Dispute on Square Dance“ Zhu Li Zhang Nan
Explanation of Patents Column Host: Zhou Zhi
Determination of the Revelation on Combination Technique in Appearance Design Patent Right Verification Judgment Yuan Ting
History of Art and Design Column Host: Zhou Zhi
Analysis on the Exotic Style of Peacock Blue Glazed Pottery along the Coastal Areas During the Period of Tang and Five Dynasties Fu Baoji
A Further Discuss on the Embroidered Pattern on a Pair of Trousers Unearthed from Niya Kuang Yanghua Liang Huie
The “Integration-Continuation” Model of Design Training of China Designers’ Association Yao Aiqiang
The Artistic Characteristics of Clay Figurine Zhang (Beijing Branch) Zhao Jianlei
Images, Sence and Artistic Expression of Decorative Animal Enboss Mengts on the Seat of Giant Buddha Sculpture in Lasao Temple Grotto, Gansu Province Wang Dawei
History, Connotation and Realistic Significance of Contemporary Investigation on Pattern Resources in the Western Region of China Luo Hongcai
Practice Column Host: Tian Jun
Research on the Visual Experience of Cover Design of Academic Journals Based on “Internet+” Background Zhou Rui Luo Binfei
Dynamic Development of Brand Visual Image Design and Promotion: A Case Study of MB (Movingbrands) Zhang Yali
Diversity Research of Mobile App between Chinese and Dutch Intercity Trains Xue Lei Yi Xiao Zhou Lijia J.W.Drukker
Teaching Archives Column Host: Wang Xiaomo
Creative Practice of Liangping’s Blue Printed Cotton Cloth to Interior Design Course Yang Yue
Explorations on Teaching Method of Color Design Course for Different Majors Pan Qiang
Case Study Column Host: Li Yun
Technical and Artistic Features: The Technique of 3D Printing of Ceramic Guo Wei Deng Xia Cao Yang
Query of the Authenticity of Drug Advertisement Jiang Zhinan
Study on Factors of Dynamic Lighting that Affecting Visual Perception: Take the Lighting of "Tokyo Sky Tree" for Example Liu Xiaoxi
Analysis of the Application Design Problem of Geographical Indication in Commodity Packaging Jin Xing
Folk Art and Culture Column Host: Huang Ye
Research on the Huangping Miao Minority Clay Whistle Technology of Guizhou Wang Yingying Li Zheng'an
Investigation and Study on Human Figure Bone Hairpin of Li in Baisha Run in Hainan Zhang Jun
The Cultural Spirit of Central Scrolls of Anhui Art in the Ming and Qing Dynasties Xu Xinghai
The Art Life of Seeds:The Production Process and Artistic Fetures of Grain Painting in Dongming County of Shandong Province Mu Ruifeng Chen Chiyu
The Human Ethic of Tujia as Seen from Residential Buildings of Laoche River Village Hu Xianbin Liu Jun
Fancy Brick Wall in Jinzhong Traditional Local-style Dwelling Houses: Take the Technology, Structure and Function as Pointcuts Wang Xiuxiu
Colleges Column Host: Yu Qin
Leap from Foundation to Professional Design: Innovation and Reform of Teaching of Plane Formation Course Zhao Qingqing
From 1 to N: Analysis on Design Language of Fashion Bags Series Luo Xianyi
Creating Commemorative Atmosphere of Ancestral Hall Gardens in Westen Sichuan: Taking Du Fu Thatched Cottage as Example Quan Li
Study on the Visual Effect of Illumination in the Automobile Exhibition Space: Taking Audi Showcase in 2011 Frankfurt Auto Exhibition as an Example Li Lihua
Exploration of the Teaching in the Course of Color Composition Based on the Experiential Teaching Chen Hao
Resonance between Traditional Paper-Cut Art and Modern Urban Sculpture: Take Window of the Mountain City for Example Lin Jiang
Systematic Visual Presentation of the Design Themes: Experiential Teaching of the Conception Board Zhong Yang
Exploration of Wetland Water Landscape Design Basedon the Background of “Sponge City”: Take Peng’an National Wetland Park as Example Du Tao
Research on the Cultural Symbol of Souvenir Design of Taipei Palace Museum Chen Ting
Discussion on the Fusion of Modern Design and Visual Culture of Miao Nationality: Investigation and Practice of Baibei Miao Stockaded Village in Guizhou Liu Diqiu
Teachers’ Works from Mathias International Design College, Chongqing Jiaotong University


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