No.188 | December 2008 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2009-12-01
Special Scheme: Historicism
Information Space
         Exhibition Information, Brief News,Academy News
             Mo Xiao
         Overseas Information
             Mo Xiao
10        New Books
             Mo Xiao
11        Book Review
             Teng Xiaobo
Special Scheme: Historicism
12        The Origin of the Historicist Style and its Semiotic Analysis 
             Xu Hengchun
17        Historicism in Historical and Modern Architecture
             Wang Guixiang
22        From Modernism to Historicism——Architectural Painting by Richard Haas 
             Zhang Gan
28        Symphony of Quiet Elegance and Loud Flamboyance——Origin ofTraditional Japanese Design Concept
             Pan Li
34        Investigate the Reconstruction of Yandaixie Street at Shichahai, Beijing 
             Li Yan & Ding Ding
37        The Conceptual Design of the Display Space of Yandaixie Street 
             Chen Xi
40        A Cruise between Classicality and Modernism——BriefAnalysis of the Urban Landscape Feature of
            Zhu Limin & Zheng Shuyang
Special Attention: The 50th Anniversary Events of Zhuangshi
44        Decoration Chinese Pathway一Exhibition of Design Literature in New China
58        Decoration Arts & Crafts Design——A Summary of the "From Arts & Crafts to Art Design" Symposium
             Zhou Zhi
50 Masters
62        Afterword of 50 Masters
             Wang Xiaomo
Improvisatory Thought
64        Transcend Technology and Bathe our Souls——Experience The 13th China International Kitchen &
             Sanitation Facilities Exhibition 
             Ding Shan
Annual Meeting on Design History
66        The Four Emperors of the Early Qing Dynasty and their Royal and Religious Buildings
             Fang Xiaofeng
Design Theory
73        Chinese Image Element in Enhancing Independent Brand Image Influence 
             Du Ywei
76        Mural and Space 
             Han Zizhong
78        Explore Individualized Ceramic Art Design Market 
            Chen Jianjie & Zhou Hong
80        Converse Thinking and Original Expression in Graphic Design 
             Tang Yiyong
82        Towards Green: The Ecological Perspective of Modern Ceramic Product Design
             He Bingqin & Zheng Yuxiao
84        The Body Expression in Environmental Sculpture 
             Zhu Houhua
86        Inheritance﹒Communication﹒lntegration——On the Expressiveness and Influence of Lacquer Carving
             Zhu Chonghua
89        Research of the Enterprise Logo Color Counts and Designs of Global 500 
             Wang Qingbin
92        Display Magnificence in Simplicity——The Influence of Modernism to Fashion Design Principles 
             Tie Lanye & Huang Pengbi
Case Study
94        The Ink Wash Effect in 3D Animated Cartoons 
             Chu Leifang & Hu Yanjun
95        The Magic of Spirituality——The Theme of Light in Logo Design 
             Li Xiaojun
98        Why is American Cartoon Movies Popular in China?——Interpret the Semiotics and Communication of
             Kung Fu Panda
             Yin Jun & He Yan
100      Analyze the Interactive Value between Contemporary Pioneering Advertisement and
             Performance Art
             Sun Haiyin
103      On Modern French Artist Janniot and his Gigantic Relief
             Zhu Chongshou
Teaching Archive
106      The Coming of "Design Economy" and the Direction of Industrial Design Education
             Wu Xiang
108      A Brief Discussion on Teaching Commercial Advertisement Photography 
             Kong Fanzhi
110      Discuss on the Disadvantage of Using Bunka Sloper or Formulized Sloper in Pattern Making Teaching 
             Chai Lifang
112      On Calligraphy Education and Typeface Design Education 
             Wang Wei
Design Practice
114      Ergonomic Factors in Scissor Design
             Wang Zuolong
116      Study of Color Theory and its Application——Analysis of the Color Design of Beijing Taxi
             Su Hua
Folk Customs and Art
119      The Carving Art of Gravestone in the Region of Wujiang River
             Yu Jiping
124      Origin of the Formal Beauty of Farmers' Painting in Neihuang
             Li Yi
126      A Comparative Study of the Matured Style of Stone Lion on Kang in Shaanxi
             Zhu Jinhui
128      Thoughts over the "Philosophic Theory" Contained in Menguangchi 
             Wang Fenghu & Niu Xiaoting
Space of History and Theory
131      The “Zhi Gong Tu" by Emperor Liangyuandi Copied in the Song Dynasty and the Foreign "Attire" in the
             Mediaeval Times
             Lian Mian
134      The Natural Ecological Background of the Weaving and Embroidery Art of the South of Yangtse River in
             the Ming and Qing Dynasties
             Xu Hao & Yang Lei
136      Investigate Modern Japanese Commercial Posters of "Popular Beauty Picture" from "Sanyue"
             Department Store
             Tang Yali
138      Explore Conventional Design Perspectives by Studying the Pottery Model in the Song Dynasty
             Wei Yuejin
140      The British Pioneers of Design Research in the 20 Century 
             Chen Hongyu
142      A Brief Discussion of Mr. Pang Xunqin's National and Folk Ideas on Fine Arts
             Sun Yan & Wu Wenxiong


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