No.189 | January 2009 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2009-12-01
Special Scheme: Contemporary Arts and Crafts
Information Space
5          Exhibition Information, Industry News,Conference Information,Academy News
10        Overseas Information
             Mo Xiao
12        New Books
             Mo Xiao
13        Book Review
             Teng Xiaobo
Special Scheme: Contemporary Arts & Crafts
15        Is the Era of Post-Craft Coming?-Conceptual Evolution and Positional Adjustment of Contemporary Crafts
             in the West
             Yuan Xiyang
24        Story of Contemporary Cloisonne
             Zhou Zhi
28        Power of Survival——Interview of Tang Kemei
             Reported and Compiled by Zhou Zhi
30        Originality, Vogue, and New Concept of Life——Interview of Members of "300% ﹒New
             Concept of Life"
             Reported and Compiled by:Teng Xiaobo & Zhao Wenbin
34        Crafts man how to support livelihood in modern China——A travel note of "Bai Gongfang"
             Zhao Wenbing & Teng Xiaobo
40        Prospects of the Development of Arts and Crafts
             Zhu Peichu
43        The Pottery Workshop at Jingdezhen 
             Huang Dequan
Overseas Trend
48        From Marco Polo to King Manuel I of Portugual:The Early European Fascination With Chinese Porcelain
             Jean Michel Massing Translated by Zhang Gan
Exhibition in Paper
56        Spiritual Garden Woven by Longitude and Latitude——Summary of "From Lausanne to Beijing"
             International FiberArt Biennale
             Lin Lecheng & Wang Kai
Contemporary Figure
66        Contemporary, Orient and Impression——Interview of Mr. Cui Huafeng, Designer of Guangzhou Cui
             Huafeng Design Studio
             Reported by: Fang Xiaofeng, Zhou Zhi&Huang Dequan,Record Compiled by Li Liang
70        Recollecting Mr. Qiu Ling 
             Editorial Department ofZhuang Shi
China Creative Industry Park
72        Shanghai No. 8 Bridge 
             Zhu Liang
Improvisatory Thought
80        Artistic Construction in Future Tense——Concert Hall of Walt Disney
             Jiang Zhuqing
Design Theory
82        From "Most Beautiful Book" to "Most Readable Book"——Book Design and Eye Motion 
             Li Tianbai
84        About the Clarity of Navigation Logo Design in Public Space
             Huang Haiyan
87        Reflections from PET Bottle Turning into Jeans 
             Qin Jigang
90        Brief Discussion about Humanity of Museum Interior Design
             Tao Lun
Space of History and Theory
92       Analysis of the"Three Fish Sharing One Head"Image on Han Portrait Brick
            Wu Xiaoling&Han Yonglin
95       Chinese Book Binding Format System Influenced by the Indian Pothi
            Ye Yunyun
98       Engraved Figure Pattern on the Long-life Lock of Han People in the Qing Dynasty
            Pan Miao
Teaching Archive
100      Construct a New Experimental Teaching System of Environmental Art with a Focus on "Participation,
             Practice and Art"
             Cheng Xuesong
103      Discussion of Modular Course System by Examining the Difference ofArt Design Education between
             China and Germany
             Xie Haitao
Folk Customs and Art
106      On the Duplex Characteristics of Architectural Art of Sheqi Shanshaan Guild Hall 
              Li Guoxin
108      The Contradictory Architectural Characteristics of Bozhou Shanshaan Guild Hall
              Yang Xufei
111      Decoration Style of Qing Dynasty Folk Guild Balls in the Middle Part of China Integrating Confucianism,
             Daoism and Buddhism 
             Zhao Shixue
113      Woodcarving Art of Building Components——Analysis of Woodcarving Decoration of Kaifeng
             Shanshaangan Guild Hall
             Ling Shiyi
Case Study
116      Analysis of the Beauty of Striped T-shirt
             Zhu Xuyun
118      Multi-dimension in Visual Expression of Graphic Design Element 
             Fei Hongyu
Design Practice
121      Innovation Path of Household China——New Design of Songfa Ceramic Company
             Yang Yongshan
Characterristic of Colleges
125      Problems and Countermeasures ofArt Design Education in China
             Zuo Xiaoping & Deng Yuanzhen
127      Human-Machine and Humanism一Discussion of Humanity in Product Design
             Pi Yongsheng
130      Thought over "Non-Simple Recycling" of Traditional Building
             Huang Ynjuan
132      Some Thought over the Development ofAnimated Cartoon in China 
             Wang Jing
135      Feasibility of Altering Old Clothes for Junior Wear
             Qi Xueyuan
136      BriefAnalysis on Extracting Biological Features in Bionic Design 
             Lu Jining
139      Interpret Image at Entrance
             Tan Weiyi
141      A Comparative Study of the Han Dynasty Watchtowers at Zhongxian of Chongqing and at Quxian of
             Chen Xuchun
144      Teachers' Works from the College ofArt Design,Chongqing Industrial and Commercial University


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