No.252| April 2014 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2014-05-25

News and Events Column Host: Zhang Ming
5 Briefing, News
8 Overseas Information
10 New Design
11 Recommended Reading

Special Feature: Design Management Column Host: Tian Jun
12 Design Management and It’s Background & Value Liu Jikun
15 Design Management's Method System Zhang Liqun
21 Present Situation, Characteristics and Prospect: The Thinking of Chinese Enterprise Design Management Mode Cai Jun Chen Xu
27 Innovation and Management: Innovative Design Based on Brand Strategy Qiu Song
32 The Consistency of the Brand: The Inheritance of Brand's DNA Yin Yuanyuan
38 "Inaction" for Action: The Interview with Professor Zhuang Weimin about Architectural Design Management Interviewed by Tian Jun, Liu Guan Edited and Writen by Liu Guan, Chen Shuai, Tong Lili
44 Win by Design: Interview with Li Fenglang, Executive Director of Lenovo Design & User Experience Interviewed by Tian Jun, Yao Zhijie Edited and Written by Tian Jun

Book Review Column Host: Ye Shiyi
47 Research Design and Design Research: Book Review of Chinese Characters Temptation Zhou Zhi

Scholar's Inquiry Column Host: Zhou Zhi
50 Decorative Method of Commercial-scale Blue-and-white Porcelain from Government Kiln in Ming Dynasty Chen Dian

Exhibition on Paper Column Host: Wang Xiaomo
54 Casting Sword with Ten Years: The Chinese Contemporary Glass Art Exhibition Guan Donghai, Li Jing

Narrative Column Host: Wang Xiaomo
64 Art and Life in Retirement Liu Jude
66 May You No Longer Lonely in Another World, Xiaofei Li Yong

Front Line Column Host: An Ying
68 Present Continuous: Interview with Designer Yan Feng Interviewed by Zhou Zhi & Zhang Ming Written by Zhou Zhi

History of Art and Design Column Host: Zhou Zhi
72 Comparative Study of Shape and Ornamentation of Gold and Silver Comb Back in Tang and Song Dynasties Deng Lili Gu Ping
74 From Form to Desire: On the Obsolescence of Styles in Consumer Society Gan Qinyu Wu Guiliang
76 Analysis on Characteristics of the Design of Title Page in Qing Dynasty Wang Haigang Chen Shiqin
78 Prevalence and Causes of Antique Embroidery of the Ming and Qing Dynasties Xiong Ying
80 Tacit Knowledge and the Practice Cognition Dimension of Design Chen Lixun
82 Essence of Mixture: Analysis of Art Feature of Paste-on-paste Decoration in Wuzhou Kiln’s Ceramics Gao Yuan
84 Public Vision of Fine Art: Exhibition of Fine Art Works in Museum Since 1949 Gu Yue

Practice Column Host: Tian Jun
86 Scalability Study of Thread-bound Book’s Binding Methods Li Xiangyuan
88 The Blend of Artistic Quality and Revolutionary: The Display of the Central Plains Heroes Memorial Museum, Zhengzhou Li Yang Wu Shizhong
90 Study on Front Expression and Design of Heavy Commercial Vehicle Styling Zhou Lihui Liu Jiang

Case Study Column Host: Li Yun
93 The Rise and Fall of Sony’s Walkman and Its Design Strategy Luo Guang
95 “Re-reading the Associative Container”: Case Study on Narrative Space of the Contemporary Art Museums in America Lu Zheng
98 Explore the Application of Liuli in the Modern Dining Space Design: Take the Shanghai TMSK Restaurant as Example Yuan Jianfeng
100 Pattern Design Becoming the Core: An Analysis on the Visual Identity System Design of Sochi Winter Olympics Yang Miao

Teaching Archives Column Host: Mo Xiao
102 The Practical Teaching of Innovative Talents Cultivation of Fashion Design Major in IED, Milano Qi Ji
104 Innovation and Exploration of the Series Curriculum: Natural & Design Method Study Xie Zhao
108 Emotional Atmosphere and Humanistic: Creative Exploration into the Teaching Mode of Art Design Theory Curriculum Zhang Wei Li Haibing
110 Feeling the Rhythm of “Light, Shadow”: Teaching Exploration on Design Sketch Imagery Zou Lu
112 A Comparative Analysis of the National College of Architecture ’s Excellent Lesson Plans and Teaching Results in 2013 Wang Honghai Sui Jieli

Folk Art and Culture Column Host: Huang Ye
114 Russian Culture Features in the Door and Window of Uygur Dwellings in Yili Xinjiang Li Wenhao
116 The Artistic Features of Door Handles in Hui’s Vernacular Architectures Hu Xiaojie
119 The Cause of Xinjiang Tajik Clothing Characteristics Guang Tongmin Wang Song
122 Analysis the Design Features of Folk Bamboo Baskets on Yangtze River Zhang Zongdeng Zhang Hongying

Colleges Column Host: Yu Qin
125 On the Performance of Leather Costume Design Drawings and Interpretation Sun Ge
127 Look from the Flat Style Interface Design Development Trend Pang Bo
129 Viewing the Origami Style of Logo Design from the Brand Changing Gao Liyan
131 Innovation of Sports Events’ VI Design: An Example of 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi Shang Shanjiang
133 The Designing Inspiration Analysis of Knitted Dress Flat Structure Sun Jing
135 Clothing Product Planning Simulation Practice Teaching Research Xu Jun
137 The Application of the Digital Technology to the Course Teaching of Draping Yang Lina
139 The Fairy Tale of Visual Experience: Analysis of the Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne Signage System Design Zhan Ning
141 Look at the Emotional Factors in Interaction Design from WeChat Zhao Junjie
143 The Application of Group Teaching in the Course of Printing Design Gai Xunda


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