No.190 | February 2009 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2009-12-01
Special Scheme: Design for Festival Celebrations
Information Space
         Exhibition Information, Industry News,Conference Information,Academy News
             Mo Xiao
8          Overseas Information
             Mo Xiao
10        New Books
             Mo Xiao
11        Book Review
             Teng Xiaobo
Special Scheme: Design for Festival Celebrations
13        New Discussions on Festivals 
             Chen Anying
18         Free Talk about the Holiday System in our Country
             Cai Jiming
22        Festival: Yearly Joy
             Huang Dequan
28        Streets Dazzling again——Impressions of the Christmas in Hongkong and Macau
             Zhang Yue
32        Traditional Culture in Modern Society——Traditional Festivals of South Korea Traditional Festivals of
             South Korea
             Yang Yang
39        Festival Costume
             Tian Jun
42        Product and Packaging Design for Festivals
             Zhou Zhi
46        Festivity Parade
             Li Yun
49        Calm Festival
             Yan Xiaoye
52        Festival Decorations in Urban Space
             Mo Xiao
54        Decorative Design of Festival Environment
             Li Jiang
Overseas Trend
56        Evolutionary Product Development
             Arthur 0. Eger Translated by Teng Xiaobo
64        Mr. Jin Baosheng who is Proud of being an "Artisan"
             Yang Yongshan
Improvisatory Thought
66        Beauty and Aesthetics ——Thoughts about Art Education 
             Zu Naishen
China Creative Industry Park
68        Shanghai Tianzifang Workshop
             Zhu Liang
Special Concern
76        2008 National Design Education Forum——Seminar Summary on "Regional" and "Contemporary"
             Zhou Zhi
Exhibition in Paper
80        Thoughts by the End of the Year——About 2008 China Interior Design Peak Forum of China Interior
             Design Week
             Li Yan
82        Sidelights of 2008 China Interior Design Week
            Jin Bai
Case Study
85        Innovative Graphic Design Demonstrated by the Navigation System Designed for 2002
             Swiss World Fair
             Hou Fengbin
88        Comments on First Industry Originality Design Competition in Shanxi Province
             Wu Xiaoming&Wang Xudong
Design Practice
92        Forged Bronze and Gild Mural Decoration uHthin Public Interior Space
            Shen Hong&Jiang Zhuqing
Design Theory
94        Relationship between Functionalism and Geometric Tendency of Graphic Design
             Cheng Xinhao
96        Analysis of Pictures and Words in Visual Communication
             Dong Meihong
98        From "Image" to "Imago”——A Poetic Expression of Poster Design of Tourist Culture
             Han Zhaohui
100      Charm of Advertising Design that is Concise but not Simple
             Huang Xun & Liu Rui
Teaching Archive
102      Discussions of the Exhibition Art in Universities and Colleges and the Cultivation Pattern of
             Technical Professionals
             Huang Chunbin & Zhao Xigang
104      Noble in Mind and Brave in Practice and Innovative in Carving out One's Career——The Cultivation 
             Pattern of Art Design Professionals Based on Studio System
             Sun Ydong,Cao Zhikui & Chen Wei
Folk Customs and Art
106      Study Folk Art and Learn from Mother
             Zhang Huaishui
109      About Huaiyang Folk Art "Dan Jing Tiao"
             Zhao Lamei
112      Look at the Development of Traditional Culture and Buddhist Culture from Kids in New Year Pictures
             Cao Jiali
114      A Brief Discussion about Tantou New Year Pictures
             Shi Xinjin
Space of History and Theory
116      Aesthetic Function of the Scenic Openings and Windows of Classical Suzhou Garden
             Chen Xin
118      The "Feminine Appearance" of Xiwei Buddha in Cave 44 at Maiji Mountain Grottoes
             Wang Ychao,Zhang Hui & Yang Hao
120      The Special Aesthetic Feature of the Jade Decorative Pattern of Liangzhu Culture
             Wang Shulan
122      Illustration Design of William Blake's "Songs of Innocence" and "Songs of Experience"
Characterristic of Colleges
125      Visual Space Design of Urban Culture and City Exhibition
             Zhou Bin & Fu Lixin
127      Investigate the Folk-Custom Background Shaping the Public Space of Qiantong 
             Chen Yi
130      Cinema Nirnava-Alteration and Interior Design of the Party World
             Xing Shuangjun,Wang Yasha & Fang Yongfeng
132      Difficult Condition of Digital Copy and of Digital Art Creation
             Zhang Gengyun
134      The Historical Evolution and Present Manifestation of Color Design Mentality in the 20th Century
             Dong Yanhui
136      From "An Armchair Strategist" to "Practice Takes the Lead"——Practical Training in Teaching Modern Art   
             Ye Xibing
138      Discussion of Advertising Originality on Ideal Chinese Residence from the Cultural Implication of 
             Chen Liping
140      Design Works by Teachers from Zhejiang Wanli Design Art and Architecture College


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