No.250 | February 2014 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2014-03-11

News and Events Column Host: Zhang Ming
6 Briefing, News
8 Overseas Information
10 New Design
11 Recommended Reading

Special Feature: Interaction · Tipping Point Column Host: Chen Anying
12 The Tipping Point of Interaction Design, Challenges and Opportunities in the Background of New Technology: Review of the 3rd International Conference on Interaction Design Wu Qiong
16 Innovating Communication Service with Design Thinking: A Taxonomy of Communication from Design Perspective Luo Tao Pan Younghwan
20 Information Interaction Design in Smart City Construction Zheng Yangshuo Zhang Xincheng
24 Design of Vehicle-based Urban Public Intelligent Information Services Zhang Mangmang Fu Jiang
28 Interaction Design for Wearable Devices Sun Xiaohua Feng Zexi
34 Critical Thinking on Tangible User Interface Design Hao Ninghui Lu Xiaobo
38 Writing Everywhere: Conceptual Design of Interactive Input Terminal Gong Jiangtao

Exhibition on Paper Column Host: Wang Xiaomo
42 Design Edge: International Design Research Projects Written by Mo Xiao Provided by Li Degeng, OCT-LOFT Team

Front Line Column Host: An Ying
52 Poetry Reading, the Most Beautiful Flying in the Heart: Interview with Mr. Liu Xiaoxiang,the Book Designer Interviewed by Tian Jun, Yang Chaoyue Written by Tian Jun

Book Review Column Host: Ye Shiyi
60 Bauhaus in China Teng Xiaobo

Scholar's Inquiry Column Host: Zhou Zhi
62 Study on Shuyuan in Nanxun Town of Huzhou Jia Jun Huang Xiao

Folk Art and Culture Column Host: Huang Ye
67 The Cultural Implication and Artistic Characteristics in the Hakka Ancestral Hall Carved of the Northern Guangdong : An Example of Zeng Ancestral Hall, Shixing Huang Zhenwei
70 Investigation into the Fishing Girls' Headwear in Xiaozuo Town of Hui’an County in Fujian Province Lu Xinyan Tong Youjun
73 The Connotation of Folk Culture and Evolution of Modern Art about Hunan Meishan Wedding or Funeral Paper-cut Xiong Ying Chen Feihu Zhang Yani
76 An Analysis of Plastic Art of Foshan Lion Dancing Zhou Jun

Essay Column Host: Wang Xiaomo
78 Everything from the Respect for Life: Impression of Design in Taiwan Lü Xiaomeng
80 Ecological Explanation of Cultural Landscapes: The Preservation of Working Cultural Landscapes Huang Yan
82 Encountering Heaven: Interview of Japanese Photographer Ninagawa Mika Wang Ying

Practice Column Host: Tian Jun
84 An Inquiry into Housing Interior Design for Empty Nest Elderly in a Mode of Home-based Care Wang Xiaole
86 Mobile Multimedia Teaching Equipment Integration of Innovative Design Li Hesen 

88 Pretend Play Used in Preschool Fashion Design Dong Yi
90 The Research for Indigenized Interior Design of the China’s High-speed EMU Trains Xue Lei Yi Xiao Zhang Ye
92 A Linking Point on City’s Cultural Line :Design of 'Four Roles in Peking Opera ', A Public Artwork in Beijing Subway Feng Ye

Teaching Archives Column Host: Mo Xiao
94 Creativity is Doing Something Different: Teaching Record of Creative Problem Solving in University of Minnesota He Jing
96 The Exploration and Practice of Integration of Theory and Practice on Interior Design Sketch Teaching in High Vocational School Wan Qing
98 The New Spatial Relations Practice and Innovation in the Design of Color Teaching Fang Xi
100 Investigating Mutual Trigger Effect in Service Design Team-based Ideation Hu Ying He Renke

Case Study Column Host: Li Yun
103 The Effect of Aerodynamics on the Rear End Styling of 3-box Sedan Wang Bo Wei Xingshun Li Shen
106 The Explore of Internet Game’s HUD Design Methods Dai Fangqiong Ji Tie Francesco Gralli Research on Structure of Visual Tensility in the Brand Image of ABSOLUT VODKA Yuan Enpei Li Jing
108 Mobile Terminal Serious Games Interface Design Studies for Children Wang Xuan

 History of Art and Design Column Host: Zhou Zhi
112 The Bauhaus and the Art and Design Education in the United States Xie Chongqiao
114 Style Change of Lou Dong Gardens in Late Ming and Early Qing:Take Wang Shimin’s Garden as an Example Li Bin
116 Investigation of Goat Culture and Bronze Downward Horn’s Shape and Decoration of Bronze Beast Face in Shang and Zhou Era Xia Yu
118 Function Transition and System Construction of Arts and Design in Shanghai, 1949-1957 Zhang Lei
120 Research on the Opening and Closing in the Functional Design of Ming-style Furniture Yao Jian Ren Xiangtian
122 Combination of Temple & Harbor: Aesthetics Characteristics of Nanhai Temple’s Settlement Spatial Form from the Perspective of Foreign Trade Wang Ge

Colleges Column Host: Yu Qin
126 On Visual Identity Design in Kindergartends to Improve Children's Imaginal Thinking Development: A Case Study of Jiashan Jiangnan Kindergarten Wang Feng
127 Scale in the Private Gardens in Ming Dynasty: Zhuozheng Garden's Scale Rules Xiang Wei
129 Research on Primary School Guidance System to Promote Communication Handicapped Children Development Ye Lijun
131 Research on Sustainable Tourism Landscape Design of East China Area: Taking the City of Hangzhou Xixi National Wetland Park as an Example Yu Xiao
133 Reach on Diversified Reform of Design Sketch Teaching Zhang Yun
135 Research on Product Design Strategy of Zhang Xiaoquan Scissor Zhuang Ting
137 Analysis of the Innovation Tactics of Blue-and-white Porcelain Patterns in Modern Design Gao Yuan
139 Nationalization Furniture Design under the Background of Traditional Culture, Taking Horse’s Ears Chair for Example Yuan Wei
141 Study on Chinese Ancient Village Cultural Landscape Protection and Planning Design: Taking Dongyuan Village for Example Zhao Hongwei
143 The Innovation of the New Rural Folk Art Research: Taking Longquan Shangyang Town for Example Zheng Zhijie


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