No.248 | December 2013 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2014-01-13


News and Events Column Host: Zhang Ming
5 Briefing, News
10 Overseas Information
12 New Design
13 Recommended Reading

Special Feature: Design Museum Column Host: Zhou Zhi
14 Let History Tell the Future: Step into China Industrial Design Museum Interviewed by Tian Jun, Wang Xiangyu, Cao Shengsheng Edited and Written by Tian Jun
19 Evoke Memories Means Arouse Responsibility: Study on the Design Location of Guangdong Industrial Design Museum Tang Chongxi Tang Jie Li Xin Yu Cheng
24 Design Museum in China: Interview with Mr. Hang Jian, the Curator of China Design Museum Interviewed and Writted by Zhao Hua
28 Interview of Álvaro Siza and Carlos Castanheira
Provided by China Design Museum Translator: Li Qifang
30 The New Function of Design Museum in the Digital Age:
The Exemplary Case of Cooper-Hewitt Museum in America Li Minmin
35 Design has Started from Exhibition Organizer:
Exhibition Mode of Triennale Design Museum in Milano, Italy Zhou Yanyang
40 Urban Culture Building for Centuries: Design Museums in London Jiang Hongbin Li Yizhou

Special Focus Column Host: Xiao Feng
46 Established at Thirty, Carrying on the Past and Opening a New Chapter:
Celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Art History Department,
Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University Fu Yiming Zhang Mengyang
48 Summary of Commemorative Ceremony of Mr. He Yanming Edited and Written by Zhou Zhi

Exhibition on Paper Column Host: Wang Xiaomo
52 “Design is Everywhere”: A Glimpse of the London Design Festival 2013 Chen Yanshu

Scholar's Inquiry Column Host: Zhou Zhi
61 The Soul of Place: The Ideal-images of Humble Administrator Garden in the
Wen Zhengming’s Poems and Painting Liang Wen

Front Line Column Host: An Ying
66 Design, For the More Wonderful Life: The Interview with Zhou Ping, General Manager of Kieferzapfen Design Company Interviewed by Tian Jun, Wang Xiangyu Written by Tian Jun

Book Review Column Host: Ye Shiyi
72 Design of Economical Society: The Review of Ecological Urbanism Yang Xianyi Wang Hongwei Zhu He Lin Bo

Folk Art and Culture Column Host: Huang Ye
75 The Analysis of Weifang Folk Embroidery Color Art Ma Cheng
78 Residential Ridge Decoration Study of Nantong Based on Marine Culture Xu Yongzhan Yang Ke Guo Weimin
80 Based on the Fu Pattern to Analyses Design Thinking of Chinese Traditional Auspicious Symbol Composition Zhang Ye Ji Tuo
82 The Discussion on Architecture Decoration of Amannishahan Maza Ma Cheng

Teaching Archive Column Host: Mo Xiao
84 Thinking and Form: Investigation and Practice on Ceramics Course Teaching Base on Innovative Thinking Qiu Ling
86 Touch the World with Your Eyes: Teaching Methods on Handmade Paper and Decorative Paper Tan Jun
88 Teaching Research on Original Creation of Cartoon Character Luo Jiangmei
90 Ergonomic Interior Design Courses into Experiential Teaching Practice and Exploration Wu Biao

Practice Column Host: Tian Jun
92 Public Space Design Method Based on the Visualscale:
A Case Study of Design Practice of Chinese Arts Palace Ma Li
94 The Design of Car Side Body System Based on the Lines Extraction and Abstract Peng Jing Wang Tie
96 "Beijing Style" Tourism Souvenir Design Shi Jie
98 Form Feature Innovation of Construction Machinery Brand Wang Zhen Zhao Jianghong

Case Study Column Host: Li Yun
100 Smart Furniture : Research & Design of Product for Homeliving Space Zhang Mangmang
102 Tragedy and Comedy : Exploring the Narrative of Enviro-toons Sun Xiaoming
105 The Cases Study of Urban Agriculture Landscape from Sociological Perspective Tai Jie Tang Hongquan Cao Jin Lu Wei
108 Applying Fitts Law in Interface Design Zhang Guiming
110 Intelligent and Bionics Thoughts in Prosthesis Design Cai Zhishu

History of Art and Design Column Host: Zhou Zhi
112 The Sinicisation and Innovation on the Costume of the Nüzhen People in Jin Dynasty: On the Shape of Robe and Bixi Discovered in the Tomb of King of Qi in Jin Dynasty Li Yanhong
114 Economical Analysis Contrast of Fujian Shen's Bodiless Lacquerware Development in Qing Dynasty Xu He
116 Textual Research on Noted Crafts of Royal Street in South Song Dynasty Chen Jing
119 The New Interpretation of “Shooting Bird of the Tree” Image on the Lacquer Chest from the Tomb of Marquis Yi of the Zeng State: A Survey in the “Witch Archery” Culture Liu Qian
122 The Expanding Scope of Design and Meaning Making Ma Jin

Colleges Column Host: Yu Qin
125 Exploration of the Construction and Teaching Mode in Digital Media Art Major: Take Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications for Example Wang Ping
127 Exploration on Creation of Animation Character Based on Traditional Opera Arts: A Case Study of Zhang Yu Boil Sea Zhang Yi
129 Analysing the Influence Factors of Stylization Aesthetic of Traditional Woodblock New Year's Paintings: A Case Study of the New Year's Paintings in Zhuxian Town Yang Zhenhe
131 The Craft Characteristics and Inheritance of Disorderly Needle Embroidery Fan Jianhua
133 Nationalized Style of Game Character Shape in World of Warcraft Zhou Zhixian
135 From the Stage Art to Animation Design: the Application of Opera Elements in Double Down Tan Wei
The Inheritance and Development of the Artistic Traits of 3D Ink Animation Guan Yue
139 Research on Manifestations of the New Media Comic from the Perspective of Deconstructionism Fang Zhongwei
141 Study on the Decorative Features of Huizhou Carving Art in Late Qing Dynasty: A Case Study of Chengzhi Hall in Hong Village Chen Gaihua
143 Interactive Inhabited Environment Composition and Influence of New Media Art Interactive Forms in Public Space Chen Yuanyuan


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