No.191 | March 2009 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2009-12-01
Special Scheme: Museum Display Design
Information Space
         Exhibition Information, Industry News,Conference Information 
8          Overseas Information
             Mo Xiao
10        New Books
             Mo Xiao
11        Book Review
             Teng Xiaobo
Special Scheme: Museum Display Design
12        The Key of Successful Museum Building is the Interaction between Construction and Exhibition Design
             Cui Kai
15        Urban Culture Development and City Museum
             Zhang Wenbin & An Laishun
18        Design Principles of Exhibition Art in Museum
             Zhao Chungui
23        How to Display Local Historical and Cultural Development with City Museum——A Visit to Dubai City
             Fu Hong
27        Inheritance, Innovation and Integration——Construction and Exhibition Design of New Suzhou Museum 
             Zhang Xin, Lu Xuemei & Xie Xiaoting
31        A Dialogue with Rock——Exploration and Practice of Museum Display Design
            Chen Kaiyu
35        Relationship between Museum Building and its Exhibition
             Li Wenchang
39        Reconstructing Historical Scene——The Formal Design of "TheAntique Exhibition of Jiangnan in the
             Shang Dynasty" 
             Guo Ping
44        Design Feature of Museum Exhibits——An Example of The 2008 Olympic "4+1"Exhibition at Capital
             Gu Yue
Exhibition in Paper
48        New Design Tendency of Contemporary Finnish House——About 2008 Vaasa Housing Expo at Finland 
             Fang Hai
56        Droog, a Holand Brand That Arose Concept Design Movement 
             Yang Miao
Design Practice
62        City Museum of Tangshan: Brewing but not Mixing 
             Wang Hui
Scholars’ Inquiry
68        The Ceiling Painting and Panorama Painting at Juanqingzhai of the Forbidden City
             Nie Chongzheng
China Creative Industry Park
73        Come on——A Special Visit to Cable 8 New Media Creative Center 
             Huang Dequan&Zhao Hua
Space of History and Theory
81        The Color of Venice Decorative Art and its Influence to Painting  
             Zhang Chunhua
84        Analysis of the Artistic Sign of the Coin "Qin Ban Liang" 
             Wu Wei & Zhang Manhua
86        The Cultural Connotation ofAncient Chinese Lamp in Branch Form 
             Xue Hongyan
88        "Incompleteness Makes Beauty”一Discussion of the Decorative Art of Jianshui Purple Pottery
             Kong Ming
Design Theory
91        The Special Meaning of Vogue forArt Design 
             Lin Zhiyuan
94        Look at the Development of Original Graphic Design by Evolution Logic of the Pictographic 
             Zhang Ruhua
96        About the Non-decorated Packaging Design Style in Japan
             Chen Guili
98        Discussion of Shape in Graphic Design 
             Zhang Rui
99        Creating a Graphic Imago World 
             Tang Yiyong
Case Study
102      The Cultural Representation of Furniture in Public Space of Changsha City
             Deng Liwen
104      The Strategic Change of "Empire Craftsman" 
             Qin Yang
106      Research of the Periodical Change of Bicycle Form
             Shang Huifang & Chen Xinye
108      The Aesthetic Metaphor of "Nihility" and the Guidance of Consumption Values——Analysis of MUJI
             Zhou Rui
110      The Sustainable and Zoological Development of Campus Landscape——Analysis of the New
             Campus Landscape Planning of Hangzhou Scientific and Technological Vocational School 
             Lu Qi
Teaching Archive
112      Study of the Vocational Course System on Fashion Design Based on Cultivating Comprehensive
             Professional Competence     
             Bai Zhigang
114      Exploring Experimental Learning——Thoughts and Practice of Basic Design Courses 
             Li Dong & Zhou Xin
116      Explore Teaching Composition Design of Architecture Major 
             Deng Hong
Folk Customs and Art
118      The Plain and Clumsy Sock Puppet Art of Shaoyang 
             Wang Bibo
120      The Artistic Feature of Pingyao Lacquerwork
             Zhang Fanrong
Improvisatory Thought
122      Reflections of Instructing Ceramic Diploma Project at Universities and Colleges beyond Ceramic
             Production Area 
             Xie Xiaoming
124      First Song Ever Written一Story of the Verse for the Movie "Phoenix Qin" 
             He Yanming
Characterristic of Colleges
125      About the Painting Character ofAnimated Cartoons
             Huan Haixia
127      The Perception Characteristics of Materials and its Evaluation System in Teaching Practice
             Xiang Wei
129      Interpret Three Perspectives of Originality in Logo Design
             Liu Chaoxiang
131      Animated Cartoon and the Cartoon Thinking of Playwriters
             He Wenjian
133      The Visual Representation of Traditional Graphics in TV and Movie Costumes
             Chen Qingju
135      The Relationship between Tradition and Female Displayed by Folk Embroidery with Drama
             Kuang Yanghua
137      Sinking or Nirvana——The Final Choice of the Animated Cartoon Major in Universities and Colleges          
             Yang Gang
139      The Relationship between Traditional Handicraft of Huayaotiaohua and Modern Graphic Design
             Luo Yun
142      A Brief Talk about Organizing Landscape in Gardening
             Long Zhihe


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