No.247 | November 2013 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2013-11-20

News and Events Column Host: Zhang Ming
5 Briefing, News
10 Overseas Information
12 New Design
13 Recommended Reading

Special Feature: Transformation of Bath Column Host: Ye Shiyi
14 Pleasure, Nudity and Inhibitions: the Disappearance of Public Bathroom in Renaissance Wang Xiaomo
20 From Cleanliness to Pleasure: Women’s Identity in the History of Bathtub Design Zhang Li
26 The Exotic Baths in Ancient China Meng Hui
32 Bath in Tang Huaqing Chi Shen Ruiwen
38 Baths and Bathing of Ethnic Minorities in Yunnan Han Ding Zhang Liang

Exhibition on Paper Column Host: Wang Xiaomo
44 Inheritance and Communication: 2013 Beijing International Design Week Zhang Ming
50 Grow Up Naturally and Orderly: The 7th “Creative Future: Decorative Material Creation Camp” Yang Dongjiang

International Scholars Column Host: Li Yun
54 Product Design for Elderly, Using Their Formative Years, Their Age Effect and the Influence of the Present Arthur O. Eger, Huub Mulhof Translated by Wang Yun

Front Line Column Host: Huang Ye
64 Life Details of the East: Crossover Design of Yeh Yu-Hsuan Interviewed and Written by Zhang Ming

Essay Column Host: Mo Xiao
70 The Introspection on the Higher Education of Animation in China Que Lei
72 A Journey of Blue and White Porcelain: Four Hundred Years Experience between Jingdezhen and Delft Zhang Lingyun

History of Art and Design Column Host: Zhou Zhi
74 Mathew Ricci and Illustrations in the Late Ming Dynasty Feng Xiaojuan
76 Artistic Analysis of "Yue-Wu Picture" in the North Frescoes of No. 220 Grottoes, Dunhuang LI Hui Luo Ming
78 The Study of Renovation on Urban House Garden: Taking the Hu Family Garden as Exampl Wang Mingyi
80 The Shape Evolution Analysis of the Flower Tray in Song Dynasty Xie Wei
82 The Connotation of Dancing Ornamentation on the Painted Pottery Basin in Datong Qinghai from the Folk Dance of Caigetang Zhou Yahui
84 RE-SUK: An Evaluation Model Applied on the Field of Art and Design Xian Feng

Practice Column Host: Tian Jun
87 Automobile Modeling Features and Characteristic Surface Liang Qiao Zhao Jianghong
89 Desktop Wireless Headset Modeling Innovative Design Experience Li Hesen
91 The Research of Wuxi Huishan Clay Figurines Communications Based on Mobile Internet Platform Wang Anxia Peng Qimeng
94 The Research of New Courtyard Residence Design: The Design Analysis of Successive Villas in Weihai Xinluo Town Sun Jiamei Yu Ying Zhou Shu

Case Study Column Host: Li Yun
96 Streetwear and Underground Art Bai Yuli Zang Yingchun
98 Usability Analysis of HTML Web Page Development Zeng Jie
101 Comparative Analysis between iPad and iPhone’s Interface Information Design Tang A'jung
103 Pavement Design for Children’s Activity Space from the Perspective of Perception Yang Ling Dong Jing
105 Research on the Centurial Evolution of Button from the Perspective of Prototype Yin Chao He Renke
108 Optimizing the Process Oriented Management in 3D Animation Creation Yu Benqing

Teaching Archive Column Host: Mo Xiao
110 Style Variation Pattern of Teaching Case Study: Taking an Example of the Gothic Style Yan Wei
112 Exploration and Practice of Brand Planning and Design Courses in Visual Communication Design Shen Mingyuan

Folk Art and Culture Column Host: Huang Ye
114 An Exploration of Making Skills and Ritual Process of Bali Fish Lantern Qian Yun Dong Sun
116 Research on the Pattern and Structure of the Modern Folk Female Jacket Sleeves: Take the Related Collections in Jiangnan University Museum of Folk Dress for Instance Zhang Lu Yan Xiaqing Zhang Jingqiong
119 Sustainable Development Research on Yongchun Lacquer Basket Zhao Yang
123 The Agrarian Culture of the Mouse Marries Its Daughter In China Zhao Feng

Colleges Column Host: Yu Qin
125 Exploring the Teaching Mode of Themed Course Throughout a Semester: Take Typography Design for Example Chen Xiu
127 A Study on the Application of the Styles Expression in Animation: Based on the Technique of Crayon Qian Bohong Zheng Fangxiao
129 An Exploration of a Cooperative Inovation Centered Model of Designing Talents Cultivation Sun Wei
131 The New Urban Communication Community Space Design Strategy Based on the Scenario Wu Weiling
133 Study on Application of Infographics in Design Teaching: Take Typography Design Course for Example Xia Jie
135 A Semiotic Study on Methods of Cultural Sustainable Product Design Xu Xiaofeng
137 The Art of Optical Mirror: Etched Engraving, A Rediscovery of Mirror Material Zhang Feige
139 The User Experience Research and Practice About "Post-90s" to Pay Zhao Kan
141 SOHO Furniture Design Based on Life Style of Young People Zhao Ruoyi
143 Low-carbon Technology of Bamboo Buildings and Landscape Design Zhao Xiumin Shi Jianren


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