No.193 | May 2009 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2009-12-01
Special Scheme: Utopia
Information Space
5          Exhibition Information, Conference Information, Academy News
            Mo Xiao
8          Overseas Information
             Yue Junyao
10        New Books
             Mo Xiao
11        Book Review
             Teng Xiaobo
Special Scheme: Utopia
12        The “ Utopian” Vision——The Ideal World in the Paintings of European Renaissance
             Zhang Gan
19        The Imperial Utopia——The Ideal Realm of Imperial Gardens in the Qing Dynasty
             Fang Xiaofeng
24        Architectural Utopia in the Eye of Ernst Bloch
             Chen Anying
30        A New City——Dreams about City
             Zhang Yajin
36        Tell your Ideal——Recording the “ Design Ideal” Salon
             Zhao Wenbin
38        Classical Examples of Utopia Design
             Zhou Zhi
Scholars’ Inquiry
44        Shuangqing Villa at Xishan of Beijing and The Bei’s Garden
            Jia Jun
Overseas Trend
55        Creative China must find its own Path
             Justin O’Connor   Translated by Zhang Jing & Li Nanlin              
Exhibition in Paper
56        Work Selections from Previous National Textile Design Competitions and International Theoretical
60        Works by Students of Textile and Fashion Design from University of Art & Design Helsinki, Finland
Contemporary Figure
63        Interview of the President of University of Art & Design Helsinki, Finland
            Reporter: Teng Xiaobo, Zhao Wenbing & Zhu Liang   Translator: Wang Lei    Edited by Teng Xiaobo
China Creative Industry Park
65        Creative 100 Industries Park
             Reporter: Zhu Liang    Photographer: He Chuan
Design Theory
70        The Artistic Representation of Han Character in Logo Design——and Comparison with Logo Design in
             Western Letter
             Zhong Qingguo
72        Exploration of Multiple Experiences on Material and Visual Observation in Art Design
             Sun Er
74        Traditional Chinese Plastic Art Elements Applied in Modern Packaging Design
             Liu Tailei
76        Pervasive Computing and Natural Interface Design
             Guan Yan
78        The “ Game” Thought in Modern Outdoor Advertising Design
             Ma Zhenlong
Space of History and Theory
80        The High Relief and 3D Decoration of Gold and Silver Ware in the Song Dynasty
             Zhou Weixing
82        The Prototype and Change of “ Hamadryad”——Myth Re-created by Sanxingdui Creation Design
             Long Hong & Wang Lingjuan
84        Color Standard Study of Kao Gong Ji
             Xiao Shimeng
Folk Customs and Art
86        Talk about “ Wu Ri Zhong Kui” on Dragon Boat Festival
             Li Jiong
88        Re-interpreting the Picture of Mazar Culture——Reading Tughluq Tömur Khan’s Tomb
             Li Qun
90        Preliminary Understanding of Color Wood Painting on Old Local Dwellings in Huizhou
             Huang Chaoying
92        Historical Change of Female Image on Woodcut New Year Pictures of the Qing Dynasty
             Yuan Zhoufei
94        Investigate the Dress Adornment Characteristics of Local Ancestor Portraits at Xiazhai Village of Xinchang
             County in Zhejiang Province
             Li Jun
Teaching Archive
96        From Solving Problems to Searching for Problems——The Development Trend of Contemporary Interior
             Design Education
             Liang Wen
100      On Cultivating the Innovative Capability of Students Majoring in Industrial Design in Universities and
             Colleges of Engineering
             Wang Jinguang
Case Study
103      New Views on the Advertisement of Guangzhou Subway Station
             Zeng Yundong & Zhong Sishi
106      Building up an Atmosphere of Clothing Outlet Influencing Brand Value
             Chen Geng & Yang Gehua
108      Distinctive Design of Vernacular Cell Phone Product
             Li Baowei
110      Innovative Representation of Architectural Decoration Materials Combined with Hakka Cultural Elements
             Lu Haixue
112      Reflections Arising from the Animated Cartoon Pattern of Beowulf
             Chen Xiangjie
114      Observation by Traveling and Photography by Collage——About Hockney’s Photography Art
             Zhang Qizhuang
116      Strategic Analysis of “ One Stop” Market POP Advertisement
             Guo Shan
118      Analysis of the Picogram Appliacation in APM
             Hou Fengbin
Design Practice
120      Generalization of Electronic Product Used by the Blind
             Zou Zhidan
122      Designs for the Identification and Writing Problems of the Blind
             Sheng Fei
Characteristic of Colleges
125      Visible and Invisible——About the Creation, Technology and Environment of Urban Public Art Design
             Zhang Xinyu & Jiang Yin
127      Model Course Teaching Based on Constructionism Theory
             Shen Dan
129      Discussion of Layout Design by Analyzing Reading Behavior
             Lin Xi & Wang Zhehao
131      Creating Landscape for Distinctive Farmers’ Dwellings
             Fang Zhenjun, Zhu Jue & Zhou Chenyang
133      Landscape Evaluation Pattern and its Application Strategy Research Based on Public Point of View
             Wu Wenting
135      The Conflict and Fusion of Urban Waterfront Landscape Layout with Ecological Priorities
             Chen Jiequn & Wan Ling
137      Research and Consideration of the “Landscape City” Concept in City Layout Design——An Example of
             the Urban Design for Xixinpian District in Yongkang City
             Fang Maoqing
139      Associated Teaching Approach Stimulating to Conceive Art Design
             Ren Yi & Liao Guohua
141      Visual Identification Design for Urban Underground Parking
             Shao Wen
143      Modern Practice of the Traditional Concept on Garden Culture
             Zhao Hengyu & Chen Wei


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