No.192 | April 2009 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2009-12-01
Special Scheme: Security in Design
Information Space
         Exhibition Information, Competation Information, Academy News
             Mo Xiao
8          Overseas Information
             Yue Junyao
10        New Books
             Mo Xiao
11        Book Review
             Teng Xiaobo
Special Scheme: Security in Design
12        Starting from Architecture Security——Interview of Prof. Qin Youguo from the Architecture School of 
             Tsinghua University
             Reporter: Fang Xiaofeng, Zhao Wenbing & Zhao Hua Compiled by Zhao Wenbing
15        Security Awareness Presented in Designing Environment Facility
             Jiang Xiaopu & Hu Shuke
18        The Scale and Security Design of Public Facility
             Wu Xiang & Wang Ke
22        The Advantage of Transparent Urban Public Facility
             Wei Dong & Zhu Limin
26        Industrial Product Associated with Human Society and External Security
             Jiang Mu
30        An Important Step in Developing Automobile——Security Design
             Zhang Lei & Liu Kaiwei
32        Security Design of Transformed War Condition and Defensive Equipment
             Sun Suye
36        Security Being the Primary Standard of Commodity Packaging Design
             Meng Xiangbin
39        Study of Security in Interior Design——Perception and Application of Fireproof Material
             Li Rongnan & Chen Yicong
Exhibition in Paper
42        Communication & Trends——2009 International Metal Art Exhibition
62        Metal Art Works of Ingjerd Hanevoid
Overseas Trend
66        The Metamorphic Ornament: Re-Thinking Granulation. A study of the transformation possibilities of
             granulation towards sculptural silverwork
             David Huycke Translated by Cao Cheng                       
China Creative Industry Park
71        Old Tree with New Branches——D﹒PARK 751 Beijing Fashion Design Plaza
             Huang Dequan
Scholars’ Inquiry
78        Interpret Whirl Decorative Pattern
             Yuan Jieying
Improvisatory Thought
84        Two Problems of Arts & Crafts
             Chen Lusheng
86        Reunion with Teachers and Friends after 50 Years
             Li Mianlu
Teaching Archive
87        About the Course “ Academic Writing” in Environmental Design Department
            Nie Ying
90        Visual Art Thinking and Concept Cultivated in American Basic Course Teaching——Experiencing the
             Undergraduate Basic Course Teaching at the Visual Art Design Department of Massachusetts College of
             Sun Yanyan
Design Theory
94        Establish Product Image and Distill Product Suggestion——Understanding the Service Information of
             Product Form
             Lu Chunfu
96        The Interactive Relationship between Illustration and Text in Comic Books
             Zhang Weiying & Sha Haiyan
98        Human Element of Medical Product Design Based on Emotional Design Theory
             Wang Xiaojie
100      Three Types of Customer Research
             Wang Yan
Folk Customs and Art
102      Paper-cut Mouse——Symbolic Representation of Symbol Art
             Li Min
104      The Balance Concept and its Innovative Application of Traditional Dress Adornment Culture
             Wang Qi
106      The Decorative Stone Carving on the Buildings in Wang Courtyard
             Wang Lu
108      Analysis of the Color Aesthetic Perception of Woodcut New Year Picture
             Li Jianjun
Space of History and Theory
110      Brief Introduction of Dress Color in Popular Novels of the Qing Dynasty
             Mo Yan
112      Trace the Origin of Huihu Peach Corona
             Xie Jing
Case Study
114      Circumstances of Baroque Style Applied in Modern Men’s Wear
             Dong Yi
116      Analysis of the “Needlepoint”, the Essential Environmental Element in Urban Landscape Design
             Liu Jian & Peng Chunping
118      Ergonomics Applied in the Display Design of Clothing Outlet
             Lu Kuihua
120      Orientation Strategy and Development Research of Creativity Industrial Park Area——An Example of
             Gao Ying & Zhang Jianchun
122      The Diffusion Effect of Information Graphics at Beijing Public Transport Stations
             Fu Jiuqiang
Characteristic of Colleges
125      Tpyeface and Fashion
             Ren Xiaohong & Wang Qi
127      The Digital Evolution of TV Channel ID
             Lin Yin
129      The Design Perspective of Electronic Books
             Chai Wenjuan
131      About the Origin of Innovative Product
             Li Weixin
133      Discussion of Service Design
             Ding Xiong & Qin Zhen
135      On the Effectiveness and Feasibility of User Research
             Liu Shan
137      Explore the Teaching of Original Material Design
             Yang Yi
139      The Design Form of Experimental 3D Modeling
             Pang Guohua
141      The Design Industry Development in China and South Korea
             Shi Peiyong
143    The Earthen Ware Culture in Sourh Korea
          Zhang Wenzhi


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