No.242 | June 2013 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2013-08-02


News and Events Column Host: Zhang Ming
5 Briefing, News
8 Overseas Information
10 New Design
11 Recommended Reading

Special Feature: Trash: Past and Present Column Host: Zhao Hua
12 Trash: Past and Present
22 From the End to the Origin:Trash Tracking and Product Service System Design Liu Xin Xia Nan
26 The Ecological Cycle and Social Regeneration of Stuff in the Vision of Information Technology Fu Zhiyong
31 Future Shade of Green: Introduction to the Practice of "Product Design for Sustainability" Benny Ding Leong Brian Y.H. Lee
39 Starting Point or End Point of Garbage Disposal: Take Beijing Tongzhou District MF Village as an Example Shi Yan Cheng Cunwang
42 The Ethics of Modern Trash: Talking from Dirt, Obsolescence and Toxicity Li Yun

Exhibition on Paper Column Host: Zhao Hua
44 Towards Eco-Effective Design Paradigm: Review of International Design Workshop for Upcycling of Industry Left-overs Zhao Chao

International Scholars Column Host: Li Yun
54 The Waste Manifesto by Victor Margolin Translated by Wang Yun

Scholar's Inquiry Column Host: Diao Long
59 Contemporary Design Concept of Philosophical Reflection Zhou Xian

Front Line Column Host: An Ying
62 Design, Beyond the Cloud: Interview of FengXu, Designer of iMadeFace Interviewed by Zhou Zhi & Wang Xiaomo Written by Zhou Zhi

Essay Column Host: Mo Xiao
68 To Give the Public More Rights of Democratic Participation in Art Su Jian
70 The Selection of Art Stuedents in the New Circumstances Guo Linhong

History of Art and Design Column Host: Zhou Zhi
72 The Traditional Visual Elements in the Design of “Chemical Reaction” Innovation Method Cheng Yang
74 A Study on the Evolution of the Modern Wenzhou Round-backed Armchair Huang Meiwei Xu Xuemin
76 The Other Side of the History of Design: On the Issue of the Role of Technology in the Development of Art Design Zeng Shan Hu Tianxuan Li Yajun
79 Early Criticism on the Interaction of Chinese and Western Architecture: Teng Gu and Ruins of European Architecture in the Old Summer Palace Chen Shanshan
82 On the Secularization of Ancient Pagodas through the Sculptural Difference between the East & West Pagoda in Quanzhou and the Ruiyun Pagoda in Fuqing Sun Qun
85 Statecraft and Legalist School: The “Classical Design Management”,in the Context of Ancient Chinese Philosophy Lian Mian

Practice Column Host: Tian Jun
88 The Modular Design of Assembly in Exhibition Wang Jinjin Yin Huan
90 The Analysis of Henan Huaiyang Clay Dog Elements in the Application of Modern Design Yuan Jianxia
92 The Application of Waste Material in Art :Taking Fiber Art Creation with Tapes for Example Liu Hui
94 The Application of Garden City Theory: Analysis of Fugou County District Landscape Design Practice Zhou Xiaofeng

Case Study Column Host: Li Yun
96 Study on the Animation Scene Design Based on Character Behaviors Zeng Xin Tang Qianxi
98 Fantasy Animation Character Based on the Reality and Imaginary Guo Tingting
100 Research of Packaging Continuity Experience Design: Take Orion Xylitol “Lilichu” Gum Packing as an Example Li Ying
102 Rediscover the Potential of Waste: Take the “International Eco Design Special Exhibition” for Example Chen Jun
104 Interactive Behavior Design in the Context of Posture-Sensing Wu Weihe Wan Qiaohui

Teaching Archive Column Host: Mo Xiao
106 The Reformation and Practice of Prototypes Manufacturing Course in the Teaching of Industrial Design with School-enterprise Cooperation Li Cheng Liao Shuide
108 Analyse the Teaching Practice Cases of Industry-Academy-Research Design Project: Take the Application of Soft Decoration on Space Design for Example Shi Peiyong
110 Analysis the Relationship between Manufacturing Model and Architecture History Course: Give an Example about the Temple Building of Yantai Wen Yabin Zhou Shu Ren Shubin
112 To Explore the Influence of Cultivating Mode with Design-communication from the Netherlands to the Design-education in China Zheng Ziyun

Folk Art and Culture Column Host: Huang Ye
114 The Southern Shanxi Folk Silver Locks Exploration Ancient Find Today Zhang Huaishui
116 A Primary Exploration of Artistic features and Cultural Connotation of Lü Shi Shadow Puppet of Changyuan Guo Aihong
118 Modify the Shape by Fire as You Wish: Fire-shaping Craft Analysis of Yiyang Xiao Yu Bamboo Ware Liu Yingwu
120 The Furniture Decoration of Overseas Chinese Hometown: Chinese and Western Cultural Communication Mark Wang Xibin
122 Spinning World: on the Decorative Images of Mongolian Pattern He Hongyan Wulantuoya

Colleges Column Host: Yu Qin
125 Xinjiang Oirats Mongolian Embroidery Pattern Color in Analysis Wang Song
127 Information Age and Art Design Teaching: Reform in Plane composition Course Yi Xiao
129 Innovative Thinking in Minority Art Design Education in Xinjiang Colleges and Universities: Take the Decoration Design Course in National Language Class as an Example Xiao Kun
131 Discussion on Xinjiang Arts Design Major Premise and Approach to School-based Curriculum Development: Decoration and Design Courses Ren Wenjie
133 Thoughts on Teaching of Digitalization of Traditional Folk Craft Dong Fuyi
135 The Fieldwork in Landscape Plan and Design Teaching Based on Field Theory Jiang Dan
137 The Application of Modeling Language of Uygur Folk Arts in College Art Design Teaching Wang Lei
139 Significance of Digital Technology in the Modern Fashion Design Education Wu Yun
141 Exploration of “Super-arrangement Method” in the Teaching of Environment Art Design Yan Fei
143Route of Transmission of Design Education in Colleges and Universities in the Practice of Teaching Reform of Decorative Design Zhao Kai


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