No.194 | June 2009 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2009-11-30
Special Scheme: Design-Meet Crisis
Information Space
5          Exhibition Information, Competition Information, Academy News
            Mo Xiao
8          Overseas Information
             Yue Junyao
10        New Books
             Mo Xiao
11        Book Review
             Teng Xiaobo
Special Scheme: Design·Meet Crisis
12        Design·Meet Crisis
26        Extraordinary to Display Design Nature
             Yang Xiaobin
30        Innovative Design: Challenge “ Storm”, Search “ Chance” in “ Crisis”——On the Development Opportunity of
            Enterprise Design in Financial Crisis
             Tang Chongxi
34        How far away is Bankruptcy?——About Design Industry Affected by Economic Crisis and its own Salvation
             Zheng Wei
Exhibition in Paper
38        New Story——Exhibition of 2008-2009 Studio Achievements of the Academy of Arts Design of Tsinghua
             University and Facolta del Design, Politecnico di Milano
Contemporary Figure
42        Interview of Sir Christopher Frayling, Rector of Royal College of Art
             Reporter: Fang Xiaofeng, Wang Xiaomo & Zhu Liang Translated and Edited by Wang Xiaomo
Overseas Trend
44        Head, Heart and Hand: a design school for the twenty-first century’s
             Professor Sir Christopher Frayling Translated by Sun Yuanyuan        
China Creative Industry Park
56        Flourishing Peach Blossom——Visit to the Original Pumping Station of an Industrial Park and the
             Taohuawu Cultural and Creative Industry Park in Suzhou
             Reporter: Tian Jun
Scholars’ Inquiry
64        Chinese Economy That “ Factor 10” Consumes Less: A Sustainable Design Case to Remodel the
             Consumption of Transportation and Food
             Liang Ding & Tong Huiming
73        A Bridge Leading to the Classical——In Memory of the 70th Anniversary of Pang Xunqin’s Work “ A
            Collection of Chinese Patterns”
             Zhang Pengchuan
Improvisatory Thought
74        A New Understanding of the Academy of Art——the Speech Made at “The 2008 Tsinghua University
            Teaching and Scientific Research Award Convocation”
             Hang Jian
Design Theory
76        Research of the Abstract Art of Basic Pattern Design
             Chen Jie
78        Return to Nature to Seek for Originality——Graphic Design Enlightened by Childlike Thinking
             Lu Shaokan & Zhou Xu
80        Creative Thinking Influenced by the Material Study in Modern Design
             Zheng Tiehong
82        The Ecological and Ethic Guidance of Criticism for Furniture Design
             Liu Han & Liu Wenjin
Case Study
84       The Development Tendency of Moving Poster Advertising
            Zhang Yongnian
86        Analysis of the Interior Design for the Economical Apartment of a Small Size
            Jiao Jian
88        Talk about the Interior Design of Plastic Surgery Clinic in South Korea Starting from the W Dental Clinic
             Tan Ying & Chen Dan
90        The Sentience Characteristic of Material Applied in Post-Modernist Fashion Design Demonstrated by
             He Jingwei
Design Practice
92        Application Research of DIY in fashion design
             Gu Jianyi
94        Exploration and Innovation of Photographing Antiques as Bamboo Slips——An Example of Photographing
             Antiques as Bamboo Slips——An Example of Photographing the Bamboo Slips of Tsinghua
             Zheng Linqing
Teaching Archive
96        Discussion of Designing Communication Pattern in Design Education
             Wang Cailian
98        Introducing Structural Sketch Based on Engineer Drawing Concepts——A Case Study of Teaching Sketch
             Drawing in Industrial Design
             Yuan Huaxiang & Xiao Fen
100      Study of Teaching Color Design Basics——The Teaching Practice Combining Production with Learning
             Based on Application of Color Theory
             Su Hua
Folk Customs and Art
103      Investigate the Craft of Making Liangping Woodcut New Year Pictures
             Qi Xu & Xue Zhenhe
106      A Study of Restoring and Preserbing the Cultural Environment of the Historic Ancient Village “ Yishala”
            after the Earthquake
             Song Laifu
108      Discussion of the Symbolic Thinking of the “Fengshiye” Statue in Fujian and Taiwan
             Zheng Lixin
110      The Representation Form and Artistic Connotation of Engraved Decorations on the Doors and Windows
             of Ancient Folk Residence in Yongzhou——An Example of Zhou’s Residence
             Yin Jianguo & Xie Rongdong
Space of History and Theory
112      The DecorativeBeauty of Yongle Palace Murals Displayed by Chronological Media
             Liu Xuesheng
114      Study of the Floral Jewelry of Dunhuang Mogaoku Murals in the Tang Dynasty
             Tian Hua
116      Study of the “ Tea Cup with Saucer ” in the Liao and Song Dynasties
             Han Rong
118      Jade Bi of Two Han Dynasties
             Zang Cuicui
120      Review and Reflections on Furniture Teaching in China Since 1949
             Yuan Jindong, Xia Lan & Hu Jingchu
122      Understand Gaudi’s Design Idea from Casa Milà
             Sheng Enyang
Characteristic of Colleges
125      Search for a New Path of Practice Teaching and Optimize the Standard of Cultivating Professionals——
             Blueprints about the Reform of Animated Cartoon Education in China
             Bo Fuli, Jing Huaiyu & Liu Wei
127      Discussion of Teaching Reform on Fashion Design Education of Higher Learning
             Jin Changying, Che Weidong & Ni Yingjiang
129      About Constructing Bilingual Courses of Art Design
             Zhao Pingyong & Li Hongmei
131      Analysis of three “Rene”’s clothing Painting style
             Cao Jianzhong & Che Yanxin
133      Structural Design Functions in Modeling TV/Movie Costume
             Tang Yi & Fang Jing
135      Analysis of Essential Elements Influencing the Spacial Change of Costume
             Wang Jingju & Wang Jian
137      Discuss Dress Culture with Music Category
             Ji Xueyan & Zhu Li
139      The Design Philosophy of Peter Behrens and Related Analysis
              Zhou Yuji
141      Symbol Transmission of Essential Elements of Display Design
              Li Jiang, Hu Min & Zhang Qi
143      The Aesthetic Performance and Function of Furnishing Art in Modern Interior Environment
             Jiang Shan, Wang Haizhi & Yang Xiaozhong



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