No.238 | February 2013 | Table of Contents

  • Update:2013-03-09

News and Events Column Host: Zhang Ming
5 Briefing, News
8 Overseas Information
10 New Design
11 Recommended Reading

Special Feature: By Hand, From Hand Column Host: Zhou Zhi
12 Ecological Power of Civilization Construction: Meaning of Handwork and It’s Development under the Design Practice Basement Lü Pintian
16 Creativity on the Margins: Traditional Crafts, Regional Resources and the Sustainable Road of Design Yuan Xiyang
22 Dialogue about Handwork and Handmade Wang Xueqing Zheng Meijing
28 Handicraft Spirit and Modern Design: Inspiration from Zhang Lei and FromYuhang Interviewed by Zhou Zhi & Zhao Hua Written by Zhou Zhi
36 Industry, Atelier, Hand Work: about l’École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle Wang Xiaomo

Exhibition on Paper Column Host: Zhao Hua
38 Return of the Contemporary Fiber Art: 7th "From Lausanne to Beijing" International Fiber Art Biennial Lin Lecheng Liang Kai

Front Line Column Host: An Ying
49 Wood Expression and Making the Best Use: Interview of Zhao Lei, Designer of the Smart Wood House Interviewed and Written by Zhao Hua International Scholars Column Host: Li Yun
54 Design Studies and Food Studies: Parallels and Intersections Victor Margolin Translator: Wang Yun

Essay Column Host: Wang Xiaomo
64 Guangyu Style and the Chinese Animation Art Zhu Chongshou

History of Art and Design Column Host: Zhou Zhi
66 The Mistakes about 'San Pin Wears Green Robe' in Zhong Hua Gu Jin Zhu Chen Yanqing
68 Study on the Evolvement of Public Art’s Publicity He Xiaoqing
70 On the Seal of Tianjin’s Firms in Qing Dynasty Wang Yanyun Sui Jie
72 Study on the Facade Column’s Adornment Form of Modern Buildings in Harbin Yu Ying Lu Huimin Wang Lijun Zhang Rui
74 Study on Ribbon Macramé Style in Chinese Classical Figure Painting Zou Qihua
76 The Art Forms of Dancing and Music Images in Han Dynasty’s Pictorial Art: in the Case of the Yi’nan Tomb Gu Ying
78 Exploring the Aesthetic Experience of Chinese Users Liu Shuqing Liu Guanmin Zheng Xianjun Peng Kaiping
80 Rethinking the Dating of the Ivories of “the Late Ming”: A Case Study on the Interaction between the Images of the Madonna and Child and the Son-giving Guanyin Dong Lihui

Teaching Archive Column Host: Wang Xiaomo
82 The Readability of the Original Design:Discussion on the Sketchbook of British Fashion Design Course Bi Yichi
84 The Exploration and Practice of the Creativity Training for Decorative Graphics in Professional Design Qi Ruiwen Tu Huan
86 Space Evolution: The Main Teaching Thread in the First Semester of the First Grade Wang Honghai Wang Yiping

Folk Art and Culture Column Host: Huang Ye
88 The Influence of Popular Needs on Chaoshan Porcelain Inlay Workmen’s Skill and Style Wu Zefeng
91 The Exploration of the World of the “True Self”: Folk Paper-cut Art the “Origin of Beauty” and “Puzzle of Beauty” Scheme Analysis Zhang Jie
94 Xinjiang Uygur Calico Pattern Research Guang Tongmin
96 On the Difference between the Rice Cake Print of Chaoshan and Minnan Yao Ting
98 The Aesthetic Implication of Jieshou Painted Pottery Xie Liang Yang Qiao

Case Study Column Host: Li Yun
100 Interaction as Subjectivity:Discrimination of Net Art Peng Gang
102 Research on Persuasive Intentions of Products You Taiquan
104 The Function of Industrial Design Park in the Perspective of Regional Innovative Network Zhang Juan
106 The Study of Augmented Reality Applied in the Field of Brand Contact Points Yin Chao He Renke
109 The Enlightenment Narration of Lu Xun’s Book Cover Design Xie Xin
112 Irrelevancy between Fashion Design and Fashion Illustration Li Huaqi
114 Design Elements of the Storage Space in Dewellings Li Xiaohan

Practice Column Host: Tian Jun
116 Research on Exploration and Practice in Re-design of Discarded Jeans Gao Shan Li Wei
118 Research of The Intelligent Voice Packaging Design Ke Shenghai
120 The Application of “Clumsiness” in Children’s Picture Book Creation from the View of Folk Art Yan Yan
122 Explore the Dynamic City Design: Take the Chishui City for Example Zhou Yuelin

Colleges Column Host: Yu Qin
125 The Analyze of Point, Line ,Surface of Plane Constitution in Quick Sketch Cheng Junjie
127 Shape Expressing: Thinking about the Visual Form and Meaning of the Graphics Cui Shengguo
129 The Battle of Fire and Ice under East-west Cultural Collision: Analyze the Production of Animated TV Series Hero 108 Feng Yu
131 The High Pattern Furniture in the History of Song Liang Min
133 Take Advantage of QR Code: Open the New Dimension of Packaging Ni Yang
135 Study on Decoration and Practicality of Waterscape in the Landscape Design Wang Xinyu
137 On A-UIG Model of “Shanghai Industrial Design” as a Sample Wang Zhuoran
139 On Experimental Spirit of Teaching in Johannes Itten’s Basic Courses Zhao Zhiyong
141 On Concept of “Modernity” in the Theory of Western Modern Art and Design Cao Shengsheng
143 Teaching Link in Design Professional Practice Courses: Take Design Interaction Course for Example Sun Tonghui


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